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What did the Jews do to make Hitler want to kill them?

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posted on Oct, 21 2011 @ 05:14 PM
reply to post by smallpeeps

Hi Small peeps --

You Wrote : QUOTE 'This man, Amenhotep III seems to be the biblical Solomon, in my estimation...' UNQUOTE

Upon what evidence do you base this inane assertion?

The half-breed Israelitish leader Solomon ('peaceful' - whose mother was 'Bath-Shebiti, lit. 'daughter of the 7 [gods]' was actually a Jebusite princess, i.e. a non-Israelite, who had previously married a Hittite general named Uriah and whose 'illegitimate' father was the adulterous 'David' - whose own grandmother was [on his father's side] a 'Moabitess' (at least according to the book of Ruth..) who were the great enemies of the triblets of the beneei Yisro'el (see the Torah command in Deut 23:3-4

'No Moabite or Ammonite may EVER enter into the Congregation of Yisro'el not even beyond the 10th Generation, ever...'...) was in fact more of a clan chief i.e. in the style of the Canaanite clandoms - and certainly not a king in the Egyptian sense of King or Pir-aoh ('great house' i.e. Pharaoh) - Solomon's tiny capital (the ancient Canaanite Jebusite stronghold of Jebus / Yerushalayim) held at the time no more than 4,000 people during his entire life time ! Some king !

And by the way, Mr Peaceful (Sholomon)'s REAL name was 'Yedediyah'...and he had nothing to do with Amenhotep III (1386 - 1349 BCE) who lived at least 150 years BEFORE 'Mosheh' ( c 1220 BCE ) . The Amarna Letters show that Amenhotep III (like Pharaohs before and after him) loathed the 'Hapiru' (Egypt. for 'armed-nomadic land-thieves' i.e. the tent dwelling bedouin gypsy like land-grabbing 'Hebrews' aka the 'benei Yisro'el') - so he could hardly have been Jedediah- Solomon...(who probably lived c. 920 to 900 BCE)

Maybe you can brush up on both your ancient Egyptian History and your ancient Israelitish history at the same time !!
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posted on Oct, 22 2011 @ 09:52 AM

Originally posted by Sigismundus
Hi Small peeps -- You Wrote : QUOTE 'This man, Amenhotep III seems to be the biblical Solomon, in my estimation...' UNQUOTE

Upon what evidence do you base this inane assertion? [...] The Amarna Letters show that Amenhotep III (like Pharaohs before and after him) loathed the 'Hapiru' (Egypt. for 'armed-nomadic land-thieves'


Which of the Amarna letters are you referring to?

I am familiar with the contents, I didn't know Amenhotep III expresses his disgust for the Habiru. Please tell me which Amarna letter you mean, so I can verify that. Even if so, Akhenaten may have made alliances his father did not.

You make a lot of claims, all of which point back to the papyri of Tutankhamun's tomb, do not distract from truth with your Shlomos and your written rabbinical referentials. Most of the rabbi-crap is invented, none of it dates beyond the second temple, which was build by Persians anyway. Your post is really quite funny. Thanks for that.

So anyway, as to your question.

1: Freud lived during Hitler's time, and Hitler would have known of his Moses-texts, written in German first. Jesuits/Hitler/Catholized-Japan all use sun-disc imagery which = The Aten. The Aten = Moses/Amenhotep III who raised up the Aten. It is not Akhenaten/Moses who invented the Aten, it is his father, who called himself "the gleaming sun disc". Hence, "Judaism" is the pursuit of Solomon's temple/truth: the Aten.

2: The Aten itself is blackened by the Jesuits. That is to say "The Aten of Amenhotep III is in shadow". These Black-Aten tribes carry the black sun forward, in the system of evil-as-good as identified by Tsv'i and his successor Jacob Frank. I have my copy of Jacob Frank's "Sayings of the Lord" and am ready to discuss how this man has brought the destruction of all Abrahamic religions to this day. Also, Hitler's parentage is in doubt, hence, he is a potential Sabbatean messianic-figure, and it is key to ask if he knew this. In essence, the Sabbateans proclaim that all religions must be destroyed from within, and this fits right in with the idea that both Stalin and Himmler were Jesuits, and that the struggle was for the Aten, the Kingship of not just spiritual Egypt, but the spiritual throne of the world. This throne of the world, is the supposed evil throne of the sabbatean messiah, which is the only real messiah that these people pursue. I am saying that the evil messiah, is the messiah these people seek, according to the corrupting of all world religions and nations under the talmudic Frankist interpretation of evil-as-good.

Amenhotep III named himself "The Gleaming Sun Disc" and introduced the term "Aten" along with elevating Yuya, who was the biblical Joseph (no Egyptian symbols on his coffin). So Amenhotep III the young boy-King had been raised by Yuya, his father's adviser and vizier (Joseph of the bible). Joseph (Yuya) raised Solomon (Amenhotep III) who named himself "The Sun Disc". After this, Moses (Akhenaten) raises the death cult of Solomon, into the Aten itself, and brings Hebrew language out into the open, either becoming or influencing Moses of the bible, who ostensibly "writes" the first five books of the bible, which get edited down through the years by scribes and priests, who essentially battle for the Aten up until the events of WW2.

