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If i was the U.S. President

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posted on Jun, 23 2010 @ 09:29 PM
If i was the President of the United States, This would be my political ideology that i would bring into office. For this demonstration i will use current events that i see around me as an example. (remember, I am no Expert)

First, I Would Bring 2/5ths of our Troops home immediately. I would use these troops to secure our borders, and rally the troops to eradicate gang warfare near the border.
I View drug-gangs on american soil as an enemy of the state. Once the border is secure the national guard will do what it is made for and defend the border.

Once The Borders are secure i would try to use the vast resources at my disposal to secure our allies borders near the middle east, yes including israel. (foreign diplomacy polices will be explained later.) We would try to ride out the tension as much as possible over a period of six months to two years.

I would Also Advise more American Civillians with firearms, Because a well Armed nation is the best defense. An entire nation, Armed, in an UNORGANIZED MILLITIA.


The first action i would try to take in office towards the economy would be to offer tax incentives to small-to-medium businesses For Hiring purposes. Then, after a span of 6 months to a year in office i would try to lower Income Taxes slowly over time. By Lowering Income Taxes Citizens will have more money to spend on the small-to-medium businesses. I Would Try to abolish, or in the very least, Control the federal reserve. I Would try to use all of my vast resources to bring the cost of living down for the american people. Instead of paying farmers to grow less food, Well pay farmers to grow more food. I Would Offer Tax Incentives and Federal Grants towards the Development and distribution of Alternative Energys. Also, Homeowners Who use Alternative Energy Sources would recieve a small tax incentive.

By Lowering Taxes, More businesses will be able to hire more employees, which would mean more people working= more people contributing = less people on welfare, foodstamps, and other forms of redistribution of wealth. one person paying 30% income taxes or two people each paying 20% income tax? easy choice. one business with 5 employees paying taxes or two businesses with combined 10 employees paying taxes.

Illegal Immigration

Although i do not believe that Illegal Immigrants are entitled to the same rights as Legal citizens, I do believe that they also have unalienable rights. I would offer all illegal immigrants the chance to become a legal citizen, if they meet the requirements. -- no gang history, can speak english, and etc.( i am not completely sure at this time what the full requirements would be.) I would employ the illegal immigrants to do jobs that the american people actually do not want to do, for example.- oilspill beach cleanup. I Remember reading about peoples of other nationalities coming to america, working hard, and making america a better place. If the Mexican illegal immigrants, who already mow your lawns, make your food, and work for low wages, all with a smile on their face, Are willing to actually contribute to the betterment of america economically, as other immigrants before them, then they deserve to become an american. Its not a racial problem, its not a nationality problem, its an economic and Language problem. thats all i can say for illegal immigrants for now.

Government Spending and Power Structure

The U.S. Government wastes too much money. No more tax dollars towards private air flights on jet airplanes. no more tax dollars to build empty jails, and etc. I would budget-cut as much as possible, because as it is now, The federal Government has too much POWER. everyday they gain More power, that is used against the american people in ways that goes against the CONSTITUTION and Sovereign Citizen's RIGHTS. Near the end of my first term in office i would be handing back the power to the STATES and the PEOPLE.

Continued next post.

posted on Jun, 23 2010 @ 09:31 PM
foreign Diplomacy.

I admit, Foreign Diplomacy may not be my best subject, but for the american people i would do my Best to Enforce our national security through diplomacy.
For the middle east, I would try to get israel and palestinians to live together/ or at least leave each other alone. in the very least, i would try to
make a Safe haven for palestinian refugees to be relocated to at their own will. Any and all REAL terrorist threats are to be eradicated. we can not
allow any forms of real terrorism against the U.S. And its allies and nuetral parties.(the israelli-palestinian project would be a very tough task, we must understand that.)
Eventually, i would try to negotiate with iran to where The United states Contracts the construction of nuclear power plants under certain conditions.
these conditions would emphasize all nuclear development be operated by the United states. Inspected by the United States, and Ultimatley owned by the United States. I know that Sounds
Totalitarian, But after recieving payment/ profit from nuclear facilities, the ownership would be eventually be transferred to the iranians,
Under Strict Regulatory mandates And U.N. / U.S. Millitary inspection Procedures. I Would Try to form an actual Foreign diplomacy policy
instead of just "do this or we will go to war.".
In Afganistan i would offer to Help the development of mining and refining of the Multi-trillion mineral deposit in exchange for resonable Profit, In exchange for the Minerals I Would offer more Technology to the Afghans.

