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About Real-Life Super-Powers

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posted on Jan, 31 2012 @ 08:20 AM
reply to post by ka119

the first one doesn't look to be complete. watch the whole series to find it
woman stopping
It's worth it's own thread. Maybe there is one or two.
That dead like woman? Dunno... leprosy, age? She looks to be fully dead soon...

posted on Jan, 31 2012 @ 10:59 PM

Originally posted by yourmaker

Originally posted by VekTorVik
Kind of like when you buy a certain car and then notice suddenly every one else is driving the same type of car. Did we all at the same point psychically connect to make similar purchases, or do I just see cars similar to mine because I am now more aware of them?

this just reminded me that I have the weirdest ability to know that a cop car is near me when i'm driving and to be able to pinpoint them out of a group. like my own spidey sense for avoiding tickets. it's weird, i'll be minding my own and instantly I get the cop thought, takes me 2 seconds, there it is. so weird.

That is one I can relate to as well. When I was a teenager, I always knew when the cops were gonna bust the party. It was just time to go. It was almost like a push to leave.

posted on Jan, 31 2012 @ 11:57 PM
reply to post by PapagiorgioCZ

Awesome, its late and I have an early morning so ill watch tomorrow.
And I was just gathering your thoughts on black magic and all.
If you think that she is truly walking dead.
I believe anything is possible, but who knows.

posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 04:43 PM
Do you think that things like weather control, body shift, travel back in time (transfer your consciousness to another time line or to some place in past and stay there) are possible?

posted on Feb, 3 2012 @ 12:46 AM

Originally posted by Deicide88
Do you think that things like weather control, body shift, travel back in time (transfer your consciousness to another time line or to some place in past and stay there) are possible?

Yes -- the qigong masters can do this. You can meet a real qigong master who has done these things -- Chunyi Lin

You can also read the book "Opening the Dragon Gate" on Wang, Liping.

Also qigong master Yan Xin -- Paul Dong's book discusses him.

posted on Feb, 4 2012 @ 04:38 PM
Networking Tactics of Astral Espionage

The mission statement of the network, and the emotional and ethical motivation of its leadership hierarchy, are all that of an absolute necessity new recruits are owed, and responsible for obtaining. If a network is to have rights to offensive maneuvers of any kind, this classification of information is to be categorized “We need to know” 100% of the time.

Science and mind reading should help to establish a burden of proof in concern to such in excess of what has been possible during any prior historic epoch. Astral travel and mind reading provide one the ability to network non locally upon a hierarchy of trust (love, sanity, and intelligence) anywhere on the planet, and no monetary expense is required of the effort.

Networking sanity requires astrally uniting and supplementing the rate of progress of the global science of psychiatry and psychology. If of an underground persuasion, intel on prioritizing non detection (the meaning of “underground”), the burden of proof required of licensed psychiatrists and soldiers should be thoroughly researched and exceeded if anyone’s degree is to be for any reason invisible.

N Tactic 1) Networking in the present mind, “I am trustworthy now,” so as to motivate global emotional shifts in internal motivation and ability to be sane and altruistic. Once the rules of doctor patient confidentiality can be validated telepathically between therapist and anonymous untrustworthy sorts, membership benefits of proven fact trustworthiness can be used to seduce global trends toward the solutions to all problems (including Global Warming).

This recruiting tactic is not to be confused with an investigative technique. Its success requires thoroughly scientifically validating precision of present minded data extraction, so as to thoroughly test the system for slightest presence of loophole. How many ways are there to falsify the impression of sane trustworthiness before a mind reader?

N Tactic 2) Manifest a hierarchy of exclusivity based upon how far recruits are willing to go to prove they can be trusted. This tactic may merge with Tactic 1, but in the beginning stages of Astral Networking thoroughness may require a categorization of information a minority or majority does not consent to provide.

N Tactic 3) The time tested middle ground between precision and thoroughness of information extraction. To be established scientifically.

N Tactic 4) 7billion recruitment possibilities exist, $0 is required to recruit upon a hierarchy of lack of discrimination and consent, and $0 is required to travel anywhere in astral form.

