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Fission georeactors, BP Deepwater Horizon, radioactive oil, DU, a hurricane and you

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posted on Jun, 24 2010 @ 07:32 PM
Q: How does our expanding earth, plate tectonics, the fossil record, propaganda, a giant ancient planetary collision, fission reactions within the planet, radioactive abotic oil, BP's Deepwater Horizon "disaster" and a brewing hurricane all relate to you (especially if you live in the path of the hurricane)?

A: The ancient collision that formed our Earth and moon ( ; most likely began fission reactions within the core (heavier (fissible) elements would be closer to the center) ( As the earth... expanded (fed by subsequent impacts as well to a certain degree, both as agitators and material) it was enveloped by a giant ocean, hence our exclusivley aquatic fossil record up until ~500Ma. Once the earth had expanded enough, the seas shallowed enough to bear land, hence the immediate explosion of land life that is in the fossil record. To top it all off, diagrams of an expanding earth fit together more perfectly than do models of Pangea and matching geological strata have been found where they "shouldn't" be (, among other data. At any rate, there is also speculation that there is a form of abiotic oil under our feet that is formed by geologic processes between the mantle and crust (
) if one puts two and two together, they can begin to imagine how some of that deep oil may be radioactive (, the same deep oil that is spewing out of a very questionablely handled hole ( ; and right after alot of stocks we're dumped by "the usual suspects" (Goldman Sacs and crew (Tri-laterals, CFR members, Bildibergers, members of the Empire of the City and only the devil knows what else (sound familiar?))) ( ; ; So now that we have potentially radio active material in the Gulf, we have a hurricanee brewing ( and more speculation that another one of this foul crew's tentacles are involved, HAARP (with respect to it's weather conditioning abilites, although it is a mega-weapon) ( ; ; ;
; ). So, I guess to top things all off, lets go look at the side effects and danger of depleted uranium ( ; ;
). Rather poingant...especially if you consider that radio active material COULD be blown inland...even a fraction of something like that is very undesirable, I mean, noone wants to give birth to monster babies.

I wouldn't recommend having/conceiving any kids any time soon. And doesn't this sound like Bible Prophecy? Seas turning red, Gabriel's horn? Gabriel's horn could be "blowing" this hurricane...especially considering this:

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posted on Jun, 24 2010 @ 10:17 PM
I subscribe to an expanding earth, but I don't think it grows due to impacts or such stuff. I think it is expanding because more material is being created within the earth through nuclear processes - arising either within the mantle, or more likely in the black hole which may be in the center of the earth.

I also think oil is constantly being created by the same mechanisms - which may explain why it is so hot - I guess it could be radioactive, but I would think that most radioactive stuff is very deep - now, for our drilling capability this is deep - but comparative to the earth, it is still superficial depth.

posted on Jun, 24 2010 @ 10:40 PM
Welcome to ATS!

I see you are into to sourcing your info which is

posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 12:36 PM
To the first reply, that's why the earth is expanding, because of the fission reaction at the core, which creates heat, which causes expansion...I think that the aboitic rxn is occurring at the high temps and pressures necessary between the crust and mantle, you can find the technical paper link at the bottom of the link (somewhere around the radio active part) any rate, what I meant by impacts subsequently feeding the earths expansion is that they do two things that are mutually supportive they a. add actual mass to the earth and b. cause the shockwaves/agitation/heat to keep the fires of the inner earth alight, this probably only occurs (and occurred in the past way more) with the BIG impacts that are enough to excite heavy atoms into fissing. That clear things up a bit?

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