I Would Try to form lasting Diplomacy Policies with Foreign powers, and try to show the world What the United States of America is really about. It will take alot of work to change the world's view of America, but overtime
It could be accomplished.

Enviromental problems

In office i would try to emphasize profit on recycling. Recycling profit doesnt sound like much, But if there were Government recyclying operations throughout the nation it would add up overtime.
Also the oilspills and future oilspills, Higher penalties on Companys who cause Environmental disasters and Pollution. I Would use the Resources of the National Guard/ Coast Guard
more effeciantly and respond more quickly. I would have them use Proper booming techniques as well. also State funding to the coastguard for containment of oil, And repairs for the problems that caused them.

We would plant more trees and things like that ( i have not put much thought into the environment sadly.)
Alternative Energy Sources Would be Good for both economy and Environment.

War on Drugs

I Would push for the legalization of both recreational and medical marijuana, which would be taxed and de-criminalized. This would save alot of Tax money and would make the American People happy imo.
This would be very good for the economy since we would no longer jail people for smoking marijuana,and the Tax Money gained would be phenominal. selling marijuana under the table would be charged as minor tax Evasion.
Harder Drugs Would still be Illegal but instead of longterm jailtime (for Users), we would save more money by paying for real Drug rehabilitation. in my opinion if marijuana was legalized there would be no need for the harder drugs.
and even still, if someone chooses to do drugs its not our place to judge them, But to offer them safer alternatives to hard-drug use.

Educational System

In Reality, Your Child can get a better Education by sitting home and Browsing the Internet. classes for middleschool and Highschool Students could be performed at home online, and make it easier for the student, The teachers, and the system all together.
I am Not an educational expert, but i believe that we can do better than this. I dropped out of highschool in my junior year, and i am very glad that i did. I know now what i would never have known if i was to stay in the school system, and thats really sad.

Continued next post

posted on Jun, 23 2010 @ 09:32 PM
Education Continued

By using a more online approach to schooling, We can greatly reduce the cost of utilities by having students take classes at home, and maybe going to the actual building once a week for testing, or as few as actually needed to verify that a child has learned something.
We can do better.

The Ending:::

Theese are all just some of the ideas i have, some of the ideology that makes me ... me.
I believe that if i was the President of the United States of America, That i could really do some good. Of Course i would need help and Advice, But in the end its About America, and the people who make America.. America

If you do not agree with me then by all means, please respectfully debate and educate me.

posted on Jun, 23 2010 @ 09:40 PM
reply to post by 7even7eas
That's a nice thought but I do not think the people who really pick and choose the president would want someone abrasive in office. Someone that isn't willing to go along with thier plans that is.

posted on Jun, 23 2010 @ 09:44 PM

Originally posted by KrispyB
reply to post by 7even7eas
That's a nice thought but I do not think the people who really pick and choose the president would want someone abrasive in office. Someone that isn't willing to go along with thier plans that is.

Whell, in the end its up to the people to stop them, the evil "TPTB" The mentality that you are allowing other people to pick and choose for you is your own fault.

If you allow others to pick and choose for you then you deserve what you allow.

posted on Jun, 23 2010 @ 10:11 PM
Here is the problem with a logical, heart-felt, good for the people one with influence in the US wants someone like that in charge.


The last 8 (including Obama) sitting presidents of the US have stated with absolute resolve that "we will have" or "we must have" clean energy and they have all set some sort of long range goal for it. However, never have they addressed the problem of patents that get bought up by big corporations and the technology squashed. Good luck being the first on that front.

Foreign Policy

Isreal is a lost cause. Their hatred is mire so deeply in religious fanatacism and history and greed that they will never stop.
Iran will also never again let an outside conglomerate control a life blood in their country again. After the oil debacle of the late 70s, they are intent on standing alone, however strongly backed by their loyal customers Russia and China.


