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Commercialism: Hero’s become the Deceivers

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posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 07:32 PM
Once in awhile I come to sites like these and I see a major problem. I will brief and I will make this simple. Why do humans keep falling for the Messiah game?

Religions: Names like Billy Graham, Jimmy and Tammy Faye Bakker, Jerry Falwell become Millionaires and in their quest to lead, they become TOOLS of the system, to deceive all. Jimmy Bakker like Michael Jackson even had a rollercoaster in the backyard, a great amusement for the filthy elite. When do the followers of religion wake up to realize, they are the sheep of the Shepherd, and the Shepherd is but an employee of the Wolves. No man is the rightful messenger of the God of the Universe!

Politics: Presidents and Prime Ministers all over the world become the new hope, the leader of elect, the ones who will become the new Moses and lead the country out of the wilderness of debt. This would be wonderful if the game was not designed by elitists whom become the true employer of the elected officials, however people keep falling for the commercial, the false promises, the illusion of fortitude. No King or government official was ever been the public Saviour, but as learned in past experiences with Jesus Christ and Robin Hood, was the ones who threw the wolves at the Saviours.

Law Enforcement: This one is so simple. At no time in history have police or military ever been the good ones, instead names like Mandela, Ghandi, Martin Luther King and so many others including Jesus Christ were prosecuted, persecuted and tortured or killed by these people. The police attack people within the country and the military attacks people in another country. This is good? This is heroism? This is children of the Devil! Their allegiance is to the government…not the people. Check out any protest of citizenry today and you will see a Riot Squad preparing to attack. They are the children of the Wolves, and they will always do the community no good. Forget them.

Celebrities: The names online like Michael Moore, Alex Jones, David Icke, the guys at Coast to Coast and so many more come out fighting for the little guy and then, it becomes a new commercial opportunity to sell DVD after DVD, leading into an array of blindness. Let’s call a spade a spade, Alex Jones goes after the Bilderberg group, a secret society, and this is his attempt to save the world. Well, I would like to know where Alex buys his costumes, cause the cape is kind of cute, but if you want to wear the S on the chest buddy, you better learn to f’n fly.

Mainstream Media: Nothing needs to be said here, but Never trust the media nor a cop, they lie, lie and lie some more, whether it be why they tasered a little old lady or why the Swine Flu shot is good for you. Media is the very worst for lying and telling only the side of the story that the officials and authorities want the masses to hear, stop buying newspapers, listening to radio or television news broadcasts. The internet is the only resource for truth, uninhibited truth, unaltered and unregulated by government.

Stop seeking the leaders who so brilliantly deceive with intent to expose corruption or reaffirm moral structure, they are the TOOLS of deceit, and the masses who follow in blind faith are the FOOLS. Those who promote themselves by name as a product are indeed a product, and those who promote an agenda for a Church, the Media, the Government, the Law or otherwise are compensations of the product. The only truth, the only real truth, is the truth within.

There is but one that all must and should follow, that is yourself. Your inner conscious is your true leader in spirituality, morality and destiny. Those who follow have no right to blame another, and those who lead have received all right to deceive from the followers. You are both your own worst enemy and your only Saviour. Look to no other than you and the one who created your spirit of awareness, your conscious of being, the Creator of all living within the Universe.

And that’s the bottom line, cause Stone Cold said so. Stone Cold t-shirts are available at some website run by a dumbass who sells another form of stupidity called wrestling. Actually, make up your own t-shirt, as below:

“I am not a property of government, I am the property of the Universal Father, if you want me, my family or my money, go talk to him a**hole”.

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posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 08:57 PM
reply to post by Unleashed68

And it really killed the majority of the real Enlightened Beings

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