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UFO Show and Tell day

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posted on Jun, 13 2004 @ 04:18 PM
Friday, on the History channel, they had a whole day of UFO's, then and now. I was watching it with my mom and her friend, and were were talking. I told them about my own UFO sightings. And i was really surprised when they shared thiers, so Ill share them here.

When i was little, my mom and my grandma and aunt told me about an incident that occured when they lived in east San Jose. They never told me what it was, me being really young.

One night, my mom was laying in bed, and suddenly, a really bright light filled the room. It was so bright, she had to squint. It scared here, and she ran out into the hall, bumping into my aunt, who also was terrified. They ran into my grandmother, who ran upstairs, terrified by the light and looking for her children. The light had flooded the house. Even the inside halls were lit from illumination outside. They held onto my grandmother, who was thinbking it was the second coming of Christ, or the nuclear end of the world was at hand. (This was back in the 60's or early 70's,my mom was young, and the Cold War was at its height). The illumination continued for minutes, then vanished. Soon after the cops were there. Everyone in the neighborhood had woken to this strange light and paniced, calling the cops. The next morning, there were military officals in the area going around asking questions. My mom said my grandmother came back from talking to them, and they said it was nothing, maybe a meteor or lightning strike. (Huh? one that continuously lit up the whole neighborhood for several minutes?)

My moms friend shared then a really wierd UFO story. Her sister's son, as a child, was pretty smart. But instead of drawing pictures of Cowboys, and superman, he drew pictures of aliens and UFO's, even though the family did not have a TV and he was never around such materials. Anyway, There were several nights he refused to go to sleep, he said his foot hurt. Finally, they took him to the doctor. They gave him some X-rays, and found nothing wrong, but what the doctor told them after was disturbing. he said, other then the surgical scars on his rectum, we found nothing wrong with him. His mother was like, whoa, what do you mean surgical scars? Our son never had any surgery! The doctor said, yes, indeed he did, the X-rays clearly showed surgical scars. Now, both his parents were thinking the doctor had gone mad, they knew thier own child, who had never been away from them ever, and they would certainly remember a surgery. So, they went to another doctor, who Xrayed the boys mid section, and told them indeed he had surgical scars in his rectum. Now his parents were perplexed. On the way home, the boy then started talking about something disturbing.

He told his parents that aliens had taken him. They said, your being silly. But what he described was impressive. He said that aliens had taken him a few times, and returned him. They put something in his foot, that everytime they are getting ready to come back, his foot starts hurting. So, they took him to have his feet thouroughly X-rayed, and the doctors found a strange object, not of metal or anything like that, but something in his foot not part of it. They did not try and remove it. So, the boy told his parents again, aliens took him, and he really didnt wanna talk about it cuz he didnt like it. His parents thought him nuts. They said, we would hear them, and he told them, no, you wont, they can make you sleep, and give you a shot that makes you forget everything. They asked why he remebers. He tells them its because the shot doesnt work on him. He told them he remebered seeing others from the neighborhood on the ship, including the lady across the street. His parents still thought he was nuts. The boy explained why the aliens had not taken him when his grandfather was home (whenever his grandfather was there, the boy would sleep without complaining of his foot). The boy then explained to them that the aliens didnt come when his grandpa was home, because his granfather was a full blooded Apache indian (which he was) and they were afraid of hi. His parents still thought him nuts, and wanted to take him to a shrink, but he refused, he said he just didnt want to talk about it anymore.

I asked my moms friend if she could put me in contact with him, if maybe now that hes older, he could tell me more, maybe hes come to terms with it. he currently lives in Alaska. if i can contact him, Ill share whatever he wants to tell me.

So, here you have it, two more Alien stories to contribute to the ATS archives. I only posted them because after reviewing them, I feel there is something to both of them. My mothers story I am very convinced of because my aunt, grandmother, and others have all verified that indeed this incident happened in east San Jose. it was even in the local papers, though nothing further was mentioned of it. And my moms friend, her nephew, I take her story seriously, because she is an elderly lady relaying something she remebers from long ago, involving her family member, and she remebered several visits to her sister where the boy was complaining of his hurt foot.

posted on Jun, 13 2004 @ 04:24 PM
Interesting. The part about the intruders avoiding the boy's grandpa because he was Apache sounds familiar. I have heard a very similar story to this before. I will see if I can dig up more info. Regardless of the mechanism, the repeating patterns in these reports are always intriguing....

posted on Jun, 13 2004 @ 05:14 PM
Hey Skadi,

I watched the same shows all day. I love that stuff.