Anyone that is at least altruistically motivated and not under suspicion of any crimes, regardless of sanity level or intellectual ability level, has the right to learn, and therefore to be taught, how to be immune to telepathic mind control.

posted on Feb, 4 2012 @ 04:41 PM
Defensive Maneuvers of Astral Espionage

Anyone who can read your mind without your knowledge or that of your team can completely enslave your will and radically re-condition your psyche.

D Tactic 1) Know thyself. To resist the impact of mind control, learn to remain the same with the exception of increased discipline resisting. It may be useful, before exposed to a mind control vulnerability, to memorize an ideal self as vividly as one’s actual to move toward.

D Tactic 2) An efficiency motivated group trained alongside one another, to know the nuances of each other’s psyches, can check point each other for subtle or blunt psychological changes that the group consents to explicitly ban ahead of time. The check points should be thoroughly memorized to avoid increasing likelihood of team’s detection.

“Check points” can involve stable locations only the group itself is aware of, or a complex time and location memorized shifting pattern. The physical body’s probability of interception decreases if its location is complex because if the physical body is always at the same place the astral enemy only has to intersect w/ that location once to intercept one’s entire team. It is also easier to monitor one another with great frequency if one’s locations are concealed yet stable.

D Tactic 3) When necessary to confront and telepathically validate intel, or when you are otherwise required to provide an enemy with the opportunity to brainwash you via the obvious nature of your physical location, you have the option of permitting a team of friendlies to monitor your brain 24/7 while defending themselves utilizing D Tactic 2. Make sure you are thorough in explaining to them what they are allowed to “block,” so they don’t wind up accidentally brainwashing you themselves.

D Tactic 4) If intercepted anyhow and isolated from one’s defenders, have a plan. Attempt to keep one’s attackers calm and sane, and seek to eliminate their selfish advantage in remaining inside your head.

If you know you have been intercepted, you have the option of Seeking therapy, Attempting to induce self paralysis so that a hostile enemy cannot force you to do anything wrong – such as by committing a “victimless” crime in a public setting which invites extensive prison time, or to Have a signal memorized that doesn’t make your behavior look abnormal and that only your team recognizes, a method of revealing your physical location to your pre-existing friendlies. You can also attempt to alert the psychic community in general, or an eyeballed trusted faction of it, to your physical location.

Unique situational parameters demand the ability to adapt.

posted on Feb, 4 2012 @ 04:45 PM
Offensive Maneuvers of Astral Espionage

Tracking the Enemy

I will use as an example three categories I consider rational for professional militaries to track: Networked Racists Who Commit Murder, Third World Child Slavery, and WMDs.

Three basic levels of training are required of one’s military to intercept these threats, and in the case of WMDs, a certain level of training / trust is necessary of those you turn the WMDs over to. In my opinion only professional soldiers should ever make the attempt, and every private citizen should know the receiving team is striving to disable the WMDs and will never use them. The highest immunity to mind control and highest assessable burden of trust is required of militaries and governments willing to disband WMDs of no intent to use.

In the case of Networked Racists Who Commit Murder, especially Nazi Occultists (such as the Nazi Satanists movement, the plausible origin of mass Satanic Ritual Abuse hysteria, the religious fanatical version of Racist Sociopathy to recruit en masse through popular online websites), the military to be tracked may possess a thorough working knowledge of astral espionage. One’s intercept team should possess the second highest validated ability to resist mind control (to re-emphasize the importance of the first place category, only militaries of the ability level of Elite Navy Seals should be intercepting nukes).

Third world child slavery, if the region is not already in possession of incredible psychic power, requires the lowest degree of training to intercept and eliminate as an epidemic problem. A strong stomach. World History Cliffs AP (2006) pg 132 states that Saudi Arabia was shipping sex slaves out of Africa at least one hundred years prior to the Atlantic slave trade (British-American), and they were sex slaves. This was legal in Saudi Arabia until the 1960s. Presumably to occur at the level of Royal Entitlement.

O Tactic 1) Astral travel + mind reading. Every country possesses a list of registered hate crime offenders and registered sex offenders. All the obviously guilty suspects, invisibly force them to reference their every memory of anyone else that is guilty that isn’t as obvious as them, and intercept from the astral plane.

