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False Flag set up for the G8

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posted on Jun, 22 2010 @ 10:21 PM
Lately a storm has been brewing. CSIS (Canada's CIA) has been everywhere in the news recently. They went from the average Canadian not even knowing they exist, to everyone knowing in the past couple months. They have an open website but its like 'dont ask dont tell', they're never deliberately mentioned. Suddenly, on CBC, there's exposes (thats, ex-po-says) on the organisation and they're in the newspapers and online articles.

In the Art of Psychological Warfare (my specialty), we call this 'normalising' or sometimes 'the frog effect'. You know they say slowly boil a water and the frog wont notice its dying? In this type you have to slowly get people used to an idea before introducing an idea. I believe this is the same vein as that X-files related tv show that depicted the world trade centre attacks months beforehand; I dont think it was prophecy, or warning of what a secret government was planning, I think its deliberate to get us slowly used to an idea.

You see, when you have something subconscious in the back of your mind, then witness it happening, you 'recognise' it, and thus dont think of it as truly out of the ordinary or something to panic about. Now we're being desensitised to the idea of a spy agency and what they do, and possible terror attacks. What does that need? Security.

An individual I talked to about the Olympics cameras suggested they may be use for the G8 and G20. He said most have been taken down but I already knew that. I thought for sure back in february that the Olympics would be the false flag to bring about full time big brother cameras, because both Stephen Harper and Obama werent there, Harper not visiting the Olympics, in his own country! Suspicious. But that didnt turn out.

Now it seems like they're deliberately pissing us off. A thread by Lusus Naturae sums it up. Harper decided to build a giant fake lake setting for millions and lied about the cost. Hes wasting MY damn money to impress a bunch of already wealthy leaders and then tried to claim it was all in the name of tourism. Hmm, end poverty in Toronto, nope lets import sand and buy expensive meals for countries we think of as our enemies half the time (US - trade disputes, Russia - Arctic ddisuputes!) My friend in Ontario said they are blocking streets and harrassing people, setting up sound cannons, etc. The military is all deployed, even though they were barely present at the Olympics! They need to make it look realistic. The rich lavish in unnecessary costs and the poor have their routes to work blocked off. Yay capitalism! (so long as your on the wealthy side).

The news also reports our JTF-2 (special forces, formerly a specialised branch of RCMP then privatised in to full time counter-terror unit), getting in on security. Of course they are! But whats strange is they mentioned it. They havent before. They werent spoken of during the Olympics!! They oversee security in every international thing, but in secret, to make sure its not leaked to 'foreign entities'. Whats worse, is they reported we might have inept people working it!

“This, coupled with the fact that those employees being deployed into theatre may not be fully trained to meet the requirements of the position, (are) causing a direct impact on Task Force Afghanistan’s capabilities,” the document says.

This means either, our well-qualified guys are in A-stan while our undertrained guys are at G8 (did someone say, desensitising the frog to the water?) or, that our well-trained guys are here while the rest are in Afghanistan? Either way NOT GOOD.

On top of this CSIS openly said today that some politicians are 'under foreign influence'.

Canada's spy agency suspects cabinet ministers in two provinces are under the control of foreign governments, CBC News has learned.

Several members of B.C. municipal governments are also under suspicion, Richard Fadden, the director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, told CBC News in an exclusive interview.

"We're in fact a bit worried in a couple of provinces that we have an indication that there's some political figures who have developed quite an attachment to foreign countries," Fadden said.

At least five countries are surreptitiously recruiting future political prospects in universities, with China acting the most aggressively, he said. But Middle East countries are also involved.

"A number of countries take the view that if they can develop influence with people relatively early in their careers, they'll follow them through," Fadden said. "Before you know it a country is providing them with money, there's some sort of covert guidance."

Middle Eastern country ehhhh. Wonder who. My thread on that will hopefully be up next week, it is loooong. They're prepping a certain country to take the fall for everything.

Now anyway, who could carry out such an attack at the G8? Fox News said that 17 Afghan 'defectors' went AWOL from an air force base and 10 STILL HAVE YET TO BE FOUND!!

Sources said that as of November 2009, one of the deserters was in Canada, one is now a lawful permanent resident in the U.S., one has left the country and another four are in federal custody and in removal proceedings. The other 10 remain unaccounted for.

One in Canada ehhhh, and Im sure he didnt cut ties to his comrades. How convenient that we've got someone to blame in the vicinity too.

