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China Seeking White Males, No Experience Needed

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posted on Jun, 28 2010 @ 12:26 AM
reply to post by cloudbreak

Perhaps it is just cultural perception; what a Western mind would perceive as cheating and corruption the Eastern mind may perceive as normal life.

The phrase 'Follow the money' is particularly effective in China. And not just following the money to where its going...rather, look back, and find out where the money came from.

Yes, where did so-and-so get the money to start his or her company? That is one very inconvenient question.

It sounds like you know some fine companies - but they may not like you digging into their past too much.

It wasn't that long ago in China when 'ordinary people' couldn't start a company, any company (outside of perhaps a restaurant, etc.). It also wasn't that long ago when 'ordinary people', almost everyone, were pretty poor.
Flash forward a couple of decades - and you know what's going on. The cities are teaming with the super-rich. Owners of businesses and factories and you-name-it!
Hey Mr. or Mrs. businessperson, where did you get the money to start that business in the first place?


Well, I am off to the gym. Which reminds me. This gym has recently plastered the walls of the Yoga Room with gaudy JEEP SUV advertisements.
Now, you see, to me that is 'corrupt' and filthy. I mean, the gym sells memberships - memberships to a gym that includes a traditional, peaceful Yoga room. A room now crawling with marketing. Or in other words, the gym management has decided to use it's paying members in a marketing scheme that makes (the gym) yet more money.

Ethically corrupt weasels.

Bah, I guess business is pretty slimey the whole world over.

Going to the gym.

Nice talking to you.

posted on Jun, 28 2010 @ 01:36 AM
reply to post by univac500

Ok I see what you mean in general. I think though cheating and corruption has the same definition, and is percieved as being what it is - wrong - in both eastern and western minds as far as I can judge.

There are no doubt people who take short cuts in business, and yes, the world over. If you want big-time corruption, as just one example, a look into the practices and ethics of those on wall street might ring a few alarm bells, as well.

But, there are still ethically-sound people who conduct business, in all countries. Some see it as karma thing, and often in the long run running a sound, non-corrupt business pays off in terms of customer or partner loyalty. Might sound like a whole lot of marketing bull...but, for many people - not just in China but many countries - this sort of approach has paid off.

I sometimes think everyone is in business though, in some form or another - whether that be the business of selling your labour, a skill, or dong nothing and trying to survive by your wits - or an official business in terms of a company.

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