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Barack Obama to be the last US president!

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posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 11:14 AM
I read about Baba Vanga awhile ago. From what many can gather - the farther off something is in the future the harder it is to predict. I also don't recall her saying anything about the 44th president being black. Anyways, lets thank God that world war three never happened or that "the northern hemisphere would cease to have vegetation"

Let's look at some of her future predictions.

2018 – New China becomes a world power. Developing countries in turn operated from exploiters.


2066 – During the attack on the Muslim Rome, the United States used a new kind of weapon – the climate. The sharp cooling (instant freezing).

(but I thought Obama was going to be the last president of America, and it would end? I guess not)

2100 – Artificial sun illuminates the dark side of the Earth.

(Omg, just like in Die another day!)

2111 – People become living robots.


2273 – Mixing yellow, white and black races. New race.

that should tick off those racists haha

3854 – The development of civilization virtually stops. People live flocks as beasts.

(I thought we became half-robots or what happened with that?)

4308 – Due to mutation people at last beginning to use their brains more than 34%. Completely lost the notion of evil and hatred.

(I think that took a little too long...)

anyways. Humanity alters fate with free will. Prophecy can only tell you so much.

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 11:36 AM
I feel the same prediction. Something tells me Barry will be the Last in Line. He doesnt actually run the country, he is just the Actor for the people.

Peace to all.

posted on Jul, 16 2012 @ 03:14 AM
Hello guys, I am new to this site, I just saw your post and I felt I ought to share some information.

I am a native bulgarian and I know the truth about Vanga, and it is she was a real phenomenon.

The number one thing that I have to let you know guys, is that the famous time table that runs in the internet is a total bull. It has been fabricated by some fake russian so called journalists, then posted on the internet and since then it just confuses people. Let me be clear about this: there is no prophecy about a third world war starting in 2010.

I cannot really say that this prophecy was real to, but what I can tell you is 100% sure is, when she was alive, they asked her what the future holds, and she said, 'The 8th will come and seal the final peace'. When they asked her when this time will come, she said 'It is still too early, Siriya still has not fallen'. So now you know - when Sirya falls, for good or bad, there will be something big going on...but it be something positive.

Baba Vanga has always been giving correct predictions...truth is she never was eager to speak about politics and the future of the world, she was always more into helping people about diseases...and there are thousands upon thoussands people here in Bulgaria that can swear in their kids she cured them.

There are however some predictions about future world events she has made, and believe me, guys, she has been 100% right on all of them. Now please bare in mind she was a blind, illiterate woman in a bulgarian village and since a kid she has been blind. She said something like ' the iron birds will hit the two tall brothers'' and of course that's 9/11.

She then said that Kursk will sink under water and they will weep about let me tell you that Kursk is a Russian city in Siberia that is hundreds of miles away from the shore, and people then used to say that's some kind of mumbo-jumbo...but when the atomic submarine kursk with all the crew sunk, they all said 'Vanga was right again'.

So, guys, do not be afraid of the future, because she said that there will be a final peace and good times ahead. She said that in Bulgaria the life will be good and I trust her 100%. Remember - the key is Siria - when it goes down, the big change is coming to earth. Peace!

posted on Jul, 16 2012 @ 03:39 AM
how have i never heard of this.. flag

posted on Jul, 18 2012 @ 12:30 PM

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