Now all this doesnt mean its going to happen, just really suspicious to me (as a psychologist) how it all played out so nicely. Apparently, there were other false flags at previous G8 summits!!

One of the largest and most violent anti-globalization movement protests occurred for the 27th G8 summit.[42] Following those events and the September 11, 2001 attacks two months later, the G8 have met at more remote locations. The 7 July 2005 London bombings were timed to coincide with the 31st G8 summit in Scotland.

So we have a prottested G8 summit followed by Sept. 11th attacks; then they move to more remote locations to stay safe from terrorists; then an attack happens that they say was planned to coincide with the G8. And yet, they moved to a remote location and so the terrorists couldnt have possibly thought they would kill any G8 leaders?

Who knows whats in store this summer (if anything at all, we all know how many predictions fail here) but I keep thinking about the biblical 'prophecies' on here which said last year (or so) that it would all start in July 2010... because that was the 3 and a half year mark mentioned in Revelations. Anyways, stay safe in Ontario, dont tick off the riot police, I am sure they need an excuse for martial law.

posted on Jun, 23 2010 @ 12:37 AM
Martial law? In Canada? It's too big of a country with too small of a population to implement such a thing I would think. Just move North to get away from it...

But I also fear something might happen. I saw that CBC piece on CSIS and also wondered why they would open their doors right before the biggest test of their intel.

I've been seeing police with gas masks and riot gear at every subway station which is pretty surreal. The main meeting sites are in the middle of downtown, across the street from the CBC, down the street from the CN Tower, and above the PATH under ground walkway system, not to mention near the subway. I guess we'll see how Fortress Toronto stands considering all the potential threats surrounding it.

posted on Jun, 23 2010 @ 12:58 AM
Was the Soviet Union too big to have a stranglehold grasp over? Who just moved north to get away from Stalin?

I understand your point though, I agree we could not possibly secure all of Canada, it would be the lower part (along the border).

My vision of the future though is accepted slavery. Similar to what we have now. What I call 'slavery without chains'. We accept new laws and regulartions, because we're too lazy to protest or really do something about it, we love our convenience and luxury. People know our appetite for oil made us drill in the deep sea and people know diamonds come from African warlords, people know their clothes and toys come from Chinese slave labourers and people know their rights are being stripped away, by things like the Patriot act...

Its about comfort. And (Im getting way conspiracy here) but they'll pull a false flag sooner or later, and like Sept. 11th we'll be begging for security, maybe theyll say get a microchip and we'll know you're not a terrorist, dont get one and life is more difficult. People will do it if it makes life comfortable.... semi on topic...

Yep, its weird though, so much about CSIS after... er nothing all these years, and did you remember the security mishap? One company lost their license or something and they had to get them from a new organisation? Now how hard is it to join up for a security job when they're desperately hiring...

posted on Jun, 23 2010 @ 01:01 AM
reply to post by Ridhya

Funny you should mention security. I, along with some other friends, were offered to work the G8, with our licenses paid in full, just a week ago. No experience required. So I train for a week and suddenly, I'm patroling the G8. How's that for secure?

posted on Jun, 23 2010 @ 01:19 AM

Originally posted by Ridhya
Harper not visiting the Olympics, in his own country! Suspicious. But that didnt turn out.

Actually I believe he was there for the mens gold medal game if I'm not mistaken

posted on Jun, 23 2010 @ 01:27 AM
reply to post by Portugoal

Exactly my friend. They can easily hire random people to take the fall. Blame an attack on a security company not having a thorough screening process, or blame an individual.

reply to post by mattias

You are absolutely correct! I was wrong, now Im not sure why I thought he wasnt... I remember being there and thinking why isnt our prime minister here... thank you for correction.

posted on Jun, 23 2010 @ 01:37 AM
reply to post by Ridhya

Hey Ridhya should i go to the summit in toronto with my cam and flim everything? or not our mayor for some reason has warned all citzens to aviod the summit at all costs.

or if remeber he said just stay home

i was pretty puzzled.

[edit on 23-6-2010 by Agent_USA_Supporter]

posted on Jun, 23 2010 @ 01:42 AM
You're asking me? Your call, if you are willing to get your ass beat and interrogated in the name of ATS footage, by all means! You might get something good too, you just know when they have 'jammers' to stop cell phones and warnings about cameras, theres bound to be something good...

If you do be careful what you say, take a camera you dont mind smashed, and make sure you get the memory card out!

