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What did the Jews do to make Hitler want to kill them?

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posted on Jun, 22 2010 @ 03:20 PM
First of all, Hitler did not hate just the Jews. I have found many of my Polish relatives in Dauchau and other concentration camps. Basically the German Army came through town and killed or put into concentration camps anyone who was not Jewish. The Jewish people will try to convince you it was only for Jews, but believe me, it was not. Now, I also have studied the reasons that the Jews were so persecuted. Christians, according to the Bible, cannot charge "usery" for borrowing money. In other words, Christians are forbidden to charge interest. So the Jews became the money-changers/brokers in town. They were allowed to charge interest. When the Germans monetary system began to fail, because the Jews pretty much ran the money system, Hitler persecuted them. Now -- the Jews throughout history had been persecuted....but not to the extent Hitler went to. When Hitler's troops came to Kovno, they killed the boy scouts first, then stripped the nuns from the Catholic church and shot them in a drainage ditch and then went on to the University and killed anyone with over a 12th grade education. (Not just Jews, anyone Non-German). So the bottom line is -- Jews were the best with money.

posted on Jun, 22 2010 @ 03:34 PM
reply to post by gopher mines

You mean, along with other groups of folks, besides existing? ...and making wonderful scapegoats?

Not a whole hell of a lot...

Though you will, of course, find a minority of folks who will say otherwise.

They were, along with gypsies, gays, and other assorted "enemies of the state"; targets of convenience. He needed an enemy, and as has been proven down through the centuries, folks who are "different" are perfect for that.

posted on Jun, 22 2010 @ 03:36 PM
I bet old Hitler got pissed when he read this headline - it came out right after he was elected:

posted on Jun, 22 2010 @ 03:36 PM
reply to post by gopher mines

What makes you think the Holocaust was about the Jews? Why do you think he targeted them specifically?

Anyone who was not Aryan was targeted. That includes Gypsies, Slavs and other ethnic groups. Jews are just the ones that keep reminding us about it and using it to promote their agenda. Other people stopped making movies about their suffering from WWII many decades ago. Many people suffered in this WORLD WAR.

posted on Jun, 22 2010 @ 03:39 PM
Hitler the Monster .


The Nazis .

A human being leading a nation ,i.e a collective of other human beings .

This is the truly frightening realisation of the Holocaust . Not that monsters and `Nazis` committed these acts ...... it was fellow human beings .

posted on Jun, 22 2010 @ 03:42 PM
Hitler was trying to create the perfect German 'Aryan race', anything that was un-German (un-American sound familiar?) was considered bad for the Germans, this included Gays, political dissidents, disabled, Gypsies, Poles, old people, Jehovah's Witnesses, drug addicts, Jews, all emigrants (Mexicans if he could
)...They all ended up in the concentration camps and they were all marked with sew on patches, pink triangle for gays.

Hitler was actually trying to create the perfect German 'white race'. The British were also using the Aryan theory in the colonial days when they were raping India and Africa of their resources and effectively turning them into poverty stricken nations. The 'Aryan race' though is a myth, the word comes from Sanskrit and means civilized, or of a higher conscience, nothing to do with blue eyes or blond hair.

Hitler was supported strongly by the European establishment, the only reason we eventually went to war was over his military actions not his political actions (Britain was forced to declare war because they had an agreement with Poland to protect them, Hitler had already fought in Spain and invaded Czechoslovakia before that, America finally joined after a false flag ship sinking that changed the populations mind because the establishment knows the financial potential of war).

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posted on Jun, 22 2010 @ 05:33 PM
There are many truths in all these posts, and it is not an an easy query to answer, since the reasons are not singular or divorced from others.
What is even stranger is that the build-up to the holocaust happened over a dozen or so years (late 1920s), but the Shoar proper was only decided upon as a policy at Wannsee (January 1941). The Jews in what became Germany (mainly Germany and Austria) numbered about half-a-million, and the bulk of the victims came from the occupied East or the Balkans, often deported with eager support from local segments of the populace.

The situation by the early 1930s worldwide encouraged eugenics, and anti-Semitism was widespread. It was not unique to Germany. Some say Hitler already spelled out his "final solution" (from Wannsee, in German "die Endloesung") in "Mein Kampf". However, although it is certainly anti-Semitic and talks about "removal" I cannot say this for sure. Even during the holocaust propaganda made people think that the Jews were being resettled elsewhere, so only a limited amount of people had proof of the camps.