The simply truth is that each Pharaoh had a death cult, and since Amenhotep III had ruled by trading princesses and had ruled for 30+ years peacefully without war, by doing this, then he would have been a very smart and unique Pharaoh indeed. He was the same Solomon who is obviously present in the "Song of Solomon" of the bible, referring to teats and flowers and other delightful imagery of feminine allure. Who worshiped females in history? Solomon and Amenhotep III are similar in this respect. Also, there is no substantive archaeological evidence at all for the biblical Solomon but Amenhotep III built far more than any Pharaoh before him. The later Ramses crowd just copied him in this regard. At the time of his death, was Apex Pharaoh in regard to ruling wisely, peacefully, and building craploads of structures which spoke of the mysteries of animals, insects, and nature. He was the light which shone into what Moses then crafted.

Quick question: Do all the shlomos think they are helping Moses, or making him happy? Personally I feel that Moses hates all rabbis except a few who keep it simple. I think most of them subconsciously know he hates them, and are basically laughing/whimpering at the idea that he might return and humble them. I would hate to be any Judaist, if Moses truly returns to Earth, they will not fare well. Anyway, your post does not address the statements I have made about Hitler possibly being influenced by Sabbatean-evil-as-good ethos which was messianic in nature, and which has destruction of all religions, as its goal.
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posted on Oct, 22 2011 @ 10:04 AM
wrong thread.

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posted on Oct, 22 2011 @ 10:50 AM
Yeahmmkay. I've explained the Aten, and the Jesuit sun, which is the black Aten.

So if you could just also consider a couple other points which explain the events of WW2:

1: The flag of Japan, specifically the modification of it for the Japanese Navy: see: h--p:// [NOTE: ..cut and paste this link since ATS links don't work...] ...Notice that the 1870 merchant flag of Japan, is the Aten. But an even clearer giveaway, is how it was modified in regards to the Navy. The rising sun, becomes the violent rays which burn down like Pearl Harbor events. Ask yourselves, "Why did Japan ally with Hitler under the Jesuit Aten symbol?" It is because Japan was utterly Catholicised by Jesuit missionaries.

2: Note where the atomic bombs are dropped in reprisal? Not on Kyoto, no this was a private war, meant to weaken-then-strengthen the Axis powers. Germany and Japan had to survive their devestation, to rise like Phoenix, which both of them did. But who took the brunt of the bombs? Hiroshima and Nagasaki, known centers of Jesuit power in Japan.

So I hope the silence in this thread means I am successfully hitting the right chords inside your mind. Truth has the feeling of stupifaction, when you see it. It is sad to admit that the 20th Century is just a larger fractal of the BS and horror of the last 3000 years of human history, but that is the truth.

I wonder which flag the Japanese will choose, once they are dis-united from the Jesuit tribe? Will they choose something other than a flag which symbolizes the oceanic adventures of the Jesuits? Will they choose something other than the black and red suns of Stalin and Himmler and their Japanese puppet-Emperor? Japan is a great country, I think they will choose peace once they wake up to what Rome has done to them. The essence of budo, is peaceful and non-harmful resolution to conflict, not holocausts and destruction of innocents. Speaking in a Japanese context, there is nothing truly budo, about the events of WW2. The true samurai does not cut families to pieces. Budo means preserving life, imo.
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posted on Oct, 23 2011 @ 07:29 AM
reply to post by smallpeeps

hello smallpeeps.
still in the boat. the jesuit connection with nagasaki and hiroshima is very interesting. i downloaded several articles on the jesuit presence in japan and noticed many other articles within the search describing the jesuits as the military wing of the vatican as well as claiming to have more control over the political/financial workings of the european union than the bankers.
btw indy will be showning late afternoon!
regards fakedirt

posted on Oct, 23 2011 @ 11:26 AM

Originally posted by fakedirt
reply to post by smallpeeps

hello smallpeeps.
still in the boat. the jesuit connection with nagasaki and hiroshima is very interesting. i downloaded several articles on the jesuit presence in japan and noticed many other articles within the search describing the jesuits as the military wing of the vatican as well as claiming to have more control over the political/financial workings of the european union than the bankers.
btw indy will be showning late afternoon!
regards fakedirt

Sweet. Lucas is a master of symbol and myth. Joseph Campbell called him "My greatest student". Campbell has great books out there. I do believe Lucas had given us the main "hero and villan" archetypes of the 70s and 80s. Luke/Darth is the mythos of Ouranes/Chronos/Zeus meaning son-destroys-father-becomes-father.

In the "Raiders" movies we do see the father and son mythos again, these movies are basically a very deep insight into religious history. Indy, is the child of a cold father, whose whole world is religious 'illumination'. Henry Sr. 'prays' to himself in movie 3 as he is copying religious symbols, "May he who illuminated this, illuminate me." That's movie 3 tho, let's focus on part 1 for now, "Raiders of the Lost Ark".

imo the movie is basically a metaphor for the actual events of WW2, is we consider it a struggle for the Aten, which appears on the outside of the well where the Ark is held. The Aten = The Ark. So during WW2 there was a struggle for this power. And the result of that struggle, is that the Aten/Ark is 'banked' in the US warehouse, where it is the US and Israel who really profit from the struggle.

