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Gulf Oil Disaster-- False Flag or Accident?

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posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 09:31 AM
June 26, 2010 SJR– For the first time in generations, the good people of the United States of America may be facing their darkest hour as the 2010 Hurricane Season looms like a dark omen just over the horizon. Millions of hard working and struggling families face a possible toxic air nightmare that may force regional evacuations in the very near future. Our hearts go out to those effected by this terrible disaster, and the nation must know whether this environmental and economic catastrophe was accidental or part of a nefarious plan.

It has been almost nine years since the attacks of September 11, 2001. According to one claimed scientific poll, some 84% reject the official 9/11 story.(1) It would seem to this reporter that the jury has delivered a guilty verdict in the court of public opinion as to the issue of 911 being a false flag event.


Perhaps such public opinion is at the root of speculation that the Gulf Oil Disaster was America’s 2nd modern day false-flag event. Opinions of this nature run rampant, as alternative news false-flag reports circulate the net. For example, one such report posted at BeforeItsNews(2), claimed the following evidence in support of such claims:

“Evidence that the BP Gulf oil catastrophe is a false flag operation includes: (1) “foreshadowing drills” by the U.S. agencies prior to the April 20, 2010 disaster; (2) insider trading of 44% of its BP stock by Goldman Sachs and a related insider corporate takeover of the world’s largest oil spill by Halliburton three weeks prior to the oil spill; (3) BP CEO Tony Hayward dumping approximately one-third of his BP stocks one month prior to the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster.

Others jumping on the False-Flag bandwagon have indicated that the Deepwater Horizon Rig was bombed to make it sink. These folks claim that rig fires lasting only a few days could never melt down and sink so large a rig in such a short time. They then use this fact as more evidence in support of the false-flag theory.


On the other side of the coin, is the possibility that the gulf oil disaster is nothing more than an accident, greed driven perhaps, but an accident none the less. Little evidence has come to light to support this theory as yet. However, some of the evidence claimed to be in support of a false-flag, could in fact be explained by virtuous acts to mitigate damage in the aftermath of the initial rig explosion. Such an idea, that it is within the realm of possibility, is that the rig was intentionally destroyed to prevent it from breaking off the BOP (blow-out-preventor) from the sea floor and creating an even larger catastrophe. Support for such an idea came from the following excerpt, which was posted by ‘Gail the Actuary’ at the Oil Drum: (3)

“There is a good reason why the BOP wellhead connection could be bent and weakened. For over a day the DWH (DeepWater Horizon) was without power and the 50,000 ton rig was anchored to the wellhead. The movements of the rig in the surface currents would have put a huge strain on the BOP stack. Also, when the rig sank and the riser bent over it would also have put stress on the BOP.


While the so-called ‘evidence’ that this disaster was a planned false-flag event to be used to push through a ‘political agenda’ can not be dismissed outright; the most damming of this evidence may be explained by inside knowledge in the weeks and months leading up to the explosion, that major problems with the well increased the likelihood of a uncontainable blow-out.

Footnotes/ misc.:

(1) See article: “Scientific Poll: 84% Reject Official 9/11 Story” by Steve Watson and Alex Jones.

(2) See article: “BP Gulf oil false flag catastrophe may be a psyops scripted by prophecy and psychic visions.” ______beforeitsnews/news/84/839/BP_Gulf_oil_false_flag_catastrophe_may_be_a_psyops_scripted_by_prophecy_and_psychic_visions_Part_1.html

(3) See post by ‘Gail the Actuary’ on June 25, 2010 - 10:00am, at TheOil Drum,

(c) Copyright 2010 SJR - Copied to, and posted by the author to

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 11:17 AM
Good to keep the awareness up, flag and star. Adding to the false flag side is the occult significance of the day, April 20th, not only Hitler's birthday, but the day before is the beginning of a period of pagan blood sacrifice that culminates on May Day (Beltaine / Walpurgis).

You mentioned "second" false flag? We can go more of course, but interestingly, the Oklahoma City Bombing took place on April 19th.

Another "occult" signature was the 11 deaths.

If this is another attack by our occultist masters, then it will certainly serve their purposes. Perhaps, as you say, pushing an agenda, but maybe even more, as the full scope of the disaster unfolds.


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