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Evolution of Consciousness

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posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 04:35 PM
Understand this, our minds are growing. Our conscience is expanding. And it has been since the beginning of man.

500 years ago most people thought the world was flat. 100 years ago USA didn't allow women to vote. 50 years ago scientists didn't think asteroids or meteors could hit the earth. We are all expanding the clarity of our minds, some through pro-active approach, others through Hundred Monkey Effect. But we are all taking off into this Universe and expanding out into the great frontier of consciousness.

Nature, Religion, social interaction, and technology are common examples of this. What's the point? Well, if we looked at the world with this understanding, it would be easier to say that "everyone is just doing the best they know how."

Instead, we have a nation that is more devoted to killing off those that have not reach a certain level yet. Homo-erectus killed of Neanderthals, Homo-sapiens killed off homo-erectus... and I am sure it goes back to the beginning of man (or the last cycle of man).

People make fun of Islam because of their barbaric ways. But they forget not too long ago they had barbaric ways that they held close to their hearts. Remember lynch mobs? Duels to the death over simple disrespect? Look at the differences in the Old testament and New Testament for an example.

The pro-active approach to expanding consciousness can be traced back to explorers who chose to risk everything in the name of the unknown. Those sacrifices and learning pains help bridge the gap of expansion. The Western world was created and became the staple of existence because they dreamed bigger and went out to achieve it. Does that mean we have the right to ridicule those that were not part of that expansion?

Do you think that humans all changed from monkeys over a single night? No. It took many years to reach such a level.

I am not saying that certain cultures of people are lesser of people than others. But maybe they have to realize the big picture, we are all different and are all on a different journey through this life. When people can start accepting that we shouldn't kill off the lesser, but help cultivate them if they are willing... if not... LEAVE THEM ALONE!

They will evolve just like westerners did when they decided to stop sacrificing for god and allowed women and blacks equality. We were once stuck to our traditions, no matter how outdated they were, but no culture wants to be forced out of their traditions by an aggressor. Because most of those cultures are laced in the fear of outside influence.

Our entire world is the result of this misunderstanding or blatant taking advantage of.

There is a cause and effect for everything... we need to be smart enough to sniff out the cause before reacting to the effect. However, I know there will be two people that react to this thread...

1). People that understand and see the linear line of development and hold empathy.
2). People that think "only the strong survive" and are hell-bent of taking what ever they can get away with.

I hope this didn't come of as a rambled vent, but I just think people need to see that we are all evolving at our own pace. Let it be.


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posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 04:54 PM
Well spoken AnAbsoluteCreation!

I have been frustrated with the variance of evolution, but in a selfish manner wishing other's could be more like this or that. I have come to realize that everyone is on their own path moving at their own pace, and while this may seem frustrating to some, it is how it is.
Collectively, it seems tragedy and revolutionary advances are the only things that unify a bit of evolution amongst the people, but I would rather see more of the latter.

I have experienced an evolving at will occurrence with much time and effort assigned in the ability to do so. But it was a conscious effort with much meditation. I was able to change some reactionary process' within myself such as to quit judging other's and to stop "feeding the beast" with all my fear and frustration.

I used to see something unjust and freak out, lashing out and condemning so many actions and those involved, whereas now I still react, but after the initial reaction, I change the unfolding of my perspective to one of more empathy and objectivity, instead of adding hate/angst to the situation which usually leaves me more depleted of energy and hope as well as fortifies an already negative situation like gas on a fire.

I'm with you on the live and let live notion, there is much work to do in our own lives, community and Country rather than expending ALL of our energy blaming and hating.


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posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 05:00 PM

I change the unfolding of my perspective to one of more empathy and objectivity, instead of adding hate/angst to the situation which usually leaves me more depleted of energy and hope as well as fortifies an already negative situation like gas on a fire.

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Well said as well. Thinking alternatively will leave you more fatigued, and worse off... distracted from potential.



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