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LotRo - Changes

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posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 02:04 AM
As some of you might know Lord of the Rings online will be heading to
"free to play" sometime this fall

I have mixed feelings but still

I have a kinship on Arkenstone (rank 7 in a few days woo ) and was wondering
since its going to be free ( soon ) how many of you mmorpg players
will be heading over there to try it out.

Now if you were to head to Arkenstone I could help out some ( not gold but quest wise)

I have a few characters that are crafters and questers as to say

If you haven't seen the game

You might want to make a 14 day trial and check it out
and later on this fall play it for free ( up to level 55 )

link to site

I do have to add I have seen many people lately THINKING they were playing the
free to play cause they didn't read THIS FALL. but either way accounts won't be closed
and if you made an account before it might still be open this fall for free to play

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