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posted on Jun, 12 2004 @ 11:54 AM
Become a Member of ATS!

Where have we heard the phrase, "membership has privileges" before? It certainly applies to, one of the largest online website-based communities, and the largest community devoted to discussion and debate of conspiracy-related, aliens, UFO's, paranormal, and other alternative topics. Membership on provides you with several perks, here are just a few:

Deny ignorance:
Our motto (click on deny in the menu above) is hard to follow without participating in the message board discussion. deny

See Less Advertising:
We are an advertising supported website, however, our members are highly valued and respected. Registered and logged-in members see much less advertising than guests, and never get any pop-up ads. more

Free Upload Space:
Every member has an amount of free upload space that is sufficient for an avatar and signature images, and the amount of storage space increase with the number of posts you make. more

Earn Points:
Every member who posts in our topic forums earns points on your post, and also for each reply to your post. Premium points can be earned for things like submitting to our news portal, participating in debates, receive applause from staff, and much more. more

Spend Points:
Now that you have your points, how about a free email account, or perhaps increase your upload quota, or increase your u2u private message quota, buy custom colors for your post profile, and much more. more

About four times each year, we have structured debate tournaments that often features some of the finest posts on our entire domain. Registered members can participate and earn premium points for their posts, and prizes are awarded to the winners. debate forum

Get a Blog!
All members who have been active for at least a couple months are eligible to receive a free member blog. Our blogging system is based on the commercial blogging package pMachine, and has all the features you'd ever expect in a fee-based blog. more

More subjects about ATS
To learn even more about ATS, visit this forum.

Best of all, membership is free. Our entire community prides itself on the free flowing discussion on a wide range of diverse topics with a broad spectrum of opinions. Ideas and expression must be free, and so is ATS. We have grown to our size through one simple formula, encourage informed and stimulating debate, while discouraging troublemakers and hoaxers. The only requirements for membership are a working ISP email account (not through a free service like HotMail), and a brain.

Join today!

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