I figure I should share my experience now. Granted, it's not near as vivid as most peoples.

My mother and I were down at my aunts eating dinner one night. She steped out side for a smoke and called after me shortly thereafter. She was almost hysterical. She pointed into the sky and told me that she had seen a bright light in the grew in intensity and then flashed out. While I was out there she and I saw another one; however, before this one flashed out it made some very random and angular movements. It was very strange indeed. Nothing out of the ordinary happened after that night and we both kinda forgot about it.
Wierd huh?

posted on Jun, 13 2004 @ 05:26 PM
Really wierd, Adian.

So you watched that stuff too? its funny how the skeptics use the lamest most abusrd "debunks" to explain it away. Ive heard better explainations of the seasons through primitive myths.

Herm, it is very interesting to me. The aliens, according to the boy, feard his grandpa because he was an Apache indian. It is worth noting that almost every Indian tribe in America has some sort of strange legends of encounters with star people. Some are pleasant and religious, others arent. The Apaches were a warrior race, tough as nails as fierice, perhaps long ago, they encountered the aliens, and, because the Apaches had some interesting mystical rites, psychic phenomina, ect, perhaps chased the aliens away through some sort of psychic or other paranormal warfare, which the aliens have not forgotten, and still fear.

If you find anything, share it. Id really like to see if Im alone in my theory.

posted on Jun, 13 2004 @ 05:34 PM
Skadi. The boy's parents didn't have the object removed from his foot even though it hurt him? Should be reason enough to get a small outpatient surgery to remove it if indeed it caused the boy pain. Best to have such surgeries as a child as the scar would be minimal or non-existant once the boy grew up. Guess he has to live with it and the unpleasant memories of aliens it seems to bring.

Very interesting story to say the least. If it actually was happening to the child, I find it terrible that aliens would operate on a child and in such a manner as to be basically raping him. Whomever did it to him is monstrous, human or not.

posted on Jun, 13 2004 @ 05:37 PM
In the X-Files series, the last part of the whole series, the cigarette smoking man explains that some kind of rocks that the American Indians used had some kind of strange effect. It was the cause of the crash of 1947.

Anyway, I once saw strange objects in the sky. I won't say that they were spacecraft, but who knows. I live in Stockholm, Sweden (you know the small country above France where Peter Stormare comes from
), well, it happened a while back, but I remember it somewhat. I was having dinner, and I looked through the window above the house on the other side. At first, I thought it was a flock of birds, because it looked like 20-30 small black dots, moving in the same direction.

They didn't have any formation. After a while, it seemed so strange, because they seemed to be too far (too high up) to be birds, and they moved too slow. I alerted my family, and they too noted the strange "behaviour" of the objects.

My father reached for the binoculars, but we couldn't see any of the objects clearly enough. They moved in a direction of a cloud. When the reached the cloud they went behind it, so the cloud blocked our view. On "the other side" of the cloud, most of the objects were either gone already, or some of them began to fade out, I can't remember exactly. Though, there was one object left, the one that seemed to be the "leader", and after a while, that object faded out too. They were not seen again.

But as I said, it could have been birds or something. I've seen another one, at the same place, but in the house's yard. I could very well have been a balloon someone dropped, but it looked somewhat metallic. It was small enough, so I'd say that I was lucky to catch it with my eyes.

posted on Jun, 13 2004 @ 07:39 PM

The object in the boys foot couldnt be removed. The doctor examined it, and the way it was put in, it would be worse to remove it, causing major nerve damage as well as screwing up his veins down in his foot. Thus, there was no choice but the object had to stay.

Remeber, heelstone, the are aliens. Who is to say whats horrible? if it did take place, they are different creatures. perhaps they saw nothing wrong or horrible about operating on a small child. Perhaps they did not understand why or how the child would be frightened.

I did ask my moms friend something: had the boy ever had any digestive or lower abdominal problems? She told me before this all started, the boy did have difficulty pooping, and suffered cramps in his belly. It was never checked by a doctor, they thought it was just growing difficulties.

When i think of it, perhaps the boy had some sort of growth or problem in his lower abdomen, around his bowels, maybe the aliens removed it when they found it. For all we know, they might have cured him of something. Maybe polyps or cancer, or a cyst? Who knows?

Im simply reporting what was told to me, this story, as I have mentioned, is very interesting to me.

So maybe the aliens operated on him to cure him, and abducted him later to check on how he was doing. or maybe they did surgery as part of an experiment. All I know, si that the doctors told the parents that the surgical scars were pretty recent, like about a year or less in age. Who knows?

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