The state of Israel is not mentioned in the movie, but the Ark goes to the USA as a result of Indy's success. Hence: victory for the US (and the new State of Israel) which just sort of 'accidentally' comes about but which is not referred to in any of the movies. Also, it seems to imply that the powers at the top of the US (Jesuits) are content to keep the truth (about Akhenaten and his Ark) hidden away, whilst Indy protests and says this is all wrong, that the Ark needs to be in a museum, needs to be known, needs to be studied.

Notice too that a French Judaist Archaeologist is the main nemesis for Indy. This French digger/Judaist, 'Belloq' feels that he understands the power of the Ark. He even talks the Nazis into allowing him to do a Jewish ritual. This is key, because Lucas is explaining that the contest of archaeologists, good or evil, is the contest of world power. That is to say, digging into the past, is key to world power. So the two polarities in the movie are French/vichy/Judaist-power-seekers/Nazis versus one lone dude, Indiana Jones. But notice which of these two powers is actually humble before the divine? Yes, it is Indy, who respects the ark. But as he says himself, "Archaeology is the search for fact, not truth." ...In this Indy is almost like Jesus and Pilate as one, he knows in his heart what is true, yet with his voice he asks, "What it truth?". Indeed part of the fun of the films, is to watch Indy disbelieving everything even as we the audience DO believe. When we see the ark react to its rude treatment, we are not surprised, only Indy is surprised. And this makes him the true hero of the modern age because he is meek, yet courageous.

I would say that Indy as a character is also designed to represent Jesus in a certain way, he uses a whip to fight the Jesuits who would use the Ark for their own enrichment, just as Jesus fought these same priests when they used the Ark (and the temple) to get rich. Using a whip to drive out the priests. Belloq at the end of course, is dressed as a priest just like a Pharisee, and we see how he fails miserably to divine the true nature of the Ark.

So when the Ark is brought out of the room with Akhenaten's picture on it, it is a symbol of the Tut tomb, Akhenaten's kid. The same struggle in the movie, had happened prior to the WW2 events. I am happy to give Lucas credit for these allusions, but perhaps he really didn't know how the spirit was working through him? Perhaps some art director just happened to put Akhenaten's image on the exit of the place where the Ark is kept? I have not heard him actually give any real interviews about history, he seems content to speak through his films, and they do say a lot.

I am looking forward to the next obvious Hollywodd production: "Jacob Frank: The Pervy Messiah" but I expect it will take a few years to get the financing and the green light.

posted on Oct, 23 2011 @ 11:47 AM

Originally posted by seagull
reply to post by gopher mines

You mean, along with other groups of folks, besides existing? ...and making wonderful scapegoats?

Not a whole hell of a lot...

Though you will, of course, find a minority of folks who will say otherwise.

They were, along with gypsies, gays, and other assorted "enemies of the state"; targets of convenience. He needed an enemy, and as has been proven down through the centuries, folks who are "different" are perfect for that.

What we do know is that Jews were killed in huge numbers only after we declared war on Germany- if we hadn't would this slaughter have taken place or would the Jews just have been moved on/deported as was already happening- obviously we will never know this now

posted on Oct, 23 2011 @ 06:44 PM
reply to post by blueorder

So you're making this, somehow, the fault of the United States? How does that work?

Forced euthanasia, known as murder; was taking place long before our involvement in WWII, sir. So to attempt to foist off the blame for the deaths of people at the hands of the Nazi's, onto the U.S. and/or its allies is, well, not to put it too crudely, bull.

posted on Oct, 23 2011 @ 10:12 PM

Originally posted by blueorder
What we do know is that Jews were killed in huge numbers only after we declared war on Germany- if we hadn't would this slaughter have taken place or would the Jews just have been moved on/deported as was already happening- obviously we will never know this now

I doubt that. This had been building for some time. Also, it is folly to simply see one side of this cube. That is to say, simply phrasing it the way you do here, is short shrift.

As to the "Jewish Question", I was surprised to read the events surrounding the Citizenship Act and Hitler's participation in them, September 15th, 1935. It sounds to me, like Hitler got sideswiped by the forces the had rushed him to power. He was all ready to be forceful and introduce the swastika and support Italy. Instead, they quashed that idea as it made him look un-peaceful, and made him being the Jewish thing to the forefront. Or so it appears. Isn't it funny that the "peaceful Hitler" was the reason they wouldn't let him show the flag? It's so very weird, the sequence of events.

I think it is interesting, the part about Hitler not really being able to say what is a Jew and what is not. Also the part about grandfathers, as Hitler's own grandfathership was not resolved, of course.

The Party Rally of September 1935 had featured the first session of the Reichstag held at that city since 1543.[18] Hitler had planned to have the Reichstag pass a law making the Nazi Swastika flag the flag of the German Reich, and a major speech in support of the impending Italian aggression against Ethiopia.[18] However, at the last minute, the German Foreign Minister Baron Konstantin von Neurath persuaded Hitler to cancel his speech as being too provocative to public opinion abroad as it blatantly contradicted the message of Hitler's "peace speeches", thus leaving Hitler with the sudden need to have something else to address the historic first meeting of the Reichstag in Nuremberg since 1543, other than the Reich Flag Law.[18] Hitler's need for something to present to the Reichstag was especially acute as he had invited all of the senior foreign diplomats in Berlin to the Party Rally of 1935 to hear what was billed as an especially important speech on foreign policy.[9]