Its possible all you'd get is footage of police beating unarmed people but hey, thats good too.

posted on Jun, 23 2010 @ 03:52 PM
Excellent thread

It will be interesting to see how this will play out and see how much force is used against the protesters. Security is already starting to lock down threats.

I just started this thread in the news forum, its a some what odd story about an arrest the police just made today on a possible threat to the meetings.

posted on Jun, 23 2010 @ 07:37 PM
Yes, that is interesting, and a rich man none the less, connections to security agencies and all. It could either be that he is a pawn in it or maybe he was watching the watchers, and saw something he wasnt supposed to...?

posted on Jun, 23 2010 @ 07:59 PM

Originally posted by Ridhya
Lately a storm has been brewing. CSIS (Canada's CIA) has been everywhere in the news recently. They went from the average Canadian not even knowing they exist, to everyone knowing in the past couple months.

Sorry but if you haven't heard of CSIS and you are a Canadian, you have either been living under a rock or not paying attention to the local news for the past few years. They have been very prominent.

Originally posted by Ridhya
The news also reports[/url] our JTF-2 (special forces, formerly a specialised branch of RCMP then privatised in to full time counter-terror unit), getting in on security.

Again sorry... JTF-2 was formed when the Canadian Armed Forces took over the anti-terrorism unit from the R.C.M.P. They have nothing to do with the mounties, they are strictly Armed Forces. They are not to be messed with, believe me.

JTF 2 is a military organization comprised of Canadian Forces personnel from a wide range of occupations. The unit was created on April 1, 1993 when the Canadian Forces accepted responsibility for federal counter-terrorism operations from the RCMP.


posted on Jun, 24 2010 @ 05:50 AM
Neither of my parents knew who they are... their rock must be pretty thick.

I never said they were to do with the mounties, their job use to be done by RCMP, which it did, read your own link.

Then you say believe me, as if you're one of them? Believe me, lots of people make up things on the internet.

posted on Jun, 24 2010 @ 06:29 AM
Let's kick it into conspiracy mode for a moment here...

Commandos prepare for summits in the shadows

OTTAWA – The Canadian military’s premiere special forces soldiers are ready to spring into action if terrorists target the G8 meetings in Huntsville or the G20 summit that follows immediately in downtown Toronto.

In an exclusive interview with the Star, the commander of Joint Task Force Two shared some details of the unit’s preparedness for this month’s summits, but in keeping with the shadowy nature of the black-clad unit, much of its work remains secret.

If the billion-dollar summit-security plan works, you will neither see nor hear from Canada’s counterterror strike squad two weeks from now.


The elite commandos, responsible for combatting terrorists at home and abroad, have been busier this year than at any time since JTF2 was established 17 years ago. In addition to their clandestine work in southern Afghanistan, they’ve been in Haiti providing security after the January earthquake, at the Vancouver Olympics in February and preparing for this month’s three-day gathering of the world’s most important political leaders.

Any details about the number of troops from the unit that will be involved in the massive security operation or where they’ll be located are considered to be state secrets.


Lights and Sound in the sky before Quebec, Canada earthquake

Originally posted by VicMT09
This is a video i found on Youtube today, the video is titled "lights and sound in the sky before canada earthquake".

The video shows heavy chemtrails and a light in the sky anomaly. It's a short clip about a min, and it was taken on June 22 a day before the earthquake.

Youtube Link

The 'lights' in the sky are obviously a sundog, and the sound could be anything, but I said conspiracy mode...

...and there was an earthquake yesterday, and the task force involved in some secret mission for the g20 were involved after the haiti quake . . .

[edit on 24-6-2010 by alaskan]

posted on Jun, 24 2010 @ 07:20 AM
Well for one, they call them 'earthquake lights' and are not an uncommon thing to experience, and as in another thread we spoke with people who had witnessed, seemingly other-worldly lights almost like bright blue spirits, I believe they were light manifestations of magnetic energy.

And as you may know, electromagnetic energy has adverse affect on the human brain, you may notice many paranormal things happen with a strong field, it can cause people to see things and hear things. There is a pdf called 'Something in the Cellar' from a security guard, who realised this supposedly haunted building he worked in, had a generator (or something that vibrated) which caused him to see grey blurs in the corner of his eyes, apparently it vibrated at a consistency with the oscillations (I think they call it) of the human eye.

