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Possibility of Underwater Landslide + tsunami? .. in the Gulf?

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posted on Jun, 20 2010 @ 12:08 AM
Epiphany moment I suspect.

I have looked at images of the Gulf of Mexico .. esp. the area where the well is sitting.

Correct me if I am wrong ... but the well is sitting on a SLOPE ... a crumbling slope it seems.

There is a pocket of some unknown substance .. ostensibly methane (thought I can wish it was water) .. building under the well head. This has been made public knowledge by Richard Hoagland in these two videos:
First:" target="_blank" class="postlink">R. Hoagland on Coast to Coast ... re: 20 mile wide bubble under the well head .. GULF

Louisiana is a very verdant state, and the river area is more so ... When I visited West Monroe, LA decades ago I had trouble drinking the water. It has a distinctive taste ,.. it is very hard to make yourself swallow it. It is very "swampy". There are Methane wells there, and something called the Monroe Rise or the Monroe Dome ... Oil People are familiar with this area.

This and the reports of ANCIENT deposits of Methane in the area, cause me to suspect this may be one of the richest areas in Methane in the Americas (though I could be wrong).

Please recall the huge tsunami in Alaska which happened in an enclosed bay due to the collapse of the wall of soil on the far end. The movement of the water was enormous .. quite unexpected ... the amount of dirt moved, and the fact that the sea water was enclosed are the most likely explanations ...

What do we have in the Gulf at this moment under a News Blackout?

A huge bubble of "some" substance -- growing into/over the cavity left by the oil and the blown out well casing (maybe the cement as well by this time) and growing much more rapidly than the oil is going out (__??__ ___ a day?) ... or the ground would not be rising up by "tens of feet" !!

The angle of the slope is basically East * West ... so where is this potential first wave aimed? ... Should we still have a news black out? ... Do we need to alert our Neighbors? ... Do we need to accept help from experts in other countries? ...

Are we still "ISOLATIONISTS"?? ...

This is a World Class (ocean) Disaster building .. Russia called us, the Saudi called us ...
can we really leave the world out of it and expect they will just think it is OK? ...


The fall from grace ... no more moral high ground, America the dead beats.

The Last war make most of the World mad at us, this would finish the job!!

Obama ... WAKE UP!

posted on Jun, 20 2010 @ 01:21 AM

Please take a moment and consider what a film of oil does on the surface of the ocean (esp. in the tropics)

We need to take some action on this event, not just let it go on and on, and on under a news blackout, ... under an intimidating / controlling corporate shield!

This is "not just another spill" ... that is quite clear!

But we may have to require BP to allow us to document "all aspects of the ongoing spill" (scientifically) and require them to lift the news blackout!!

Because it is possibly the World, not just the Gulf ... and even BP do not have another planet to go live on if this one has a tragic incident of a planet changing magnitude.

We think of ourselves as World Shepherds ...
... but we are not doing that job now. It is like the Taliban Oil Company just moved in and took over the Gulf, and we are molly coddling them.

If BP were above board:

We would not be locked out on issues which have such an impact on our shores! We would not be locked out along with with Mexico and the countries on the northern coast of S. America.

Imported temporary workers without health care would not be working the spill in silence. The CDC went down to collect data on how to develop ameliorating drugs for people who work oil spills and oil workers in general, and to study the cluster of symptoms being displayed by ill workers in health care locations. This is being worked around, now, so that no hard health data can be collected on the exposed cleaning teams.

There would be collaboration on spill data, there would be collaboration with other experts in the World ...

This is wrong.
Please turn it around.

Climate people: .. Consider:

Oil on the water = increase water temps ...
Oil on the water = increase air temps
Oil on the water = decrease evaporation .. no clouds

== bigger summer storms in the S. Atlantic
== drought for those who depend on Atlantic moisture for the rains ...
== faster global warming!!
== faster ice melt in the arctic!!

The conveyor will take all this heated water there first! -- I have seen maps of the oil going to the mid ocean gyre, but we know the conveyor works because it goes to the Ice .. where ever the edge is at the time!

== increase sea level rise

Someone in climatology?

Are any of you in Climatology .. or know someone in climatology?

I would like some hard data on these ideas -- some estimates, some prognostications ... as it were. I would like an informed opinion on the ideas here .. .. .. Please.

We need an informed opinion on how fast microbes could clear the Gulf, we need an estimate of how bad it could become if they do not use them. ... ... and you need a decent estimate of the oil coming out of the Deepsea Horizon spill, the other two leaking well spills .. and any collateral damages from the explosive decompression (at the speed of sound some have said) of the sub sea oil and gas pocket currently leaking full blast --other sea floor breaches; (plz. --- estimate twice; once average and once high)

We need an estimate of climate impact if we get a tsunami event with the Crude and Corexit in the mix.

Most of the undersea Corexit will be coming top side in 2 weeks or so ... and this is when the summer rains begin for the Gulf Coast (July)... onshore winds bring onshore rain ... maybe less evaporation is a blessing for them in this case.

posted on Jun, 20 2010 @ 05:30 AM
I saw your thread on FB....have you got some links to view maps/geological surveys of the area in question so we can see what you are talking about. Also have you links to the Alaskan disaster for comparison and perhaps maps of the area in question before and after what happened so we can see if there is a distinctive correlation ? Without images and actual data people on here are not likely to pay a huge amount of attention to what could be an important issue. Maybe you can edit your opening post to include some relevant links.