Online has certainly gained a strong foundation in learning. However, to reduce the size of the classroom is to reduce the amount of money the system gets. There are thousands of people directing the US Education system and they get paid millions of dollars to limp it along. Without the children in the seats, the cash flow shrinks and their jobs become obsolete. As well, the school system also doubles as an indoctrination camp, brainwashing impressionable minds while parents are away and underpaid civil servants tout the glories of serving the new richt (sp).

War on Drugs / Sovereign Borders

These two can be lumped together. First off, there is no real war on drugs, since it is just a red herring to keep the people distracted from underhanded dealings. The alphabet soup group of the US actually controls and profits from the drug trade, just like they do in the gun running trade. To close the borders of the US and impact the drug and gun trade that is allows would do significant harm to the supply and collection of money and information that they currently are responsible for.

Illegal Immigration

I salute your ideas on letting quality individuals join the ranks of US citizenry and to reach out to any and all that want to come here. However, this falls closely under the same umbrella plan that the borders do. The US government agencies are also in bed with the cartels and other foreign agencies to make this very large distraction just that. Smugglers are just the hands of a very long arm of illicit trade between these groups for their own profit and agendas.


The US Military is a war machine. It is developed and used as such because typically war = profit. There is a reason why it is so hard to recall troops home after an excursion and that is because the money was spent to get them there and keep them there, not to get them home. As well, the regular service military is not designed to work strategically inside the US borders, that is the job of the National Guard and specialized units like ICE and SWAT. They are a broadsword in the face of battle and designed strictly for the taking and destroying of other civlizations.

Not sure if I spoke on all of your ideals, but I tried to give a counter opinion to as much as I can think of right now.

Now, let me close with saying that I fully support each and every one of your choices and I think if someone with that ideology was put in charge of this nation, there would be a massive positive change and the citizenry would be openly and publicly chanting 4 more years. Sadly, the reality of it is that you paint something that borders on the eutopian and those that run the nation from behind the green curtain will not allow such clarity and charity to be had in this nation.

S&F for the wish though.

posted on Jun, 23 2010 @ 10:31 PM
reply to post by wheresthetruth

i agree. We are so far in now that we might not be able to get back out. Yes i understand all of the problems have double purposes. and i realize that this goal may be unnatainable. but hey im willing to give it a shot. the chance of me actually becoming POTUS is very slim, probably will never happen.

but if i was elected i would try to counter the harm this nation has to endure because of the people in charge.

i find it really sad that the collective people cant agree to disagree and work on fixing our problems, but if i had the power to i would.

thanks for the respond!

posted on Jun, 23 2010 @ 10:42 PM
I like your policies a lot. I agree with you on a lot of points. There are some other points that I don't agree with you on and some I partially agree with you on.

I have to go water my plants but I'm going to reply with my perspective as soon as I am done.

posted on Jun, 23 2010 @ 10:46 PM

Originally posted by elfulanozutan0
I like your policies a lot. I agree with you on a lot of points. There are some other points that I don't agree with you on and some I partially agree with you on.

I have to go water my plants but I'm going to reply with my perspective as soon as I am done.

Awesome! i would like to read your thoughts on it as well, because i am not as knowledgeable in these areas as i would like to be.

posted on Jun, 24 2010 @ 01:37 AM
reply to post by 7even7eas


I would withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan. We're there for political and economical gain, which is immoral to me. It's more like we're playing chess trying to gain political gain on China and Russia due to us surrounding Iran and all the oil and other resources in the region that they want to mine. Also the "militants" that we are fighting are nowhere near anything to a military force. We're spending more money on this war than we have on any other war. We're using the most high tech technology used in a war. But the "forces" that we're fighting are nothing compared to a national military force.