What is known is that Germany suffered the effects of hyper-inflation during the Weimar period, and other unfair punishments for World War I. The bankers were seen as the "enemy" and traditional notions, as well as conspiracies viewed the Jews as the face of commerce. It is significant how prejudice defines and creates its own prey: first Jews were seen as rich parasites, but when they were ghettoized they were seen as filthy and diseased. So anti-Semitic discourse changed constantly during the holocaust, according to the situation into which Jews were forced.
Of course, neither discourse was new to Europe. Traditional anti-Semitism including Catholic forms and that of Martin Luther might include:
- Jews were "outsiders" since pagan times in Greece and Rome, because they refused to worship the local gods. The church eventually divides itself from the Jewry of its early founders by embracing former pagan holidays, the Sunday Sabbath and labelling Jews as "Christ killers". Websites still exist which claim that Jewish magicians sacrificed children on Easter and other holidays as an addition to the "Blood Libel".
- Jews were employed as tax-collectors and money lenders, alienating them from the populace, and making them scapegoats for hated despots.
- Jews were seen as the cause of the Bubonic plague, making them victims of particularly nasty pogroms, and resulting in a major exodus of Ashkenazim from Western Europe to Poland and the East.
- From a long history of crusades that conflated both Muslims and Jews as "infidels", Spain expels its Jewish population, unless they convert to Catholicism. Converted Jews are subject to the "reconquista" and Inquisition, led by Torquemada, ironically himself from converted stock.
- Eugenics claim that the "wickedness of the Jewry" cannot be cured by conversion, and the Jew becomes a physical type rather than a religious "problem". This is the real start of the holocaust, which regards the Jews as a race. The radical theories of Freud, Jewish artists, Einstein or Karl Marx are posited as evidence of their "toxic influence". World War I is blamed on the Germans, who in turn blame the "enemy within" - the Jews.

This was the milieu within which the Nazis rose to power. However other historians add psychological factors amongst the Nazis themselves. At the time Jews were very intermarried with the Germans. After the Nuremberg Race Laws (1935) it became quite an obsession to distinguish various types of "Mishchlinge", or people of mixed blood. It appears as if the Aryan could only define itself against something else. I mean what's the point of being "special" or "superior" if you can't showcase an "inferior" as a counter-point?
What's worse is that several of the top Nazis were far from Aryan stereotypes. This may be conjecture, but Eichman had a Jewish cousin. Hitler was rumoured to have a Jewish grandparent, and the whole town of Doellersheim was allegedly shelled into oblivion to destroy the birth records.
Some argue that Hitler was very attached to his mother, who died under the care of a Jewish doctor (although other sources say that Hitler helped this doctor to escape). Whatever the case, there are arguments that the reasons were partly and intensely personal.
A lot of current conspiracy would claim that without the holocaust the Zionists would never have created Israel, and in that view the Nazis were just a means to an end.
It remains true though that the world was extremely anti-Semitic (and few countries wanted Jewish refugees). Whatever the Nazis had planned from the start is unsure, but it goes to show how quickly prejudice can snowball into full-blown murder.

For myself it seems significant that the Nazis destroyed any movemnt that had, or threatened to have occult power, which reminds me of many current mass movements who claim that supernatural power only comes from them, or it is forbidden and wicked.
(I think Jews, gypsies, psychics, homosexuals, Freemasons, even some Christians are all connected by mystecism in various texts - as such they were "rivals" to Nazi occult studies.)

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posted on Jun, 22 2010 @ 09:32 PM

Originally posted by tracer7
Yes it was about money and wealth, but it was also about the jewish bankers. Hitler wanted to be free of international debt, even coined his own money. He knew even back then the corrupt Jewish bankers had a hand in undermining his country. he took the idea a little too far by putting all jews in with the bankers. Do some research on central banks and the third Reich. in fact central banks and their rise and you will see they had a hand in undermining every country, creating the united nations, etc... and if you look at the top of the central banks you will find mostly jews.

don't get me wrong I am not a jew hater or a hitler defender.

says the poster with an avatar of a guy with SS bolts on his neck.

posted on Jun, 22 2010 @ 09:38 PM
Hitler's own book discusses his disgust at jewish controlled banks and media which he saw them as "taking over the world"

course he didn't have much room to talk with his own propaganda and banks

but yea all the points are part if a whole picture.

like how lot of people in u.s. annoyed that jews control all the banks, media, hollywood, etc...

now multiply that annoyance by 10,000,000 and add the fixation that your heritage and culture should be glorified above all others. That the german people are superior to all nations.

course that does sound like America politics and situation


anyhow yea

posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 08:36 AM
I think it was because he needed a enemy as previous stated plus there was a part of him that blamed them for Jesus death, plus he really wanted to take over all of Europe and was systematically trying to weaken forces of all the European countries.

