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Choice is sometimes hard but not complicated.

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posted on Jun, 24 2010 @ 06:01 PM
What if none of us have any real choice? We live our lives believing that we have more choices than flavors at the Ice Creamery; but what if it just boils down to two.

Yes or no.

I spend way too much time here on ATS and my meager contributions are not for stars and flags. ATS is a good place for me to get a good cross reference of ideas and beliefs and a good place for me to get answers to some of the questions that run rampant through my mind.

Of course you do have those that come here just to see if they can derail a thread and some that are so committed to their beliefs that they will not consider any ideas that are counter to their own, but all in all, I learn a lot from the members of ATS and appreciate the hard work, time and effort that most of the contributors bring to ATS.

I spent the day in the waiting room of ambulatory surgery waiting for my mother to be finished with her surgery. It was a minor procedure and I work with the physician that was performing the surgery, so I wasn’t too worried, but I had about three hours to kill and free WiFi, so I took advantage of the situation by watching a couple of documentaries.

I didn’t really see or hear anything that I had not seen or heard before but it did suddenly occur to me that maybe the repetition did not come from people just parroting what they had heard someone else say but maybe they where making a choice.

A yes or no choice; to believe or not to believe.

Doesn’t everything in our lives really boil down to just that?

Yes or no.

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