On September 12, 1935, two days after the beginning of the party rally, leading Nazi physician Gerhard Wagner surprisingly announced in a speech that the Nazi government would soon introduce a "law for the protection of German blood" to prevent mixed marriages between Jews and "Aryans" in the future. Hitler immediately decided to extend the legal scope. On September 13, Dr. Bernhard Lösener, the Interior Ministry official in charge of drafting anti-Semitic laws together with another Interior Ministry official, Ministerialrat (Ministerial Counsellor) Franz Albrecht Medicus, was hastily summoned to the Nuremberg Party Rally by plane by Dr. Wilhelm Stuckart, the State Secretary of the Interior Ministry, and directed to start drafting at once a law for Hitler to present to the Reichstag for September 15.[19] Lösener and Medicus arrived in Nuremberg on the morning of September 14.

Because of the short time available for the drafting of the laws, both measures were hastily improvised—there was even a shortage of drafting paper so that menu cards had to be used instead.[20] Such was the degree of improvisation that Franz Gürtner, the Justice Minister, first learned of the adoption of the laws from listening to the radio.[9] Most of the debates about the drafting of the laws concerned a precise definition of what constituted a Jew in Nazi "racial" terms, i.e. how many Jewish grandparents one had to have in order to qualify as Jewish under Nazi racial theories.[20]

Hitler himself spent the night of September 14–15 hesitant and indecisive over just which of the various definitions of a Jew to adopt, and finally excused himself from the debate.[9] On September 15, Hitler presented the laws drafted by Stuckart, Lösener and Medicus to the Reichstag.

posted on Oct, 24 2011 @ 12:16 PM

He entered politics and joined the Catholic Centre Party (Zentrum), in which the monarchist Papen formed part of the conservative wing. He was a member of the parliament of Prussia from 1921 to 1932.

In the 1925 presidential elections, he surprised his party by supporting the right-wing candidate Paul von Hindenburg over the Centre Party's Wilhelm Marx.



On 1 June 1932 he moved from relative obscurity to supreme importance when President Paul von Hindenburg appointed him Chancellor, even though this meant replacing his own party's Heinrich Brüning.

The day before, he had promised party chairman Ludwig Kaas not to accept any appointment. After he broke his pledge, Kaas branded him the "Ephialtes of the Centre Party"; Papen forestalled being expelled by leaving the party on 3 June 1932.

The French ambassador in Berlin, André François-Poncet, wrote at the time that Papen's selection by Hindenburg as chancellor "met with incredulity." Papen, the ambassador continued, "enjoyed the peculiarity of being taken seriously by neither his friends nor his enemies. He was reputed to be superficial, blundering, untrue, ambitious, vain, crafty and an intriguer."[4]

The cabinet which Papen formed, with the assistance of General Kurt von Schleicher, was known as the "cabinet of barons" or as the "cabinet of monocles" [5] and was widely regarded with ridicule by Germans. Except from the conservative German National People's Party (DNVP), Papen had practically no support in the Reichstag.

"cabinet of monocles"! Haha, like one monopoly guy is not enough, (see the picture in this thread of post-Hitler West German chancellor Adenauer with the top-hat club).

Anyway, von Papen is key to this. He went from Center Catholic, to hard right, and then von Hindenburg made him chancellor.

The key to the bit above, about the moment where Hitler gets tripped up, is that it was von Papen, who promoted the man who talked Hitler out of supporting Italy and making the swastika official. The man whom von Papen controlled, was this man:


Neurath was recalled to Germany in 1932 and became Minister of Foreign Affairs in the "Cabinet of Barons" under Chancellor Franz von Papen in June. He continued to hold that position under Chancellor Kurt von Schleicher and then under Adolf Hitler from the Machtergreifung on 30 January 1933. During the early days of Hitler's rule, Neurath lent an aura of respectability to Hitler's expansionist foreign policy.

In May 1933, the American chargé d'affaires reported that "Baron von Neurath has shown such a remarkable capacity for submitting to what in normal times could only be considered as affronts and indignities on the part of the Nazis, that it is still quite a possibility that the latter should be content to have him remain as a figurehead for some time yet".[3] He was involved in the German withdrawal from the League of Nations in 1933, the negotiations of the Anglo-German Naval Accord (1935) and the remilitarization of the Rhineland. Not before 1937 Neurath became a member of the Nazi Party by the awarding of the Golden Party Badge combined with the honorary rank of a Gruppenführer in the SS.

Nevertheless on 4 February 1938, Neurath was sacked as Foreign Minister in the course of the Blomberg–Fritsch Affair. He felt his office was marginalised and was not in favor of Hitler's aggressive war plans, which were detailed in the Hossbach Memorandum of 5 November 1937.

So this was the guy who told Hitler to "keep it peaceful looking". The question is why Hitler was prevented in 1933 from openly becoming the warrior he saw himself as? All the way up to 1937, he seems to be managed a Catholic cadre which only had minimal support within the Catholic powers, not all evil of course.

