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Gettin ready to roll, to Dubyatopia

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posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 12:38 PM
Last night, at a class reunion with perps coming in from all over the Northwest, one old classmate was bubbling about her husbands 30+ years in the service, and that he still may get called back. Their closest mil. training ground, which is a desert, and services most of the Army's PNW active bases for training exercises is all packed up, and ready to roll out to somewhere. Even all necessary empty gondola flat cars, are now on the rail sidings, ready to be loaded up.
I went through something like this during the Cuban missile crisis, and the Freddies can really surprise one, when they hook up their big ol' vacuum cleaner and clean up, leaving only the bare walls, in what had been 'surplused clutter'. When the brass hits the big red button, it seems nothing is safe. In our case, a well endowed C.A.P. squadron, was stripped clean by one big U.S.A.F Transport Plane which wisked everything we had been issued, back to some airbase or other.
The strange part was that other big planes were being dispersed, and several of them were parked at our minor airport for the duration of the missile crisis. While we were out of range of Cuban missiles, we have always been well within range of those very same missiles, deployed on the Eastern Pacific Coast by the Russians.
Today, they're preparing everything on that training ground for impending deployment somewhere, that will require the full spectrum of military might. I replied to my old classmate, that I thought the phoney Kibuki dance with McCrystal and his entire staff being let go, was a subterfuge just to free them up to command whatever is immenent. Something like Ike using Patton in Britain, to mess with the Nazis, and keep a sleepy Hitler tied down at Calais, while our real punch came at Normandy. This time around, a slightly demoted Petraeus, may be the Afghan/Calais, scarecrow, while Mc.Crystal and his staff are busy organizing the real Panzerarmee sucker punch into the Persian Gulf. Unfortunately, I will always believe George W.Bush screwed things up, beyond any salvation, when he deep sixed the old Afghan King, and tried to foist a modern Western polictical system onto the backs of the Pathans. This illuminism, running wild, is going to be the cause of our ultimate disgraceful defeats, in those middle eastern theatres. The great Athenian General, Thucidadees had it right from the git go. Democracy can only be a brief flowering in a political system, and it cannot last, anymore than any flower can perpetually bloom. If it can even get to the blossoming, it must inexorbetantly go to seed, and whither, just as Imperial Athens did 2500 years ago. So I believe this buildup is sadly, 'gettin ready to roll' off to a political nowhere land, or maybe better put as; "Dubyatopia".

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