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International Congress for Transpersonal Psychology Kicks off in Moscow

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posted on Jun, 23 2010 @ 09:40 PM

The International Congress for Transpersonal Psychology has kicked off in the capital, uniting academics, psychologists and spiritual gurus from around the world.

Transpersonal psychology is a new movement trying to measure the transcendent – the spiritual human experience that goes beyond the basic five senses.

Although the school is new, its methods of research are quite traditional: after meditation, researchers simply ask you to fill in a questionnaire writing down what feelings you experienced and what visions you had; then, by analyzing the data, they gain information about your spirituality.

Three days of lectures and presentations of scientific research will end in a massive concert emphasizing the interconnection between spirituality and science.

Ive never heard of "transpersonal psychology", but I think I understand what it is. Ive always been interested in subjects like this, and now there's an event that researches and analyzes this. I cant wait to see what information comes out of this.

It would be awesome if there were more organizations that held events like this that make it to the news. Im guessing not many people are going to hear about this.


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