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Republicans kill Senate jobless aid measure (unemployment extension)

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posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 07:36 AM
Good ol' Republicans.

The Republicans AZZ RAPE the American-worker AGAIN!!!!! This is their reward to the countless amount of folks out there who have worked their ENTIRE lifetime paying TONS in TAXES out of their PAY so that they WOULD HAVE this DESPERATLY NEEDED ASSISTANCE in case our economy went down the drain.

Screw the American workers, rape the middle-class, and then send our CHILDREN off to WAR to be KILLED, good ol' republicans!!

Then after raping us and killing off our children, we cant even get a kiss out of them as they are too busy sucking face with the WEALTHY!!!


posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 07:48 AM
Umm......How can the republicans do anything since they are in the minority in Congress in both the House and the Senate?

If ALL the Demorats were in lock step, the provision would have no difficulty passing. Apparently, some Dem's are voting with the republicans so the Dem's have nobody to blame but themselves.

Because of this fact, this is just a cheap ploy by the Dems to gain political points. Sad, just sad.

Personally, I agree with the republicans because these benefits have been extended numerous times and you cannot keep doing this forever. A lot of these people will find jobs once the money runs out.

posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 11:30 PM
Simple math lesson folks.

OP, you brought up that a few years back one parent could support a family. Now, not so.

Question, why is that? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm? I wonder why?

Do not bring the wars and everything else up, that is a given.

Here is the deal. When you print up money you decrease the value of the rest of the money. Pretty simple. Let us see, when did this start to go south? Yes 1913 was the beginning but actually, ever since about the late 70's did the value of wages began to not keep up with inflation.

Hell, my last job lasted five years. In the beginning I was making 36k and the last year I was there I was making 60k. I was able to pay bills and eat out every night the first year. By the fifth year I had a hard time covering my bills alone. 100% inflation over that 5 year period. Ever hear that in your MSM shows? Yeah, thought not.

The faster they print money the faster the deflationary rate of the wages you earn.

Time to let the whole thing collapse. Should have been listening to the people that have been warning you about becoming self sustaining.

It is not too late, prepare or not, it has always been your choice.

Trust your government? Pretty dumb if you ask me.

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