The next direction I think I'll look is toward Edwin Black's books, he is probably one of the greatest Jewish people of today. I have read "IBM and the Holocaust" but have only gotten the first three chapters of his first book "The Transfer Agreement", yet even those first three chapters explain the polarity which existed in the US between the Jewish Congress and Bnai Brith, etc. I will think about these 1933 - 1937 years because it seems pretty impressive to keep a madman like Hitler-Shicklegruber under wraps for four years (well six years if you consider 1939 as his real break out). That takes management skills. So again, Hitler's childhood and his 1908 psychological loss of his "known blud" if you will, made him fairly easy to use.
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posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 02:49 PM
reply to post by smallpeeps

hello smallpeeps
apologies for the absence of a reply. my broadband dived on monday.
regarding indy, we had visitors on sunday so it's on hold till saturday hopefully!

i did manage to read up on the history of the jesuits and i am still reading through
the phelps/martin conversations regarding the black pope on 15/04/00 (although some
of the conversation is questionable regarding phelps's statement on the weapons drop). this led me to
several other documents which i managed to download on saturday with more books wanted.
this tangent alone has uncovered a vast amount of history that i barely knew in
such detail and with the main characters executing their deeds in the background. this
topic alone has occupied me since the weekend.

after reading your further posts on the thread, notes have been taken for more input.
the issue with the cancelled speech regarding the flag and assistance to italy is a
new one for me.
i'll give you a toot when i've watched indy.
regards fakedirt

posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 04:40 PM
reply to post by smallpeeps

Hey Peeps that are VERY Small

Have you even read the Amarna correspondence?

If you did, you would see several Letters from Rib-Addi were written to Amenhotep III.

See e.g. :

"O Lord, Amen Hotep, since the days of the return of your father from Sidon the land of the Amorutu has been infiltrated by the Sagaz-Habiru..."

Zimridda, governor of Sidon near Tyre, writes also to Amenhotep III :

"All the towns and villages belonging to my Lord the King which had been handed over to my own charge have begun to form military alliances with the Sagaz-Habiru who have given them both the horses and the chariots belonging to your majesty…”.

Written by loyalist vassals of Egypt, the Amarna Letters were (naturally !) written in a specific tone as to portray the loyal Canaanite city-state rulers writing to their bosses in Egypt c. 1355 in the best possible light.

So it is not surprising that all through the Akkadian texts of the Amarna letters the Habiru (or nomadic-Hapiru aka the SaGaz) the tone is definitely pejorative and disparaging – they are described in criminal terms.

These ‘heavilly-armed land-grabbing Amorite nomads’ are clearly portrayed as ruthlessly plundering whatever grazing lands they came to with their herds, and their shifting alliances from one petty Canaanite kingdom to another from Tyre to Hebron, in exchange for temporary provisions, shelter, water, land & food.

Na'aman points out that in many of the letters, the phrase; "to become Habiru", is used - where the Habiru were pictured as direct threats to Egyptian control, rebels, guilty of 'sedition' i.e. to thwart Egyptian order and control in Canaan in the 14th century, is technically to become a traitor (i.e. 'to cross over') , and in essence, become as they said ‘a disloyal turncoat, just like the Habiru are...”

Throughout the Amarna Letters (get a copy of Pritchard's ANET if you don't have one in English !) the term "Habiru", came to represent ANY foreign threat to the Egyptian Empire – thus due to their destructive warlike ‘seditionist’ actions throughout Canaan, and the clearly negative connotations about the ‘Hapiru’ (or Habiru) in many of the Amarna Letters to and from Amen Hotep III, the term began to apply to other warlike Amorite tribes who were likewise ‘breaking the law, causing political upheavals & stealing the Egyptian King’s land for their own malicious marauding uses’.

Thus the overall view of the Habiru, in the Amarna tablets, is one of an maliciously warlike & fairly tight-knit rebellious, ‘law breaking’ group of nomadic tent-dwelling invaders who invaded a highly fertile land which had its own settled civilization & laws which had been formed for millennia into cities, towns and villages in the coastal areas of the Levant (have you ever heard of the Massive Stones of Baal-Bek, to cite one example?) –

In other words, to be one of the ‘Habiru’ according to the Amarna Letters, was to be guilty of death in the eyes of the Pharaoh.

How can anyone familiar with these texts dare to deny any of this? Can you even read Akkadian?

Morever anyone who tries (albeit pointlessly !) to place (i.e. in actual history) the half-breed Jebusite-Yisroelite-Moabite clan chief ‘Jedediah aka Solomon’ (lived c. 975 BCE to c. 900 BCE) contemporaneous with the Pharaoh Amenhotep III (=Amenophis III) of Egypt regined c. 1388-1349 BCE needs to take an archaeology course and learn what tools modern historians use to place historical persons in context… !!!

posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 06:44 PM

Originally posted by Sigismundus
Have you even read the Amarna correspondence? If you did, you would see several Letters from Rib-Addi were written to Amenhotep III.

Yes I do know that Rib-Addi wrote to Amenhotep III in the Letters. You didn't quote which letter, so I will have to go on the words.

However, it is obvious that you do not want anyone to know the texts, by your disparaging and totally lame attitude. Your attitide, reeks of some kosher collegiate ivory tower jerk. I am not saying that's what you are, just what you sound like. Your phrase "Do you EVEN know how to read Akkadian??" shows you to be frankly, unworthy of response.