The situation is more like if La Cosa Nostra put a hit on a political figure in the U.K. and the U.K. invaded the U.S. and started roaming the streets looking to fight the Mafia. If I recall correctly, all of the other enemy combats in our other wars were armed and strong political and military forces most of the time of internationally recognized political entities, unlike the Jihadists. They're more like the Mafia. However, we control the armies of Iraq and Afghanistan, we are simply fighting STREET GANGS.
It's just a scam, fraudulent and illegal "war," if that is what you want to call it. Either way 9/11 would of never happened had the U.S. hadn't tried to control the region, exploit the regions resources and take the vast majority of the profits and leaving the region in a 3rd world situation.

Since we seriously messed up the political, social, and economical situations in these two countries and the region, we have to at least leave some forces in the region to keep some type of comfortability for the people whose lives we have impacted.

I also agree that we should use our troops to stop the flow of coke, meth, heroin, and other explicit drugs from the border and to crack down on gang violence. But take away the right to assemble, I'm a strict constitutionalist. We should end the war on drugs, if we didn't pillage Mexico they wold be in poverty so they wouldn't need to do what they do.

I can go on about the economy. I agree with you on it. 100% abolish the fed and lower income and sales tax and just have one straight flat tax. Bring down the cost of living down, transfer the man power from oil to green energy sources and have the government pay for it. End farming subsidies so that we can grow locally and organically, instead of paying farmers not to grow more, pay them more to grow organically.

Immigration is a sticky situation, you have a good view point on it, but anyway its always controversial. We should make sure it doesn't happen illegally but allow it for good people to come into our country. The infrastructure of our country was built entirely by immigrants so we can't be hostile towards them, that is completely immoral. However the U.S. doesn't have a federally recognized language, since it is built from immigration.

With the power structure, we need a grass roots coup de revolution and have local businesses instead of having the best government that corporate giants money can but. Power for the people. We also need a cultural renaissance so that the majority of the population and gain a good more and logical perspective so that we can have the masses govern themselves.

I agree since Israel is there that there should be a joint Israel and Palestine state, not just a safe haven for the Palestinians, Palestine was there first. The only reason why that happened was because Palestine was a colony of the U.K. prior to the founding of the U.N. Israel has also committed way more war crimes than Palestine and killed way more Palestinians than Palestine has to Israel.

With education I agree with you. But we need to stop forcing kids to learn through disciple and conformity and rather have them motivated the students to become a better person and to embrace what they're natural talents are. Physical education should be mandatory and every student should have mastered at least one instrument by the time they graduate high school.

I've had a long day working, I'm tired. I'm in college for political science and philosophy so I could go on fore days about this. Hopefully in the future we can exchange beliefs.

Until then PEACE.

posted on Jun, 24 2010 @ 02:35 AM
But you're not unfortunately Obama is our president. americans wake up please

posted on Jun, 24 2010 @ 02:50 AM
reply to post by 7even7eas

I agree with most of what you are saying with a few exceptions.

I don't think your immigration stance is tough enough and would take a harder line on that.

On the military front, I would immediately end the conflict in Afganistan. Call it losing a war, call it what ever you want. In my opinion there is nothing to be gained in Afganistan that is worth a single soldiers life.

In addition, I would publically denounce the notion of recripocral warfare. Gone would be the days of we can't shoot unless we are shot at, a missle attack is responded with a missle attack.

Unreciprocal warfare is appropriate. The response for a missle attack is carpet bombing. The response to a chemical or biological attack is turning that country back to the stone age. Enough of the measured response.

Other than that, I pretty much agree with you

posted on Jun, 24 2010 @ 09:25 PM
reply to post by 7even7eas
Well, we all know that you can't vote it out so what am I suppose to do, charge the white house all by myself with a kitchen knife? Give me a break. Wasn't it Mark Twain that said if voting made a difference they wouldn't allow it? I do believe it was.

posted on Jun, 24 2010 @ 11:10 PM
reply to post by KrispyB

whell if you wanted to go it the lone gunman stule, you could take the poles from a swingset, fill them with gunpowder and launch Homemade Artillery.

you could also get that sniper rifle with the longest confirmed kill and pick off hostilities without them being able to know where you are.

you could also booby trap your position to give yourself time to escape and repeat.

there are many things that you could do, if you wanted to.

Just some examples, i do not mean to tell you to go out and commit crimes, but where theres a will theres a way.

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