O Tactic 2) On the field tracking maneuvers: the enemy is already actively combative, and keeping their physical whereabouts a secret. Classic techniques utilized to track human beings are supplemented, not injured, by astral travel and telepathy. Have your military study pre-existing tactics never before associated with the psychic realm.

O Tactic 3) Psychic research may reveal that learning through focus to inhibit abstraction, to with a large retention faculty learn to travel directly through causality, it may be possible to travel directly through a hologram of the past and future. In a similar manner, without reflecting on probability of success (or surrendering confidence until after the experiment is performed) and without possessing a general location, it may be possible to douse for anything by willing one’s astral form to it.

O Tactic 4) If the enemy has an astral form, telepathically mind control that astral form to be small so that it requires few resources to guard until trials are available. Any size military of astral enemies is most conveniently defeated in this manner.

Ethical Decision Making

To the extent it is possible, calculate the degree of abstraction between one’s self and a total retention of all relevant variables (#v1, #v2, #v3…). Learn to quantify suffering (#s), free will (#f), and pleasure (#p) your decision will contribute to alleviating and protecting. Highest burden of proof the times allow.

posted on Feb, 4 2012 @ 06:20 PM
The Alchemy of Rainbow Heart Music: How Paranormal Sonofusion Subverts the Matrix Conspiracy

My free download book on how to train to get real life super powers. 725 scholarly footnotes.

posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 01:33 PM
reply to post by fulllotusqigong

speaking of nazi's didn't they run psychic experiments expeca
lly on twins and do you think twins are more likely to aquire mind reading abilities?

posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 01:35 PM
reply to post by Cassie Clay

I have all the answers you are looking for i know the reason people are destined to have powers such as the ones you displayed they are a form of psychic focus and training of the body and the soul and mind. And for more info contact me some how.

posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 12:47 AM

Originally posted by SpiritWolfPup
reply to post by fulllotusqigong

speaking of nazi's didn't they run psychic experiments expeca
lly on twins and do you think twins are more likely to aquire mind reading abilities?

Actually Puharich a CIA mind control scientist mentions the Twin telepathy study -- how their brains synchronize at the 7 hertz -- and the CIA used Nazi mind control scientists for MKUltra which Puharich was part of also.

So then Persinger picked up on Puharich's research -- I actually corresponded with Persinger about Puharich. Persinger tested 7 hertz alpha wave synchronization in the right hemisphere and confirmed that it does create telepathy between people.

Googlebooks has an excerpt on a new book on this topic "Mysterious Minds"

Qigong master Chunyi Lin told a cyberfriend of mine who talked to Chunyi Lin in Amsterdam that telepathy was "too impure" to practice.

posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 02:05 AM
reply to post by fulllotusqigong

sweet good to know ill have to do some more research on that have any reliable links?

posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 04:07 AM

Originally posted by SpiritWolfPup
reply to post by fulllotusqigong

sweet good to know ill have to do some more research on that have any reliable links?

Here's Puharich's final book that mentions the telepathy twin experiment

It's a bit convoluted in lay out as you'll get pages of references sandwiched between the continuation of text.

From my experience telepathy works as an electromagnetic field generated out of the pineal gland -- the center of the skull -- and this creates a kind of mirage of energy radiating around you -- and when your pineal gland energy hits someone's brain then your pineal gland can transduce their thoughts.

This biography of the most famous Thai meditation master gives examples of telepathy

posted on Feb, 22 2012 @ 06:56 PM
reply to post by Cassie Clay

i know some people can conduct electricity better than others or something like that and can take, store and give out remarkable amounts of electricity for a human but this is all science related i don't think things like magic, and other things will exist.

posted on Feb, 23 2012 @ 12:58 AM
This is an amazing new super power qigong master healing podcast -- live free healing -- feel the energy and enjoy -- Chunyi Lin's latest

Just scroll down to Feb. 22 and play. the live healing starts after the first hour but the first hour he tells about some of his healing in the past -- amazing.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 11:50 PM
-. watch 'stan lee's superhumans' on history channel or youtube

-as i've told Astral, a fork levitated a few inches and dropped as i was reaching for it, about a foot or two away, and it was on a solid counter, no earthquake, and had to reflect for a minute to convince myself it happened. only my kids believe me so far! i guess you guys will have no dought if energy balls are being lobbed around!
I think it's the electricity that controls our thoughts and movement creating an electro-magnetic 'charge'

-i think astral projection could be viewed as a super power, and witches and monks have been either chanting or meditating thier way to that state for 100's of years, hence the witch on a broom stick flying around..