Any comment on my major points about Hitler, and the battle for the Aten? Anything of relevance to add to the thread? No? Okay then we will move along with the truth which seems apparent, that there is a symbolic connection between the Aten of Amenhotep III/Akhenaten, and the Nazi/Jesuit black sun, and the Axis Japan naval flag. Also the idea that Hitler was a Sabbatean bastard prince, is something you might be able to comment on, seeing as how you know akkadian, and are an expert on everything?

In the meantime, let me say that 1: Your statement that the Habiru are this-or-that, is hogwash. Many people debate who they were, and your framing of the issue thusly, does a great disservice to humanity, and to those who seek to know the truth of these last bloodlettings, WW1 and WW2. 2: You say "In other words, to be one of the ‘Habiru’ according to the Amarna Letters, was to be guilty of death in the eyes of the Pharaoh." This is debateable, but in any case, since Yuya and Thutmoses IV are the force which eventually resulted in Amenhotep III, Akhenaten, and Amarna, Moses, and all of that, then it is safe to associate the Habiru with the Shasu and that these tribes were united by Moses, who was a Pharaoh. As Osman has explained.

Morever anyone who tries (albeit pointlessly !) to place (i.e. in actual history) the half-breed Jebusite-Yisroelite-Moabite clan chief ‘Jedediah aka Solomon’ (lived c. 975 BCE to c. 900 BCE) contemporaneous with the Pharaoh Amenhotep III (=Amenophis III) of Egypt regined c. 1388-1349 BCE needs to take an archaeology course and learn what tools modern historians use to place historical persons in context

I had to quote this part, because only someone kosher would fail to see that the whole pursuit of archaeology is wrecked and subverted. I have explained that Tut's tomb was violated by the Rothschild paid tools who opened it. Your whole purpose seems to be to establish yourself as the expert of things that are irrelevant to the subject. Anyway, as I asked, just give the the Amarna letter citations above, tell me what letters they are, and I will look them up in my index and we can derail this thread to your liking. OR if you want to participate, then discuss the Aten, being the symbol of Amenhotep III, Akhenaten and also the Jesuits and the Axis as well. I think they stole the symbol, and that the Jews may have killed Moses or Joshua, and that WW2 represents the internal struggle of these two classes of "priests" on a Kingless planet. Who are the King-killers of today, and was Hitler a King, and was he meant to be killed as such? Those are the relevant questions.

posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 08:09 PM
I have said that Solomon, may have been Amenhotep III, his symbol, was the sun, and he used the Aten as his symbol and said he was essentially the light of God as he is written to appear in the bible.

Amenhotep III was raised by Yuya, married one of Yuya's daughters, and therefore carried forth the ideas of his father Thutmosis IV (who built the Lateran obelisk now in Vatican square), who appointed Yuya (Joseph) over Egypt. The Thutmosides, a couple generations earlier, had secretly fathered Isaac through Sarah (Yuya/Joseph's great-grandmother), wife of Abraham, hence, the bloodline of Akhenaten drew directly to Yuya and to Abraham's tribe, via Sarah. This was a re-uniting of the "bastard son" Isaac's progeny, who were actually of the Pharaoh's bloodline.

I am also explaining the Sabbateans, who share their wives and bloodlines, and create 'bastard princes' even today.

Everyone knows that Abraham, went into Egypt and made it look like his wife was available for shagging. From a spiritual mindset, we are meant to say "Oh but God's angel protected Sarah!" ...Ah yes well, that's all fine however what did result, is a child which the talmud itself says "Looked nothing like Abraham. The people laughed when they tried to say Isaac was Abraham's child." [paraphrase]

Therefore, since the torah and the bible themselves, are Judaic branches off the Abraham > Moses branch of the tree, then we can assume that deep Israelite discussion these days, is all about how Abraham told his wife, "Pretend like you are my sister, oh and you may have to stay with him for a week or few!" ...Ladies, would you respect your man if he asked this if you? Well, Abraham was a great King, and he therefore understood that the Egyptian dynasty could be bonded to his Kingdom, if his wife could come back pregnant with the Pharaoh's child. In this way, Sarah's people would be merged with the Pharaoh's people.

When Freud in 1934-1936 as his dying work as an Austrian super-smart Jew, says that the Egyptians killed Moses and had to continually, eternally atone for that, it is a powerful thing for him to say. Furthermore, Freud threw Akhenaten's crown into the air, being the smartest dude around. The crown which had just been found --and the golden boy-King's ancestors, was tossed up in the air by his life's work, then he died.

Therefore do we see the Japanese (Jesuitized) uses the sun disc, and the Nazi flag is the exact same red/white disc on an obverse color scheme (their disc is white w/ swastika) --it is the same flag. It is the Aten, which they fought for.

I give all credit to Ahmed Osman, Ralph Ellis and Andrew Collins, and also Rabbi Antelman, who perhaps may be a Jesuit himself, so complete is his access to unrevealed truths. If he is not a Jesuit then he sure as hell is the greatest Jew ever. I do not admire him as much as the others, but his knowledge is amazing. It is he who says outright that Hitler was conceived in a sabbatean ritual. He says this in his second volume of "To Eliminate the Opiate" which is 15 bucks on amazon but I'm a little behind on my book buying so I've not yet gotten a copy. When I do obtain this book, or my local library decides to buy a copy, I'll post the references he cites, but he even gives the date and Hebrew month/day of Hitler's conception in this ritual. Shades of Abraham perhaps?

