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Don't Ask Dad What Politics Are!

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posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 06:52 PM
A boy asks his father what is politics?

The father replies, I am the Government. Your mother is the opposition. The maid is the working class. Your younger brother is the future. And you are the people.

The boy explained this to his younger brother.

That night the younger brother got up late at night to go to the toilet.

Walking past the maids room he saw his father in there making love to the maid.

The next morning the younger brother told this to his older sibling.

The older brother then went to his father and said, "I think I get politics now Dad."

"That's good son, relate it back to me."

"Well while the opposition is asleep, the Government screws the working class, and I think the future is in big trouble."

The following was told to me by a workmate from India when I asked him to tell me an Indian joke. That was by far the one that translated best into English. I found it very cute.


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