Also your vids did not work
If you use the search function and put in something like how to embed you tube videos you'll find out how to

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posted on Jun, 20 2010 @ 06:31 AM
"Possibility of Underwater Landslide + tsunami? .. in the Gulf?"

No chance mate.

You see the air will catch fire or the oil will hit the earths core and create a volcano and nevermind the astroyed thats going to crash into the gulf or that the oil is radio active and glows green at night.

Since everyone now flys a theory on whats going to happen in the Gulf, i think it's about my turn and i think the dolphin, whales and sharks are going to fight back and attack all man made objects in the sea and all the sea life will be helped by ET.

We need an estimate of climate impact if we get a tsunami event with the Crude and Corexit in the mix.

yeah and the dead fish thrown into the mix but first we need to know what type of dead fish.

It's an oil leak folks, a big oil leak that will be stopped after obama gets a carbon tax and golden-ball-sacks has made a killing and these are the isues we need to concentrate on instead of a load of way out 'What if's' stories

Still it stops everyone thinking about the economy, golden-sacks Bp dealings or iserails attack on the peace convoy does it not.

Sorry but this is Bp end of times thing is being done to death on ATS

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posted on Jun, 20 2010 @ 07:44 AM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

You know, I am so new over here, I have no idea how to edit a post, and when I tried to embed the video it said "what is the Video number" .. which is like Greek to me .. do You Tube videos have numbers?

[So you are VZ? .. cool!!] -- I will note you on an important aspect of this which is totally unknown to 97%of the people as well.

So I have been limited to posting links.

I will put the map and the Hoagland videos on here ... in a new post (I am too long winded I think, but there is so much to get out there ... argh ... see? ... hopeless!!) You know those features look like bathyspheres .. around the well. I wonder what they were thinking? ... There has been a land slide there too, over near Florida.

I did not test the link, usually I do and this time I spaced it .. sorry. Guess I have been posting too much and the brain is starting to go on snooze breaks.

posted on Jun, 20 2010 @ 08:30 AM

Originally posted by LieBuster
"Possibility of Underwater Landslide + tsunami? .. in the Gulf?"

No chance mate.

Since everyone now flies a theory on whats going to happen in the Gulf, I think it's about my turn and I think the dolphin, whales and sharks are going to fight back and attack all man made objects in the sea and all the sea life will be helped by ET.

We need an estimate of climate impact if we get a tsunami event with the Crude and Corexit in the mix.

It's an oil leak folks, a big oil leak that will be stopped after Obama gets a carbon tax and golden-ball-sacks has made a killing

[edit on 20-6-2010 by LieBuster]

You know .. I sincerely hope you are correct .. I really do. I see you liked AVATAR. Lets let the ETs do the sea items too. Safer all 'round!!

The Gulf "and surrounds" do not need to be bathed in oiled water perfumed with the most toxic and dangerous dispersant ever known to mankind! (that is a quote in another post and I would have to go get the link .. but I can if you'd like).

It is $$SOROS who is deep in the money with the next drilling op off the coast of Brazil -- which already has a 2M pledge by Obama to Brazil for said op. And BP has the Atlantis working, and all others are stopped from deep exploration .. a 'neat' turn of the day.

See I don't ignore every thing else ... I just spent 13 extra hours on this topic. Reading and posting take time, but posting takes more.

I am liking the carbon tax. I would love to get off fossil fuels .. did you know we "motor car age" people have 400 times as much lead in our bones as people from before the invention of the motor car? ... wow! ... I want a solar car!!
Henry the VIII and all his wives had lead poisoning .. his fav desert was made with wine in a lead chaffing dish.

Sometimes I wonder if Oil Guys are Bully ETs .. but that is off topic.

The idea of bringing in additional facets .. because that is the idea here ... is to give the Pres more leverage to force the brass knuckled hands of BP execs ..

Congress is softening them up, but Obama ... he likes to be the civil diplomat I think ... so we need to get the ammunition to him! .. .. He is accepting their say ... but they are dirty rotten liers (and that is part of Oil Men Subculture .. worse than you can even guess) .. so we are doing the "news-esque reporter-esque thing and providing input --- which is a good thing for loyal citizens to do.

Its the Loyal Citizens who are going to suffer ... so .. here we are standing together, huddled at our keyboards looking for answers ...

One Answer is get facts out which cannot be disputed ... and demand some response!!

Climate data, tsunami data ... REAL data on well flow, REAL data on other leaking wells and floor vents and etc ... the floating sensors which can warn the ships away if the bubble looks immanent!! ..
They cannot survive it, not even life jackets or inflated boats have enough buoyancy .. this would be like Quick Seawater .. instead of quick sand.

It is not just the people on the shore but the workers too, and most live in the Gulf ... all BP loses is investment. That is the nature of a corporation.

The Hoagland Videos:
Richard Hoagland on Coast to Coast
The second one:
Hoagland videos from Coast to Coast part 2

The interactive map: .. it is awesome, great map!!
Interactive map of the Gulf Coast .. (check the features)

Excellent blog of person working on the research boat that BP allowed in and then barred from coming back!Research boat blog .. lots of nice photos!

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