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Invest 93L could become a concern

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posted on Jun, 24 2010 @ 03:13 AM
Invest 93L is the tropical wave south of Cuba at the moment.

latest NWP Models are all agreeing on short term strengthening with a continued trek W-NW.

A few of the models (most actually) track the low over the eastern Yucatan Pen. turning it norht into the gulf with it strengthening then into a tropical storm.

it is still WAY to early to make any certain claims. weather models are wrong... ALOT more than you think and i am not making any recommendations or claims... but the models are progging the system northward with landfall between new orleans to mobile bay as a strong TS or weak cat 1.

a couple of the models (GFS and NGPS) are taking it into the south texas coast with little to no weakening.

i guess it all depends on how and where the ridge over the SE us begins to break down.

IF and i do mean IF... it does trek into the louisiana area, and across the oil slick, we may see the first inclinations of what could possibly happen. i hope it just dissipates!

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