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Them Crooked Vultures and Reptiles (my theory)

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posted on Jun, 23 2010 @ 12:09 AM
Howdy fellow ATSers, I don't know if there has been a thread on this already, but I would like to introduce those of you who don't know their music to Them Crooked Vultures. They are a superband from Southern California consisting of DAVE GROHL, of Nirvana and The Foo Fighters on drums, JOSH HOMME from Queens of the Stoneage on lead guitar and vocals, and last but not least the legendary JOHN PAUL JONES, of Led Zeppelin on bass. These guys tore it UP at Cochella last year. One of the song on their self titled cd is called Reptiles, and at this performance in Cologne, Germany Josh says its a song "about the future." I will post the link to that performance, as well as my interpretation of the lyrics. Those of us familiar with the reptilian controversy might find them interesting.

I tried to make a break
What a fool
I should've known I never listen
I'm in a cage
An animal I'm in a cage
This verse simply sets up the song, letting us know that we are animals in cages, being controlled and used by the reptiles

But the reptiles
They won't let me go
I think they want you to stray

Watch the monkey dance
Give 'em a taste
Look at him he's always smiling
Help me to escape
Your mouth agape
You foreign tourist

Woe is me, it will be a funeral
A circus, I'll rap on the cell door
Questions are a fire
That needs feeding to survive
So just you let those flames die down

Trained by consequence and the lash
It leaves me breathless
Their praise is a poison to us all
In the moonlight their scars flash like jewelry
Get too precious
Get locked up in a cage

Want to get,gotta risk any move
misconstrued and you're screwed
Tongues flash and flick as if they're screaming
These are the two most important parts of the song. Their scars flash like jewelry, tongues flash and flick as if they're screaming, he is nearly describing a reptilian in its true form.

Oh they lie just like any lover
Oh do they, those kisses will burn

Under the lights
They snap a finger
You jump, you answer
Like a naive hooker with a big dumb smile
I love this line as well, I think its a statement on humanity as a whole

For the reptiles
I guess you'll never know
They won't let you go
Cause you're the soup du'jour. that's for sure

Questions are a fire
That needs feeding to survive
So just you let those flames die down

See them reptiles crawl?
Getting closer
Why won't someone come to drive them away?

Don't rest too long
It's a mistake we can't take back
Take one lying down for a change
And oh it's like cleaning up after an orgy
When it's over
I wish someone would burn this place
To the ground
This statement is Josh's way of saying, # this world lets start over



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