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America - The uncontainable nation.

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posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 06:50 PM
309 million people reside within America, a large sum of which are tax-paying, good hearted citizens that have fought for what they have. We live in a sophisticated illusion, built around the concept of capitalism, which is good and bad. The bad part is, the wealth is not distributed as it should be, corporations pay less, and well, the majority of us here, pay the bulk.

Us, as a whole, we're created by us, as a whole, not by a dictatorship, not by a machine, we we're created by ourselves, we are this nation...

And that's why I'm posting this thread.

There is no work here, in the US, and it's being done deliberately. They want us to rely on the Fed, which, we will not. People are more aware now than they have been in some 200 years. We are being controlled, and guided by a machine, by a beast.

I've no work, I can't even get a job at the local liquor store. McDonalds isn't hiring, neither is 7/11.

People are holding on to what they have for the life of them, in the literal sense, and if they try and push more taxes(health care), and take gasoline to 7$ in this economy, with 309 million people, of which the MAJORITY are middle class, and those in poverty - we will strike back.

It may not be organized, and it most definitely will not be pretty - but I can guarantee you this country's leader will be OVERTHROWN from office and a revolution WILL occur.

The times in front of us are very very uncertain, but one thing is certain - We are American, and it is our DUTY to uphold the government as WE see fit, and when votes don't make a difference -- and, they dont, then it is our JOB as a nation to REINSTATE WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY OURS, THIS COUNTRY, THE WAY WE SEE FIT.

There will be no 7 dollar a gallon gas, and there will be no extra 2000-3000$ tacked onto our taxes for a crap health care.

This country is ours, and we will NOT submit to the beast. There may be anarchy, there may be casualties, there may be suffering - but for the greater good.

I'm writing this to inform you all, it is your duty, as you are more than likely aware, to be ready when the time comes and do what is necessary to enforce your rights.

We will fight back, and God Bless America

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posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 04:57 AM
Things are a mess with the foundations of the economy as a black hole. The balance of power in a revolution is with the military, with a large slice of them involved with the corruption it will be tough. It does take the will of the people to stand up and say we have had enough, but things are too divided until basic needs cannot be meet. With the recent stand down in Egypt of the corrupt powers it does help show a way to end the entrenched self interests. Things are wrong in capitalism and the political system.


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