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posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 08:20 PM
As a person with Anglo/Irish/ perhaps Ukrainian?jewish background I have asked this question to several scholars and on forums several times , I have never received any response.
I will ask it again in hope I can get an educated and hate free reply.
If Hitler was about a blond blue eyed Aryan race, why does he and his fellow Nazi party leaders all look the opposite of this sterotype?
Hitler looks more Jewish than many Jews put into concentration camps, look at the photos of his fellow physcopaths they are not blond blue eyed, they are brown eyed , brown haired, and decidely un athletic on the whole, we are talking about the leaders here, not the paid actors/actresses on propaganda films.
Truth demands logical explanation.
Hitler is charged with the executive responsibility of the murder of six million human beings of Jewish faith, yet he had a Jewish Doctor?
His appointed fellow Nazi executives resemble the opposite of his ideal German Aryan human being.
This is the question that is never addressed ,it is ignored, why?
Can someone explain in a balanced informed manner this anomoly?

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 06:39 AM
reply to post by Dr Expired

Hitler perceived blue eyes blond hair to be the purist of Aryan race, but most of it was propaganda. It fit well with the European image of the 'perfect race' of whites with blue eyes, blond hair, that was the thing at the time. The complete opposite of being black basically, because back not too long ago in European society they considered anything less than pasty white skin to be a sign of bad health. Sun tans were avoided as they thought they were not healthy (everyone wore hats to shade their faces). So the most healthy form of human being was considered to be white, blue eyed, and blond. The seeds of modern racism, the perfect propaganda for being white.

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posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 12:16 AM
reply to post by ANOK

Mmm so it followed the German people fell for a siclkly ploar opposite of that which they according to you striving to be?
No this is not a plausible answer according to logic.

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 12:41 AM
Could you be Jewish? I always believed I was Irish/Polish/German. However, in tracking my geneology I learned that it was probable that my grandparents were possibly/probably Jewish and had converted to Catholicism (as many thousands did quietly) for a number of reasons. The number one reason is that Jews could not own land or property in Russia-Poland. If you wanted to own property you had to either convert to Catholicism or marry a Catholic. THis was because the priests handled the real estate records in each town. So it would behoove you greatly to be Catholic and not Jewish. Now -- I thought I was going to find out many things when I began doing my geneology -- but the thought that I was going to find out my lineage was Jewish had never occurred to me. I am not the only one in this situation - not by far. Also, during the immigration from Russia/Poland/Germany around the 1900s -- many more people were Jewish but renounced this when starting a new life in the U.S. Personally when I studied how the Jews were treated in Poland/Russia -- I would have converted too. The fact that human beings could actually do to any other human being what was done in the concentration camps should be a huge wake-up call to humanity. When you study that part of history -- it is really just beyond belief and frightening that humans can be (1) brainwashed and (2) treat other humans with such cruelty.

Hitler was seriously mentally ill -- and those who followed him and were responsible for the murders of millions of jews and non-jews -- we must remember this history or we are doomed to repeat it -- and that is very scary.

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 12:56 AM

Originally posted by tracer7
Yes it was about money and wealth, but it was also about the jewish bankers. Hitler wanted to be free of international debt, even coined his own money. He knew even back then the corrupt Jewish bankers had a hand in undermining his country. he took the idea a little too far by putting all jews in with the bankers. Do some research on central banks and the third Reich. in fact central banks and their rise and you will see they had a hand in undermining every country, creating the united nations, etc... and if you look at the top of the central banks you will find mostly jews.

don't get me wrong I am not a jew hater or a hitler defender.

You hit it right on the button!

I wondered that myself being a German Canadian, growing up being called a Nazi, etc. (kids are great aren't they! lol).

Anyways my Grandfather fought in the war and new a lot of things being a Motorcycle Messenger. He was smart enough to bribe the Officers with booze and cigarttes, to avoiding having to kill people. So I asked him why "they"(Germans) hated the Jews so much, to want to do that to them. He gave me more or less that response, and that "they" felt they were losing there country. They claim that the mass population didn't know about the camps until after the war. They just figured they were rounding them up to kick them out of the country, to land that they were asked to go to before the "# hit the fan".

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 01:17 AM
World War I was fought in large part to reestablish Israel (The Balfour Declaration).

World War II was fought in large part to repopulate Israel.

The reality is that few of the world’s mostly cosmopolitan Jews had any interest in leaving well developed cities, and thriving businesses, and communities where they had long put down roots to move to a provincial backwater in Palestine that lacked many of the amenities to which they were accustomed and provided little in the way of economic possibilities.

