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R.Sanchez, CNN said yesterday the crazies are saying the gov. allowed spill to happen, like 9/11

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posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 03:32 PM
When they sit by and watch the ocean turn black what are we supposed to think? Prove us wrong!!!!

posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 03:34 PM
Mira, if this is true, Little Ricky has a lot of 'splaining to do.

Pursuant to the previous post, I think it's time we dedicate a song to Little Ricky:

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posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 03:56 PM
I worked a decade in construction and as a mechanical engineer for 5 years. I know with absolute certainty (not fore knowledge but because it is the only possible conclusion with odds lower than 10 to the 20th power) that the 9/11 buildings were professionally demolished with explosive charges. This being so the government was certainly an inside player in this. Given that is it any wonder the public would be suspicious of other disasters? Do you somehow believe that those willing to kill thousands to further an agenda would suddenly develop a conscience?

I do not have great certainty on whether the Gulf oil disaster was intentional or not but I am certain that if the government and large corporations decided to they simply would.

Those who trust the government or corporations are either fools or liars.

posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 04:00 PM
OK, let those other crazies explain the sell-off a few days prior to the explosion, let's see them open the situation up to the worldwide media, let's SEE how hard they are trying to clean this up.

Let them explain WHY the locals are GAGGED, and afraid to speak.

Let them explain WHY they have dumpted disastrous amounts of Corex in the ocean when other countries could have cleaned the oil up in an ecological way and saved the Gulf.

Let him explain that Cheney just happened to make a mint out of that. Let Obomination explain why he refused the offers of help from around the world.

Let Obadman explain why he's refusiing to inform the world what is happening, even though it could devastate many parts of the world.

Oh, and while he's at it, let him explain his refusal to allow an investigation into 9/11, despite mountains of hard evidence THAT THEIR STORY DOESN'T ADD UP.

Let him also explain why he has seen fit to pass a bill which allows the US secret service to shoot and kill a US citizen abroad without any judicial process being necessary - ie. authorised, unregulated arbitrary killing

Perhaps he'd also like to explain why the drug cartels and tbe bank cartels and the elite cartels ALWAYS take precedence over US citizens, and why he is not protecting their best interests.

Perhaps he'd like to explain where all of the nation's wealth has gone...into whose private accounts?

Perhaps he'd like to also explain why he said he was born in Kenya when he was a senator.

And maybe also how much it cost him to completely buy the media's silence.

Then maybe the media would like to explain why they are complicit in these crimes by lying to the American public.

Crazies - yes, gansters - yes - criminals - yes, YES THEY ARE.

Just sayin'

posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 04:02 PM
If the government and BP allowed this to happen, you can bet it was about much more than poisoning the Gulf and the people around it.

Just like 9/11 wasn't about attacking Americans or passing the Patriot Act (although part of it was). It was about gaining access to resource-rich countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. It was about creating and implementing a never-ending war that would fuel the Military Industrial Complex for decades. It was about establishing not just a foot hold, but a trench hole in the Middle East from which to bully their "enemies" of Imperialism: Pakistan, Iran and eventually Russia and China.

They WILL go after Chavez soon. And probably sooner than ANYONE thinks.

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posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 04:04 PM
How much attention are u giving them ?

Best way to let the truth come out is to pay no attention to what someones view on there personal reality says. Lets see if a single view point is correct or them there crazies .

Facts need no attention . why bother posting someone a mainstream source says . They still have not figured out 911 . why bother with this .

posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 04:04 PM
lala lala laaaaaaaaaaa laaaa

I'm a craaazy nutbaaalllll

We're all friggen weirdo's

Shame, shame, shame, shame,
shame, shame

Sanchez is a lackey

TV tells us truuu-uuuth

Believe it or you're nutso

posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 04:08 PM
reply to post by 5 oClock

Well hey, they comrades in crime. Honour amongst thives an all that, complicity between murderers.....

posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 04:12 PM
I have never said one thing, so from all of us on ats cnn, your rubbish beyond words.

We can never debate stuff, without people labeling all of us the same, pretending we are this and that.

posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 04:23 PM
SnF for you DG,

Any opportunity to point out something lame about the MSM. I'm there baby.
This time ( no wait ) In this weeks episode. I would just like to point out
how at ATS, name calling, is really frowned upon and considered below our standard.
Isn't that what you resort to, when you have nothing intelligent to say?
Even our new members know enough about manners and decorum.


But every once in a while. What the heck.

Those stupid darn old nasty's at CNN.
Why even go there, if you can't just rip em up, with some major fowl language?

Peter Grant was a master at that.

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posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 04:29 PM
Considering how he covered his rear end in that alleged drunk driving incident, one realizes why CNN hired him: to cover their fannies for 9/11 and every other media scam that comes down the pike. At least give the guy credit for realizing his limitations and not daring to attempt to think for himself.

posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 04:38 PM
reply to post by dgtempe

It has come out that they knew the well was in trouble 2 weeks
before it blew up.