Well anyway, if anyone wants to U2U me and wire me 15 bucks so I can buy the book and post the details about Hitler's bastarditive conception for the Sabbatean ritual of WW2 German-suicide-then-phoenix shenanigans projected from Rome. It explains a lot. Basically he was suicidal as early as 1933 or so, and it was just a question of how many Germans he could bring down with him I feel that his psyche was damaged utterly when he found out he was a Jew, and they simply rode him, and Germany into the ground.

Also, orthodox Judaist Posek Ovaida might have some comments about sacrifices and what they buy, and why they are needed? I'd say I am probably right and that you are drawing us away from the true matter at hand.

Some of Yosef's theodicy-related pronouncements have also been controversial. In 2000, he described the Holocaust as God's retribution against the reincarnated soul of Jewish sinners: "The six million Holocaust victims were reincarnations of the souls of sinners, people who transgressed and did all sorts of things that should not be done. They had been reincarnated in order to atone.".[24][25] Shas chairman Eli Yishai said criticism of the rabbi is unjustified, explaining, "Rabbi Ovadia weeps for every Jew who is killed ... but nobody, not even a saint, has not sinned. Everyone dies in a state of sin. It's even stated that he declared that Hitler was a messenger sent to do God's work before the arrival of the Messiah."[24][/qu

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There does seem to be 'something' about them that just brings out the worst in other people.

The muslims don't like them.
The egyptions held them as slaves for 400 years.
The eurpeans treated them as practically untouchable from the beginning.
The romans 2000 years ago were not real thrilled with them either.
And 'something' made them leave the palistine in the first place.
Are you noticing a pattern?

This is just off the top of my head.

If they were good neighbors people would want them around.

posted on Oct, 31 2011 @ 02:26 PM
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hello smallpeeps.
indiana jones fest bar the crystal skulls watched finally at the weekend. i understand the symbology you were referring to now at the well of souls gig. quite an interesting connection/find if i may say so.
further reading is ongoing with regards to the various elements you have furnished.
regards fakedirt

posted on Dec, 8 2011 @ 08:33 AM
Sad how such a great thread languishes on the bottom of some domain on ye internetes. But who can blame people for not wanting truth? It's difficult to digest, dissonance is better, though deadly.

Anyway, I heard some guy named "Texe Marrs" is said to be some troother on ATS? Not seen him post in any relevant thread that I've visited, but here's a good quote from him, regarding Judaists and Jesuits destroying the world hand in hand, as this thread has explained.

Feel free to wake up at any time.

Gingrich a Loyal Zionist Puppet

For now, though, it’s all Newt Gingrich. He has been ultra-loyal both to the Jewish money men and to the secretive Vatican group Opus Dei, another group of money men. A fanatical Israel supporter, Gingrich is continually pimping for more wars and death in the Middle East. He supported the Bush torture and gulags and can be counted on to siphon trillions from the U.S. Treasury into the coffers of Wall Street’s Jewish bankers and ponzi scheme artists.

To prepare Gingrich for his role as Rothschild front man in 2012, Newt recently “converted” to Catholicism. In February, 2010, some 500 Catholic millionaires, initiates of the Opus Dei affiliate Legatus, met in Dana Point, California to honor Gingrich and former President and Jew-Catholic loyalist George W. Bush. Gingrich was lauded by the group for his conversion and even gave his “Christian testimony” regarding his leaving the Southern Baptist denomination to become a convert to “Holy Mother Church.” His new wife—his third—was on hand.

Opus Dei Headquarters in New York

The influential Catholic Order, Opus Dei, has branches across the globe. This is Opus Dei’s U.S.A. headquarters in New York City. Note the red color, reminiscent of the prophecies in the book of Revelation which refer to the scarlet colored Beast and the Woman who wears scarlet and purple.

The Jewish Jesuits

Also present was Jesuit Father Robert Spitzer, a Jew who is Chairman of the Vatican’s Magis Institute and Spitzer Center. The Jesuit Order is, in fact, a crypto-Jewish organization and Spitzer is one of the many Jews who claims to have converted to Catholicism. He and the debauched Gingrich must have really been laughing up their sleeves.

Hmm, what year was Ignacious shot via Canon, straight to heaven?

Anyway, after St. Iggy, the Jesuits felt that they must fight with Satan's tool, as if they become corpses, as the oath describes. Therefore, note that both Stalin and Himmler (in accordance with this thread) were raised by corpses. Haha, killers, raised by corpses, who gave us the biggest piles of bodies in the bloodiest century ever! It's so utterly anti-Christ that one has to shake their head in amazement.

But of course, Himmler and his ilk were built out of the Bonapartists, Napoleon of course was the avenging arm of the Jesuits against the church that had outlawed them. When seeking revenge as Monte Cristo, any old tyrant will do.

And lying of course, is part of the game, when revenge is the broth one is being cooked in.

4:10 "The power of little pieces of paper, my dear Baron. As marvelous as any creation of man, including poetry, music and painting. Who handles money, is also an artist."

Of course, in the above, it would be more honest for the Jesuit Count to say "Who handles money [of others, in order to defraud and kill in revenge, and to defy the spirit of Jesus] is also an artist [in the Satanic tradition, since he owned the world and offered it to Jesus, who refused it]."

