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BREAKING : New "Al-Qaeda killing" video posted.

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posted on Jun, 14 2004 @ 10:15 AM

Originally posted by spngsambigpants
Could some one please inform me as to what the COuntdown Video is?

Heres info on it, I believe the video has been pulled for the most part

posted on Jun, 14 2004 @ 02:44 PM

Originally posted by TrickmastertricK
I'm assuming they were trying to hide the site in a finance group, Would this be supporting terrorism? I know Freedom of Speach is at issue, but, if Yahoo is knowingly hosting it and with The Patriot Act in effect can and should they be held accountable?
Maybe I will start a new thread on this......If there is enough intrest....
[edit on 13-6-2004 by TrickmastertricK]

It's an interesting point. Not being able to read arabic I certainly wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a regular arabic site and a "terrorist" one. I guess if you can get anonymous access to the net in some cyber-cafe somewhere it's all to easy to set up a free hosted website.

I'd imagine some companies like yahoo and google already have arrangements with intelligence services for monitoring things like this. They cleaned from the google cache within a few days of the Nick Berg video coming out, so there's probably some link somewhere.

posted on Jun, 14 2004 @ 02:57 PM
My gut reation is that it is a fake. It seems rushed but in a staged way, if that makes sense. If it was real they could have made major capital from it, by that i mean they could have major statement about the evil west yada, yada, yada. And does that suv in the background looks in pretty good condition for down town Bagdad? Perhaps someone could blow that up and get number and hand it to the authorities?

posted on Jun, 14 2004 @ 03:41 PM
I dont manage to view the video I have download. Can someone tell me why and what to do. I think the problem is I can't load .rm on my Win Media player or Bplayer.
Could you tell me?
I'd like to see those men from Al CIAda.

posted on Jun, 14 2004 @ 03:44 PM

download the free player (it's a tiny little link.. they try to sell you the full version)

posted on Jun, 14 2004 @ 06:41 PM
Thank you I'll try.

Well, I havent seen the video.
If those people are the same that killed Nick Berg, they should look the same. It could also be that they are 8 at least. Those people seem Arabs. So, Arabs are working with them. Yes, they could be American or Algerian, we cant know who they are. So, we could say that some people are doing things to accuse something. Thinking that, I think those peoples are porters against/for the war. This is really not simple but Im forgetting a lot of things. Remember why that war was made, I mean what it has only bring, 2 things, war and oil. But there were other changes. The Moyen-Orient is changing. But, what do they live there. They live in ignorance of a war made for theme all. Their lives are killed, their houses, their games because we are all different but want them like us. In a way we can be scared by terrorism. In an other way, those murders and attacks seems to me to touch more Iraq and Islam that any thing else. In an other way, I see more dying informed people (journalists, westerner workers to rebuild, VIP of governments and trading) that those of the caolition, and also a lot of Arabs.

Who have to prove the war and its hoaxes about many things were necessary and not made for oil and oil only? Terrorists may be not like this. And may be, we are not said what they want, peace? Till 1991? did Ben Ladden died? Are we going to create them? Who made Who? Or, who is the only master. In nomine patri et fili et esperitu sancti.

No, no, Im a good boy.

posted on Jun, 16 2004 @ 10:43 PM
I've just finished doing some audio analysis on the Paul Johnson video with Reverse Speech. Wasn't really aware of this one (Jacob), but I'll see what I can get from it as well.

The Johnson video and the Berg video share one major attribute. In each case the supposed terrorist giving the long speech in Arabic (?) is a native English speaker. To my American ears, the English is unaccented, so I will bet on it being an American in each case. The killers in the Berg video are probably from the military intelligence unit in Baghdad. The Johnson video is a much classier production, and is either CIA or Mossad.

This essentially means that any video production you see with the same logo and style as the Johson video is coming out of the same "studio". So that includes this one of a shooting. The Berg video served a double role of establishing the "legend" for the imaginary Al Zarkawi who, unless our boys inexplicably run out of funding will surely strike again in another false-flag op.

I'm in strong disagreement with those who feel that the visuals are faked. The audio tells a different story for Berg. The video of Johnson, who we assume may still be alive is obviously geniune. But that raises the question of how this agency got it if they didn't do the kidnapping themselves.

Let you know what I find on the Jacob film.

posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 01:59 AM
Well, it took a while but it was worth it.

No question the shooting is real. Also a strong suggestion that at least one of the attackers is normally an English speaker. The reversals are all absolutely consistent, and could never be faked by actors.

I'll write up a report and post it on the Terrorism thread that also addresses this video tomorrow.

This whole business of Americans killing other Americans for a photo-op (remember Waco?) is really beyond words.

[edit on 17-6-2004 by Strider]

posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 05:45 AM
Certainly the Johnson video has cast the Jacobs video in a new light, being obviously from the same studio. Aspects like the curious camera work, subtle but intentional framing and editing of the Jacobs video, and the (to my eyes anyway) curious acting, particularly the Stan Laurel performance of "thin-blueshirt" during the actual shooting, are what make it look to me to be fake. Or at least staged in someway with a pair of expendable thugs perpetrating the apparent murder.