It has come out that there were heated arguments on the rig
between the workers the leadership.

It has come out that the workers were held against their will
akin to kidnapping and made to sign non-disclosure forms.

It has come out that BP has lied about the size of the spill
many times, and lied about many aspects of the issue.

It has come out that companies were buying other companies
just before the spill that would reap them large profits on the
clean up.

After all of this is out in the open and is now obvious truth,
I hope most of the sheeple realize that the one thing you
can count on "the machine" to do is to lie to them.

It is their #1 utilized skill.

The amazing part is there are still millions of suckers who
buy the never ending stream of PROVEN lies.

Civil War 2 is coming.

posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 04:42 PM
There are many things in life that I dont know anything about but it is never wrong to speculate. I remember that when Katrina happened the word was that it was not a tradition hurricain but a form of weather modification aimed at American soil. Lets presume that is the case. We live in a world where traditional warfare is no longer necessary. You can modify viruses that can be aimed specifically at groups of people by their genetic make-up, we dont need soldiers or traditional weapons. But I have not heard the possibility that the "BP" oil leak could be a terrorist act when that would have been one of the first things that would have come to mind. I dont know of other off-shore deep sea activities on American shores but this would have been a great spot for such a target.

Pick a location that has already been weakened by previous natural disasters.

Pick an area that may have been a target of weather modification warfare.

Pick an area that is fairly self contained where the spill will affect mostly American assets until clean-up is put into place.

Pick a target that is British owned and cause a major rift between 2 political allies that are big players on the world stage.

An oil leak of this magnitude would delay any and all actions that America and Britain might be planning in terms of War with Iran because of our Oil dependence.

Create a situation that will weaken the already defunct American dollar and bring further domestic strife to Americans who will intern do what they do best: blaim their government.

Now tell me why this is not an act of terrorism.

And if it were true do you think it would be acknowledged to the public? That would be serious weakness in the current situation and would potentially cause an uprising.

If a terrorist act were the case, they would be doing exactly what they are doing. Playing it on the down low. Slapping "BP" on the back of the hand. Entertaining the American public with televised meetings on the hill. Sending military build-up to the middle-east. Which is exactly what is happening.

Prepare for act 2.

posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 04:43 PM
Here's my favorite comedian and newsman, Jon Stewart of the showing what an "intelligent" guy Rick Sanchez is; you will get a good laugh out of this one:

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posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 04:54 PM
reply to post by Curious_Agnostic

Is that you rick sanchez?

LOL But hey do some real investigation instead of listening to the hand that feeds you. Maybe you might get a promotion for it.

posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 04:57 PM
reply to post by kix

I have a buddy that blindly follows MSM. He says if it ain't on MSM then i ain't believing it. It is no wonder I call him a moron sometimes. Plus he got this ego that he thinks he knows everything. LOL

posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 05:01 PM

Originally posted by Curious_Agnostic

Originally posted by Tykonos
Amazing isn’t it? Those people who investigate and report on things that happen in this world calling others who do the same as crazies!

"Truthers" are far from investigators. Most of them just copy BS off of the conspiracy theory sites and blindly accept it as the truth, similar to what they accuse us "sheeple" of doing with the MSM. They ignore the fact that way too many people would have had to have been involved because they get distracted by there being "too many unanswered questions". Most, if not all of their questions have been answered, they just ignore the answers, or refuse to accept them. They ignore how impossible the recruiting process for an inside job would have been. They ignore the fact that the worldwide media would be the first to jump on this story. They ignore the proper context of eyewitness reports. They ignore just about every debunking. When you debunk a "truther", they just change the subject and often retaliate in what I call a "twoof bomb", where they copy and paste as much as they can from the conspiracy theory sites in hopes that we won't address them due to it being too time consuming. They also don't seem to know how to fact check, which is something that real investigators do.

Two thumbs up for Rick Sanchez.

edit - spelling

[edit on 6/25/2010 by Curious_Agnostic]

Debunk a truther they just change the subject? LMFAO Who do you talk to? I say the same thing about sheople who believe in the 9/11 commission report. You can give 'em all the facts, but they simply either ignore it or try to make up facts to make them feel smart. Plus you want to call all truthers dumb?

How about this company who now states the WTC towers were demolished.

posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 05:19 PM
Well Rick, you can fool some of the people part of the time, but not all of them all of the time. You're an idiot and a tool.

Explain to me why we've turned down all of the countries that want to step in and help with the oil. Explain why I don't see a fleet of boats out there on the waters cleaning this crap up. And explain why we are allowing these thugs to use chemical disperants instead of letting the oil float to the top where it would be easier to clean up?

posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 05:19 PM
But they DID let 9/11 happen

and they DID attack Vietnam on WRONG intelligence...

posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 05:30 PM
Looks like he's been surfing A.T.S.

"Those crazies believe the government allowed the spill to happen. Ha! (click click) Now David Icke, THAT guy really knows his stuff......."

Crazies. Pfff. I'm not crazy. Neither am I.

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