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And Thought You Knew the Reasons for the Iraq War – Guess Again

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posted on Jun, 15 2004 @ 01:47 PM
Please note i was speaking in example, i was not advocating viololence or hatred twords any peoples.

I said, (Im advocating Americans marching in the streets, chanting "death to your people" and burning their flags..then showing this for 25 yrs to those people and see how they think we feel about them after we terrorize them. )
This was to mirror my experiance with hearing and living thru their threats and acts, and asking how would they feel if this was what they saw/felt for 25yrs?

I think theyd feel the same way I do, like someone is out to get me.

I felt that statement could have been too harsh for some viewers and wanted to get a pg-13 disclaimer like M.Moore wish he had. LOL

posted on Jun, 15 2004 @ 03:44 PM
Why does it seem to me that most liberals would rather roll over and cower from those that clearly intend our country harm than to take a stance and lay low those who would seek our destruction?

I value the opinions of the readers on this forum, as I like to have a feel for how people around the world think. I do find myself at odds a lot of the time with what are obvious opinions and sometimes the plethora of "validating" links given for some of you people's arguments. I am not sure how many of you are employees of the Government and have certain clearances that give you access to classified information, but I can honestly say, that I wish that a mess load of information was declassified so that many of the ignorant public could actually see some real "validating" information.

I am not blasting ignorance in itself. I actually feel sorry that so many people hold such firm beliefs on something they can not possibly know as fact, only assumption. But, to each his own. This world is big enough for both your's and mine opinion.

posted on Jun, 16 2004 @ 03:48 PM

Originally posted by The Vagabond
[Has anybody considered that maybe we really did kill Bin Laden? It was plain to see that he was injured in one of the last videos, then the videos stopped.
Problem is that we didn't have a body to parade around, so to announce that he had been killed would 1. create an elvis effect. 2. strain credibility for those who demand to see a body. 3. Create a push to end the war on terror while many key players (and semi-terrorist targets of opportunity) were still standing.
The most powerful nation on Earth had no problem finding and killing the world's most famous billionaire while he was trapped in a country full of rival factions and poverty stricken informants. Once they took care of him, they decided to keep milking 9/11 for diplomatic capital in order to persue our national interests. It's dirty, but very practical. Afterall, if we'd done all this stuff before 9/11 it would have smacked of the late 30s, and we very well might have found ourselves on the outside of NATO, facing them down.
Does that really seem unlikely to you at all?

I think that's the best idea so far on this thread...

posted on Jun, 16 2004 @ 06:36 PM
I haven’t read everything on that tread.

Sorry, I work with french papers and french TV news, so no link…

Do you know Ben Ladden is only a waabit and a waabit only live to live in Saoudit Arabia as a Muslim and that’s all. Al qaida is waabit and what they are doing now is not waabit. Something is realy wrong because they only care to waabits kingdom, not the world.

Do you know Ben Ladden was ejected from Bush lobby in 1991 because he didn’t want Saoudit Arabia to sell so much oil. He was thinking to the future of his country. So, get out Ben, W said!

Do you know Iraq was lost by England in 1948. Oil lobby went there but Saddam arrived in 70’s, he put oil lobby out and asked french and USSR and others to take the oil out for him. So the Iraqian oil was on the world market.

America sold weapons to Iraq when Iran became a danger with Islamists terrorists. During the Iran-Irak war the outing of oil was good to America (and France) to sell weapons to war Iran islamist terrorists, and sell weapons and have oil!!

After the Iran war, Saddam decided not to work with America and put Bush lobby out. He was defending his oil and asked France and USSR to help him with his oil, he was no more confident with America and England.

Bush 2 (the father) came in Iraq in 1991 because of the dictator stupidity (but Koweit was realy Iraqian before oil lobby made it American!! Quiet long ago). Oil for food, and oil to oil lobby (Bush).

Bush 3 (W) came in Iraq in 2003 with no reason (and every one told him to wait because it would be a chao) and oil was taken out for the war price (they took more oil that what it coasted for the 2 wars, remember the oil was taken out till 1991).

Bush 1 (grand father) is known to have sell weapons to…… Adolf Hitler and deal with him.(!!!)

Ben Ladden is virtual. Al Qaida was not like this, and became the reason to war after some people made it become terrorist thanks to haoxes just like Nick Berg one, and may be 9/11 and many others.
He went to Afganistan because he could live with talibans as Waabits and Talibans have the same hope of being independent from any country with a muslim integrist way of life. Saddam is not muslim integrist and can’t because of its trades and disolute way of life.

Saoudit Arabia and Irak are the oil reserve and they belong now to Bush lobby that managed to make Egypt and other countries agree with America. In fact, they all depend on oil and pipe lines…

Nothing is bad for Bush lobby oil. Everything is made to curse terrorism, it means Waabits, Al Qaida, Ben Ladden. Ben Ladden is defending the oil of Saoudit Arabia, his own interest, and it’s not said. He is also defending Waabit way of life in Arabia. But he is not here, nowere.


[edit on 16/6/2004 by Alchy]

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