If honesty were their goal, that would have been the more honest line, in regards to money, revenge, power and all other things that St. Iggy's Army devotes their life to.

posted on Dec, 8 2011 @ 09:03 AM
probably very rude to not read every post before i put this up but.......

WWII was begun and financed by secret families like the Rothschilds (wasnt Hitler's grandma one of those?) who happened to have Jewish blood (notice i didn't say they were "jewish" cause they're not). basically WWII was a big hollywood-type production where thousands lost their lives so that:
1. Israel would be formed and would be financially supported by the US.
2. Germany(for the rich families) could explore subterranean housing around the world
3. new rocket/jet fuels would be developed by the slaves to make the masters' lives easier AND.....
4 what the NAZI (narzissicists) were really about- SPACE TRAVEL

The Jews were scapegoats again and again and again. Anti-semetism during the 1930's and 40's was perverse: no country accepted the Jewish refugees from Europe and they basically floated around on a ship til they got Jerusalem.


eta- lately i came across the idea that the secret societies began with Moses' children. this would make sense if you look at the Rothschilds......Moses Roth's/child? lol

i don't know if it was clear, but the Rothschilds, who financed the wars, at the same time made sure that the Jews were the apparent victims so that their goals (and only theirs) would be met.

Baruch ata Binah......

Originally posted by gopher mines
I've heard many stories on why the Holocaust happened, and they all say something like this:

"Hitler blamed the Jews (for some terrible thing)"

Yet I haven't read anything in detail as to why he blamed the Jews. I mean, they _MUST_ have done something for Germany to be OK with what was happening to the Jews at the time. No amount of propaganda is going to make me want to kill off an entire group of people, or even be a part of killing off an entire group of people,, So my question is this: What did the Jews do for Hitler to seem justified in wiping them out? And don't tell me that he was a crazy mad-man.

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They were looking for a scape goat for their crumbling economy back then (which was the result of the repayments they had to make for WW1). So they blamed minorities...kinda similar to what the GOP is saying about immigrants (completely ignroing the fact that many industries rely on those immigrants).

posted on Dec, 8 2011 @ 09:29 AM

Originally posted by rebootrequired


The Jews were scapegoats again and again and again. Anti-semetism during the 1930's and 40's was perverse: no country accepted the Jewish refugees from Europe and they basically floated around on a ship til they got Jerusalem.


Good post, yes your bullet points are right.

But, I need to correct a couple things:

1: That they just "basically floated around until they got Jerusalem" makes them sound like the pilgrims or something. In fact, Edwin Black's book "The Transfer Agreement" explains the agreement between the Zionists and the Nazis, to settle Jews in Palestine, hence, creating Israel as you said. Here is a picture of a coin which commemorates this, it has of course, both of the symbols of these two tribes, Nazi and what we may call "Zionazi": ...Image taken from this blog which also explains the red house report, etc:

2: This idea that talmudists are just persecuted, is not quite true. The talmud, is law-as-weapon, it is used by the "sage class" both Jesuit corpses (like Himmler and Stalin) and Zionist corpses (like Schiff and Warburg and Rothschild) will use law-as-weapon. So in fact, the idea is that you kill half your tribe, and then the survivors use the blood of their dead brothers, as fuel to make the tribe stronger. This can be seen to be true for the Nazi/Jesuit ethos in which the patriots sing that the "dead march with us". It is the "cult of the dead soldier" which both groups worship.

To make the above point even more clear, it can be easily read in Encyclopedia Judaica, that "Rothschild is the banker for the Vatican" so it is the "hoffsjuden" or "court jew" who typically operate under such purchased titles as "Baron" and so forth, who are using talmud-as-weapon to control the courts of the world, and to bribe/blackmail or kill, those who won't play ball.

Further in Encyclopedia Judaica, you can read about Rabbi Hillel of John the Baptist and Jesus' day. E.J. expalins that this rabbi was the one who cancelled jubilee and saddled the common man with everlasting debts. It is this Pharisee and his ilk, whom Jesus opposed. These people violated the Pharonic maxim of cancellation of common debts. For that, they are forever cursed. But moreover, this same group under Hillel, and then Rabbi Meir and Judah ha-Nasi, conspired to raise up their tyrant (as with the tyrannical Napoleon centuries later) whose name was Bar Kochba. These rabbi's particularly R. Meir, slaughtered thousands of their own people, and grew strong off that blood. Only a few rabbis survived the meatgrinder of Masada, but those like Meir and Judah ha-Nasi, grew strong, and between Babylon and Jerusalem, they strengthened their silk trade, and built the weaponized law code called "talmud" into something truly Satanic. EJ says plainly that Judah ha-Nasi who compiled the mishnah, was big in the silk trade, hence, these were the rabbis who Jesus opposed when he rolled over the coin-changers in the temple, and mocked them by riding (as King) on a donkey like some merchant's goods.

Notice that Jesus told people to flee Jerusalem, whereas Meir and Co. told people to stay and get slaughtered. The same template was used for the Slavs in Poland and Russia, who were killed by the millions in WW2, between the crushing fronts of Himmler (Jesuit) and Stalin (Jesuit) while Rome sat at the center and caught all the gold coins coined from that innocent blood.

Anyway, thanks for you input, glad you had something to say.

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