From a production point of view, the Jacob Video looks the most plausibly genuine to me. As for the who, the why though.. and the web of shady goings on that must be going on out there right now..I really don't know, and look forward to hearing other peoples thoughts.

One way or another, this whole tactic of video-ing and releasing images of atrocities is an ominous one, whoever's behind it.

posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 10:47 AM
My analysis of the Jacobs killing, using reverse speech, is now posted on the TA-Analysis Thread

posted on Jun, 18 2004 @ 02:46 PM
Yes, Al CIAda has stop to make fake videos till Nick. They kill people for real and in front of camera now. But everything is made to make those video less aggressive, even if horrific. It is psychology and it protect them if this was really discovered : we can say it may be fake, they killed not them like pigs, its not very clear... But they are pigs and the message is that terrorists are pigs, just like the fat man that shoot Robert Jacob like a rabbit. Do we see a real killing with brain explosion?
Too me, the first shot killed him and was done to stop his heart so blood dont flow. He is shot in the head, I think. But is he really Robert Jacob who seems to have been found dieing at home?
Also, what does it mean to have chosen .rm media? Do we pay Al CIAda? Are we recorded or connected to Al CIAda with a little cookie? Who hold real media firm? Bush lobby? Do someone understand and tell me about?
The friends and family of Johnson have explained to the terrorist that he like (love) very much Arab countries, is interested by Koran and is convinced the war can stop (why? I think he is a bit clever). They said it was enough to get him free if those people were muslim, but they are even not Christian or Jew or anything, just lobbiers. Nick and R. Jacob thought the same. Was it too much for Al CIAda?
Of course the time for the video of R. Jacob was prepared. They made him come to a rendezvous, filmed everything and put on the net what was good for an oil lobby and the war continuation.
Tonight in France will be a doc about the wars of bush, what was the link between bush grand father and Hitler (steal, weapons). I think I understand why bush is really for the Jews to go in Palestinia and why nothing is made to stop nazi sites in America.
I asked a question yesterday on a French national TV programme (France 5, C dans lair) by SMS: Can we say that G. Bush lobby control Saoudian and Iraqian oil now. Those people that told about democracy in Iraq had to say : YES!!! It is about 55(OPEP and America) to 70% (Europ and Russia estimation, remember Russia and France were the only one accepted by Saddam to extract oil in Iraq) of the oil on the market. Why a difference of 25%?

Funky shrubs! I think they are masters of a sect!

And here is to you a Nostradamus verse I translate in English:

L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
Du ciel viendra un grand Roi d'effreyeur :
Ressusciter le grand Roy d'Angolmoi,
Avant aprs Mars rgner par bon heur.

The year thousand nine-hundred nine-ten nine seven months,
From the sky will come a great king of scaring :
Resuscitate is the great king of Angolmoi,
Befor and after Mars to reign by will (or/and hope).

In July 1999,
Fallen down (or with a divine mission) will come the king of terror :
Born again from the chef of the English Mongol land,
Before and after (1999), the war will reign by a will.

Angolmoi is a word made with the worlds Angloi (English in old French) and Mongol. The lands where live the Mongols are Mongolia (Asia) and America that was colonised by them 10000 years ago. Those people are called Indian of America. The English Mongolian land is north America.
Who was said to be a future president in July 1999?
Mars is the God of War.
I dont know what it does in English but in French it is very clear!!!
The same person is also called the MENDOSUS (the crazy-dangerous in Latin). He is to make the war to the Selin (the Muslim moon) and Mesopotamia (Irak) and make his own kingdom far from justice courts. He is said to create such a false antichrist that every one will be in the scrum (mle).
Strange isnt it?

posted on Jun, 18 2004 @ 02:55 PM
Ok, Bush grand father was only the Banker of Hitler. What?
Yes, he was the Banker one, not one banker, of Hitler. It means that he controled his money and the money of Germany, of weapons. He was also making work from concentration camps people in his firms in est europ..........

This is too much for me. The furer is G. Bush, this is why he wants so much Jews to go to palestinia and may be be killed.
You have elected the devil, the mind of Adolf Hitler, this is not a haox, verify it please.
I will wright more about in other tread.
There was also an other doc that talk about the war in Afghanistan and trust me, the terrorists they have captured are actors.....
The world is to colaps!

[edit on 19/6/2004 by Alchy]

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 02:46 PM

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 01:03 AM
How is this bumped up to current discussion?
the last reply is from 2004, it's not the 1st time i've seen this on ATS.
Is there some random ATS magical bumping bot?
or is there a hax people use to bring there old topics to the top of the list??

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 06:17 PM
reply to post by thestink

An Anon poster replied to it, which bumped the topic,

Staff have to approve the anon post before it gets seen, so you should be able to see the post now,

Anon poster, The link was from 2004 so you may have to re search out what you are looking for,

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 04:31 PM
reply to post by muppet

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