-the power comes from what we truly believe, our amazing brains manifest thought tto reality with enough will and patience. more people dont/cant do these things because of either the most universal human traight, laziness, lack of desire to do them, or disbelief. (quik wierd story: a guy manifested milk from his breast in 3 weeks to feed a baby because he willed himself to do it. creepy but the possablities of manifestation are neat)

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 11:53 PM
reply to post by atcscc

magic is only what science hasn't exlained yet, it's just funner to think of it that way

posted on Mar, 15 2012 @ 08:11 AM
1) Do you think this a relatively new phenomenon, or have there been throughout history reports of people having extraordinary abilities like the ones I described?

- I believe that there haven been abilities for a lonnnnnggg time, you can basically find it in any prehestoric documents we have, even religious ones.

Please google ancient egyptians and so on. It is very very fascinating.

2) If this is not a new phenomenon, would you say that there seems to be a sharp increase in the amount of people who can do this in the modern era, or even in the last 25 years?

- I think there is an uprising in the amount of people who are willing to enter into the paranormal with an open mind, making it a bit more viable for them to achieve these things without being interrupted by a belief system, and even though I am a Christian myself, i fully believe that we have the ability to do more than we think.

- I myself can do some telepathy, clairvoyance, audiovoyance and a bit more, and the one interesting thing i have found for myself is that it seems that emotion is the fuel that gets me going rather than thought itself, you should really try to clear your mind. A lot is possible.

3) Does the Powers That Be take this seriously at all? I know that in Russia & China there have been extensive studies & training of these people. Why not in the West? Or is it going on and we don't know it?

- To throw in a theory, that i am not quite sure of, I think that in the prehistoric ages there were a lot of intereference from extraterrestrial life, which taught us a lot, it is found all over, the flower of life seems to be a symbol of great value, it is worth investigating a bit more, but to get to the point, I think that YES, these countries that we know nothing of are actually doing these things, I have heard acounts of chinese people with great abilities, and in regards to Russia, I almost wana say What happens in Russia, stays in Russia.

4) Should people with these abilities stick together & form online/realtime support groups/communities, or is it better to remain scattered & not attract attention? Or should people with these abilities be "outing" themselves on public boards at all? Or am I being paranoid? Or am I not being paranoid?

- I believe we need to for a group, in fact i would really much like that, it could only inspire you to become more effective since you wont feel like i have most of my life, like a psycho.

- The thing is, we are reaching the turning point, no matter what angle you take, religious or not, we are changing, I think that 80% of people are realising it.

Since i was born and bred in africa, I think its needless to say that we have not been affected by all the junk as much as in the states ( or so I think at least )

I will give you a few examples of things that happened in my life only this year.
1. I managed to more a piece of paper with my mind - this only happened once
2. I was successfully able to mentally receive someone's thoughts to the point of shock - to that person
3. Me and one of my friends tried projecting thoughts to one another, which worked
4. My Little brother had his first astral projection two nights ago.
5. I projected to a friend who saw me and spoke to me.

Lots are happening.

Please send me a message - if you can do that, i Just joined this site about 15 minutes ago...

posted on Mar, 24 2012 @ 01:14 PM
I do experience SLI phenomenon, and although others can't prove it on a demand basis, I entirely disagree to that. There was a time when I called a friend of mine to witness how 2 street lights 30 meters apart shut off as I walked pass to it one after the other. And when I walked back, lights flickered. Can someone help me develop or enhance this energy I'm aware off. For now, I'm doing meditations 5 mins everyday... And are there more exercises I should be doing or including besides meditation?

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