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Oil spills being ignored in Africa...and YOU don't give a damn!!

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posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 08:03 AM
OK , so yes the Deep Water Horizon disaster is just that, an absolute disaster. How ironic that the thing we rely on the most could be the cause of global down fall. In fact people should enter “Oil” as a descriptive term for ‘Irony’ in the Oxford English Dictionary.

However, lets point out some shear double standards here from the UK, US, Russia and China about. Why is it that we only notice a catastrophe on our own shores. Why do we ignore the plight of others? Its interesting to note that the Niger Delta ongoing disaster, and the shear number of pipeline leaks in Africa in general, make the BP Disaster frankly look like a play ground event.

Yes the Gulf of Mexico is a bad one. We should all be concerned. But the same is happening every day in Africa. I recently saw a documentary by some very annoyed Africans who are saying that they need help , but Shell and Exon are happy to let oil leak from their pipes on a daily basis.

So I am a little vexed that the world is up in arms about America....but not Africa. Africa, seems to be a great play ground for the US, China and Russia. If they are not all playing ‘Spy Games’ and opening listening posts, they are playing the African people like corruptible puppets. Money seems to do the talking when the USA, Russia and China are involved. These so called great nations pollute the land with oil or from the actions of gold mining, bribe officials, play with regional politics to suit their own nefarious agendas, and basically corrupt the African nations and bend them to their will.

Some simple facts about the Niger Delta :

1) There are around 300 spills per year, most of which don’t get fixed (By Exon)
2) There have been over 2000 additional spills in the last 5 years from all major oil companies.
3) Major oil companies are blaming local militias for sabotaging their pipe lines.....OH! Which is really interesting....and I will tell you why
a. The USA imported $600 Billion in oil in 1958
b. Local people are paid $2 per day on why can’t some of that 600 Bil be used to hire security...or more still
c. 90% of the pipelines are over ground.....why not make them underground??!?! May cost more....but with 600 plus billion $ income surely they could make that investment.

So Africa, has FAR Worse tragedies pretty much every single day. OH! What now YOU Listen because it has happened on YOUR SHORES. What about other people.
Is it because they are Black? I wonder. Is it because they are so easily manipulated being a 3rd world continent? I wonder. Is it because you don’t give a damn until it happens to you.

Well I think its bloody rotten and the worst possible example of human, corporate greed, personal greed and governmental foriegn policy. We should all be ashamed...and so should Obama really...being of African ancestry.

That we let Deep Water Horizon x many different occassions happen each year in Africa. With no press. No pressure. No one seems to care.

Well its all still our world you know guys. What happens in the Gulf will affect pretty much everyone. What is happening in the Niger Delta is and has been affecting everyone for decades?

So how about we put the thumb screws on all major oils companies and we all know what it feels like to be on the receiving end for once. I think its about time people put the environment and people and health above profit.

posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 08:05 AM
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