That sound could be the sound cannons maybe? Never heard them myself but the way they work is to create a sound that disorients people sort of like nails on a chalkboard does.

Its always possible they created a earthquake, who knows.

posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 02:27 AM
"Weapons-laden car" discovered outside G20 security zone

The man had gas canisters and a cross-bow... maybe he was going to set fire to their thatched huts? And a chainsaw? You realise how its a tool, right... as they mentioned, he was probably living out of his car, maybe a hunter, who knows. Alls I knows is, I sure wouldnt try to assassinate people wiith a gas canister, chainsaw, or crossbow...

Ottawa Aware of Foreign Influences
So all along they knew, but instead of doing something about it they... let it continue?

Like I keep saying, its too sloppy not to be deliberate, they're letting evidence stack before their great revelation...

posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 10:42 AM
false flags are stupid and no one here knows jack about one. if one comes to be, no one will know about it; otherwise, it wouldn't be a false flag. false flag events are labeled as such after the fact. deny ignorance. doesn't it ever get old?

posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 11:56 AM
I'm not sure there will be a false flag, as much as I believe there is going to be agent provocateur that will cause intentional, violent riot/protest.

If anyone is going to be there, I recommend you watch out for ANYONE who is starting to act rowdy, trying to get the crowd to do something violent. TAKE THEM OUT if you can, out of the group that is. And talk to them, ask them what they're doing, why they're doing it. Ask them if they are officers. and then do a citizens arrest and get for someone to call security/police to escort the violent offender out of the premises. hopefully the SOB is going to get charged (but if he was working for them he'll get away)

posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 12:29 PM
reply to post by Ridhya

Never going to happen, sorry.

CSIS (Canada's CIA) has been everywhere in the news recently. They went from the average Canadian not even knowing they exist, to everyone knowing in the past couple months

Well doesn't the government own the media up there?

I do not think there will be any false flags in canada, if there will be one it will be in the US. See in america you fight and die for the USA in Canada you fight and die for the USA or your birtish queen. The tragedy of Canada is that they had the perfect opportunity to enjoy French cuisine, British culture and American technology, and instead they ended up with British cuisine, American culture and French technology.

[edit on 25-6-2010 by zaiger]

posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 10:24 PM
reply to post by LususNaturae

But that is still technically a false flag. Doing something and blaming it on the agent provocateur's "affiliate" group, the protestors, so that they are allowed to counter-react.

reply to post by zaiger

Do you have a reason to say its not going to happen, or just your opinion?
Thats CBCs ownership.

Since when do we fight and die for the US? Or the queen? WWI and II we fought with the British but counted our selfs as independent, Canadians have always been very nationalistic. No one here gives a crap about the Queen (except the government who has to suck up to her).

British cuisine? We have everything here, many culture's various restaurants. American culture, thats pretty true because we get all your tv shows. French technology? Are you kidding? Theres a reason we're a great economy, huge manufacturing centres, we're at the head of a lot of industries, even compare our militaries, C7 assault rifle vs M4A1, Ill take a C7 any day... if you take relativity in to the matter (size and wealth) Canada is greater.

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 09:39 PM
G20 protest turns violent

Toronto EMS confirmed three people had been injured.

“We have a call of three people bleeding from the head in the area of the protest. . . . They are stable. Toronto EMS is trying to get into the area. We’re close by and waiting for it to be safe to enter,” said Kim McKinnon

While most were content to sing, wave placards and dance, a smaller group, estimated at roughly 100, were doing more serious damage, smashing windows at banks and shops in the downtown, as well as attacking two media vehicles.

Miller rejected suggested the Toronto police stood back and didn’t do enough to stop the rioters from damaging property in the downtown core

You may be right Lusus about a small amount of agent provocateurs!

Miller said he thinks the federal government should provide financial compensation to people whose property was damaged – something the Harper government has said it was not inclined to do

As much as I dont want to be paying for other peoples mess, I agree, the reason they're protesting is the governments idiotic decision to host a bunch of people who think they can run the world privately.

Meanwhile, two Toronto veterinarians say they were woken up at gunpoint Saturday morning by police who thought they were the anti-G20 protesters who live in the apartment downstairs.

Dr. John Booth said he was handcuffed, and spent 15 minutes on the curb outside the home in cuffs before his identity was cleared up. The officers said they were looking for an activist named “Peter,” who apparently lived downstairs.

Always nice to wake up to a gun in your face, when you're innocent.

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