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Good News for Bad News

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posted on Jun, 13 2004 @ 07:18 PM
I write this thread in response to Modest Mouse's new album, Good News for People Who Like Bad News, in particular Float On.
There should be more albums like this in a time when music is slandered by violence, sex, and depressed people. There are so many songs that are full of depression, suffering, and all the bad stuff society has to offer. Most songs referring to these things even glorify it. I mean, this must take a toll on a lot of people growing up in the world. I used to listen to new music all the time and now I am reduced to listening to old songs and the occasional album.
Everyone suffers and they look at this suffering as the only element to life, what happened to the good aspects, and the love. There are love songs I know.
I was just wondering what everyone thought about the depressing music in this day and age, and some other bands who try to break this new trend.

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