So drastic measures had to be taken, the Zionists in fact largely funded Hitler, and promoted him on to the world stage.

As far as the propaganda of what led the masses to support the program?

Well, lets just say obviously people on average are very gullible.

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 01:36 AM
What did the Jews do to make Hitler want to kill them?

probably for the very same reasons that are evident in the US.

They are using their wealth and influence to run the country. He probably just got a gut-full of the agenda they were pushing that was dragging down the german populous.

they run the federal reserve, have had US military slain in iraq, afganistan, and soon iran.

wake up and smell the roses americans. no dual-citizens in US government jobs, only full US citizens. no lobbying from any foreign aligned entities. zionism will break the US. the US has better potential strategic alais in the middle east.

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 02:37 AM
Its possible the Jewry at the time had a superior sphere of influence not unlike that currently seen in the US government. Think for a minute that there is a Nation in the Middle East that has Nuclear Missiles and yet the US turns a blind eye to those and carries on like a drunken moron about other Countries trying to get them ?

The only reason they are being ignored is the simple fact if you look at the number of dual citizens directly influencing American policy its sickening to the extreme. Imagine if the US had instead of "Israeli - Jewish controlled Policy" it had some kind of independence then perhaps some peace may come out of it, but all we see is more war projections against Israel's enemies.

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 02:46 AM
He blamed the Jews because they weren't very popular, not because of banks and all that, some of the so called Jews were in to banking like the Rothschild's but there were also other bankers from German to UK to American to Japanese to whatever that financed the war, Jews were outsiders who worked in banks because they came from a bartering society they were Semites like the Arabs and other middle eastern peoples. They were an easy mark for scapegoating on the out fringe of society, they kept to themselves and people didn't trust them since they were the middle men for banks/tax man. When the shint hit the fan after WW1 and Hitler came to power and got funding from banks, all he needed was a excuse for going to war, and the Jews were an easy mark, since he didn't like them for personal reasons "he blamed them for losing ww1 when infact the people that were funding ww2 also funded ww1" And some were Jews the rich kind of jew.
Anyways they were a scapegoat for the powers that be and Hitler to start a war, the powers that be for monetary reasons and Hitler and company for personal reasons.

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 04:02 AM
reply to post by mazzroth

People like you make me physically sick with your anti Jew views. Your belief that all Jews are bankers and evil disgust me! The Rockerfellers are the most powerful 'illuminti' bankers in the USA and are NOT Jewish. I grew up in an area in London where most of the Jews were poor and those that had done well had started with nothing and worked hard to build what they had.

Whilst i am no supporter of the current Israeli administration or Zionists in particular, I thank God that it is Israel that has the nuclear deterrent and not the islamic countries.

All the 'Jew Haters' on ATS blame Jews and Israel as being evil but if any of the Arab countries or peoples surrounding Israel got their hands on a nuclear device they would not hesitate to use it and destroy Israel, much to many peoples (sick) delight here on ATS.

Whatever Hitler believed about Jews, he was wrong!

Lets set the record straight once and for all - The Romans Crucified and killed Yershua Ben Yosef (Jesus Christ to the uneducated) not the Jews. It was a 'Roman' soldier that speared Yershua and it was the 'Romans' who took up Christianity when their military empire was collapsing 300+ years later and blamed the Jews for killing their Christ.

Yershua Ben Yosef was a Jew, a rabbi that taught the Torah (The Jewish Law) he was not against Jews, just against the ruling elite sect (sound similar?). Don't get confused with difference between Jewish people and the rulers they are not the same.

BTW it was the same Romans (Catholic Church) that not only silently applauded what Hitler and his Third Reich were doing but were responsible for allowing many Nazi's to evade capture by giving them papers and identities and escape through their 'ratlines', FACT.

For those who think the Rothschilds had an agenda to have 6 million Jews murdered to create a Jewish state, this is just another lie you've been fed and sickly believe! The perfect story for the Jew Haters on ATS and elsewhere is that the Jews are so despicable they would resort to killing their population to gain a land??? STOP IT WILL YA!

The reason I use the term 'Jew Hater' as opposed to 'anti semetic' or 'anti zionist' is because that is what most of you supposed anti zionist ATS readers are and it really shows. yes the Arab's are semetic peoples also, in fact they are from the same stock (i.e. Abraham) and I just wish they would realise it, get on and learn to live with each other!

The other reason I use the term 'Jew Hater' is to avoid the same guy who comes on every 'Jew Hating' thread to deliver his Khazar theories he read somewhere!

I also loved the comment by the guy with the NAZI avatar that said I am no Jew Hater
Very believable LOL

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