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Sir Lord Legend Paul McCartney proclaims WE NEED DISASTERS LIKE THIS from his throne of skulls

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posted on Jun, 24 2010 @ 03:22 PM

Originally posted by OutKast Searcher
Well...he has a right to his opinion no matter how wrong it is.

The BP disaster has NOTHING to do with global does relate to "alternative energy" though. And the only thing Obama has said about this BP disaster is that it shows we have to move to alternative energy...which everyone on ATS should be excited about right....RIGHT? Don't I see threads all the time about how they are suppressing alternative energy technology to stay on oil??? So shouldn't everyone be happy that this may be a push in the right direction for alternative energy???


This disaster is bad enough without trying to distort what is being said.

Fair enough. He has a right to say what he wants. I'll agree there. Misled or not - we can at minimum agree that it's irresponsible to use 'celebrity' in this manner.

The singer said: "I don't accept the criticism of Barack over the oil spill."

"I think he's been great. It's tough if we Brits whinge that he's whingeing at us. Tough, then don't spill oil."

Sir Paul - who met Obama for the first time earlier this month - added: "BP isn't just a British company any more, it's half American.

Well, that comment above is equally absurd. It's evident that he hasn't been paying attention at all to this event. There is another comment in the article where he says that he's too busy with his show to open up his birthday presents. Therefore, it may be safe to say that he's too busy to read a newspaper, or more importantly, read alternative news sources and gather a more broad range of information to base his opinion on. I wonder if he got a talking point sheet like those fine folks at MSNBC.

Regardless, I confidently feel as if Sir Lord Legend Paul McCartney and MANY others are simply misinformed puppets, unknowingly encouraging the following events. (Sorry! - Everyone has a theory to how this is going down, and now I have mine)

1.)To promote climate legislation, including cap and trade.
It's always in the bill, it's part of the bill. It's the definition of the bill. It's not about alternative energies, it's about creating another volatile derivatives market and another element of governmental control standing between people and their lives.

2.)To diminish food supplies in order to provide more government dependence and regulation.
We'll likely see a lot of seafood poisonings and more legislation for FDA guidelines and a likely revisitation of Codex Alimentarius. Control the food, control the population. Simple.

3.)To destroy the business infrastructure along the coastlines, so that the populations must aggregate to larger cities.
People displacement. Threat of gasses as well, real or not.

4.)Create a stronger bond within the North American union countries by establishing a common enemy and/or problem.
This will likely unite the region intentionally for the purpose of a transcontinental corridor. "We need to work together as one North America!" sound bites to come soon. I'm calling it.

and if I really dig deeper, I'm sure there are more potentially sinister plans afoot. But those will do for now. And I'll absolutely agree that I'm probably incorrect with some of my predictions. But they are just that. Predictions. Let's watch how this pans out and I'll bow down in advance at my inaccuracies.

To conclude, Paul is just one of MANY who have the dangerous predicament of knowing a little information and are forced or expected to talk confidently about the subject to the masses.

posted on Jun, 24 2010 @ 03:52 PM
Quick, somebody living on the Gulf Coast invite Sir Paul for an extended vacation, as he is currently residing tooo far away to fully enjoy that which he thinks is such a good thing.

Really Paul.... really???

posted on Jun, 24 2010 @ 03:55 PM
I think it's one that McCartney will look back on and regret - hindsight is a wonderful thing. But when put on the spot and asked to sum up your feeling on such a devastating issue it's hard to formulate the correct words that will fit into a nifty little soundbite.

I can understand what McCartney was trying to say, I think.

It's sort of a twisted logic but he's implying that although events like these are horrendous they do highlight the ongoing struggles we have with nature and the need to make ourselves more environmentally friendly.

At least that's what I read the situation as.

Maybe I'm wrong and Paul actually sits at home watching the BP Live Feeds with a bucket of popcorn, but somehow I doubt that.

posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 11:20 AM
The Cream Of The Crop “ USA & UK” excuse me ? & could It ultimately have do with >Elite Manipulative Snobs… OMG ya think???

First of all how Paul gained the title of “sir Paul” is beyond me ??? I thought their was an honor or something extraordinary as a Person who has shown his début as a stable and reliable person to have earned that title. Well blast me to the moon cause he “Sir Lord Legend Paul McCartney” has never showed me any regard to as to his actions in the media about any type of concern for the earth??? Yeah he fit’s right in with the Famous Elites and throwing big elite Garden Party’s oh wow.. So now he jumps on the band wagon to throw garbage propaganda into our minds oh that’s real sweet.

I don’t buy into this BS ..
They (Elite’s)will try to promote climate legislation, including cap and trade .. Or any law that allows these people to continue in Corporate Greed and they will use anyone they can to advertise its greatness in any manner they can .. Well some people are strictly capitalists!
Is this what Obama claimed he was for .. Presenting his BS telling people we need change and that change was meant for the main street people uh huh yaya..
The author of this thread has said it like it is ..well said I might say!!

Me I percieve it to be as >>> It’s all in the plan
The control of regulation .. Only meant for the secret elite …
Romanticize us some more .. While our waters are turning so polluted we will be drilling for clean water and oil.. Drill baby Drill..

posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 11:29 AM
Can you post up a pic of the throne of skulls? [color=#33FF33]That would be awesome. I could not find it at the link.

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