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"Light" is everything is the same, "Darkness" is everything is different

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posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 06:10 PM
The paradigm/perspective of thinking I want to bring up is an esoteric definition of what makes up "light" (or what's vaguely referred to as "good" or "high," etc.) and "dark" ("bad" or "low," etc.) like this.

First let's assume, as many, many philosophies and even science itself assumes in its ongoing research, that everything must ultimately consist of one single "substance" or "thing" (the equivalent of the long-sought unified field equation) that somehow winds itself up in such a way as to appear to us as all of dimensions, forces, intelligences, organisms, mathematical patterns, etc. in existence. One thing that subsequently and indiscriminately generates the entirety of existence, and in any given instant, is the sum of all of existence.

So first of all there is that "one thing," and then we humans have the tendency to divide it into 2 opposing halves, and the shades directly between them, of what we first learned as "good" and "bad." There was "good behavior," and "bad behavior," things we "shouldn't do" as opposed to things that we "should" do, or personal ideals and goals about what are "bad" issues for us to work on individually to make "better," etc.

Philosophers have pointed out for centuries that what is "good" and "bad" is really arbitrary, varies from person to person, and there is no single answer everyone would ever agree upon. But while human ideas are always arbitrary, we can't deny definite patterns to this reality that seem to go on without our input, even when we humans are nowhere around, an observation which has formed the basis of material sciences that predominate today. We try to think of many ways of understanding these patterns demonstrated by nature, so that we can understand them fully as possible and see how we might best control them or at least our own relation to them. Philosophy, psychology, and esoteric literature provides much more useful information on the human experience of reality in many ways than material sciences can.

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 06:11 PM

Here is the 2-sided perspective:

"Pure light" (in an esoteric sense) is where everything is held in common (the same) and intelligences involved are cooperative and work together so as to act practically as a single entity. It is also associated with plentifulness.

As a field of pure light becomes infiltrated by points of darkness, which represent division and separation (see "pure darkness" below), everything is no longer 100% unified and is no longer our theoretical definition of "pure light," but a mix of "light" and "dark" by our definitions. Despite being mixed with darkness, pure light still demonstrates its properties and principles through the medium shared by the mix of energies.

Demonstrations of pure light principles acting through this mixed medium:

--(1)-- YOUR BODY!!!

Okay, so the definition of pure light given about is "everything is held in common (the same) and intelligences involved are cooperative and work together so as to act practically as a single entity."

While not everything within the space of "your body" is uniformly cooperative (wherever you decide to draw that line -- Carl Jung included the entire external universe as part of his human subconscious), you still can't deny that the organization is impressive. Trillions of individual cells are directly wired in to this experience you are having right now, this consciousness you are exhibiting. And if they weren't all constantly striving to work together, you wouldn't even be able to have this experience at all! These trillions of cells are organized into body systems, organs, blood cells, micro-structures within various organs, but they all fall under the designation of "your body" or often even "you." You don't even have to command them to work, and they burn together in the metabolic dance 24/7/365 to keep your entire experience going anyway.

On top of these trillions of cells naturally forming together into nearly astronomical systems of organization, each cell individually consists of many different discrete parts and systems that work together just to make the cell complete! And each part of the cell's structure, by the right arrangement of molecules "cooperating" to form that structure (usually chains of acids)! (But wait, there's more!!) And outnumbering all the human cells your body has produced throughout your entire body, are the number of "good" digestive bacteria living in your digestive system.
(Look it up!)

What is the result of all of these unnumbered discrete parts functioning together as a single, relatively astronomical entity?

It's "you."

--(2)-- Electromagnetic Waves, and other repetitive natural patterns

These waves are even more fundamental to all of reality than cells and molecules are. They are so dependable that their shapes are predictable with mathematical precision. Their oscillations are symmetrical, elegant, and did I mention they're collectively one of the four fundamental forces of nature that material science recognizes? Their presence around atomic nuclei is actually what holds molecules apart from each other with impressive strengths, and keeps matter from passing through other matter.

A handful of basic fundamental forces like electromagnetism have led scientists to believe that a single multi-dimensional force (their coveted unified field equation again) is creating EM, gravity, and nuclear forces simultaneously.

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 06:14 PM
--(3)-- Love

All of the ideas and emotions commonly associated with love create an unparalleled framework for cooperation and shared understanding.

--(4)-- Knowledge

Knowing is being aware of things. By being aware of something, whether a person or an idea, you can interact with it and employ it in your reality. If you don't know something, you don't have access to it. Knowledge bridges gaps and allows for cooperation and union where ignorance does not.

There are infinitely many more demonstrations if you only use these as examples, and apply this way of making sense of reality yourself!

"Pure darkness" is where everything is different (all possessions and ideas divided to a maximum), intelligences hostile and competing. Also associated with depletion and a vacuum.

Demonstrations of darkness acting through this mixed medium:

--(1)-- Chaos

Chaos is frequently associated with darkness; "chaos" is the word used to describe things that seem to us totally unpredictable, like two competing intelligence networks, and amplification of asymmetries in mathematical chaos theory.

Chaos (pronounced /ke.s/[1]; derived from the Ancient Greek Chaos) typically means a state lacking order or predictability. In ancient Greece, it first meant the initial state of the universe, and, by extension, space, darkness, or an abyss[2]

There is no pattern and continuity, no sharing of identities in chaos.

--(2)-- Warfare

In warfare the driving intelligences are hostile and competing with each other, and possessions and ideas are divided. Pretty straightforward application.

--(3)-- Pollution and weakness in the body

Man-made chemicals that pollute the body, damage from excessive stress hormones, weakness from lack of exercise, manifest as points of darkness in the organization and cooperation between cells in our bodies.

--(4)-- Experiencing 3D or 3D+time as separate from other dimensions, aka Ignorance

As materially-focused societies, we have focused on things we can touch, taste, hear, smell, and see, to excluding the possibility of anything else. Now that we have developed tools to sense things we can't personally sense, like voltmeters and electron microscopes, we have began to realize that things are moving in ways on the quantum level that can only be explained by geometrical relationships that defy the basic "laws" of our 3 physical dimensions as we know them. One example is velocity at which the "information" must travel when two electrons heading in opposite directions have their spin altered. When one is altered, traveling away from the other faster than the speed of light, the other seemed to change instantaneously. The velocity was later calculated at having to be, at a minimum, several times the speed of light. I can find sources for this for anyone interested in more information.

We have been compared to fish in a pond, not being able to comprehend what exists on the other side of the water above them, but really the fish would have more comprehension of more 3D+time world outside of the water than most humans could outside of 3D+time realms.

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