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The Messenger (Dirken Ridge) - update of the 'Demon Identification' (Red-eyes) Case.

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posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 09:52 PM
Woody, and to all else interested. Look at my avatar. Mu;tiple witnesses in my living room. Thoughts?

posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 01:42 AM
reply to post by DrJay1975

I don't like the picture you have on your avatar. Something tells me it is evil and it has something to do with fear. Every time I see it feel like scrolling down the page. Somehow theres some bad energy coming from that picture. To be honest with you it really bothers me. On another note you said that you were a missionary before, is that correct? I been a missionary for most of my life(was born one), and have some experience with the paranormal. Also I'm somewhat sensitive in "spirit" if you know what I mean. Anyways, hope to hear some update from you on regards to the picture on your avatar!

posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 04:13 AM
In demonology, Gremory (aka Gamory, Gemory, or Gomory) is a strong Duke of Hell that governs twenty-six legions of demons. He tells all things past, present and future, about hidden treasures, and procures the love of women, young and old, but especially maidens.

He is depicted as appearing in the form of a beautiful woman with the crown of a duchess tied around his waist, and riding a camel .

Also listed as the 56th demon name in the lesser key of solomon.....

Make of it what you will........but is it also deception?

Not sure, but with the "instant infatuation" of your friend and the discription of the number 56.......the enchantment of you in your meditative state.....

And Dr Js post........seems to add up......SOOOO......make of my research what you will.....

I will say that it is my belief that Solomon delt with many "demons" that didnt necessarily pertain to christianity, I believe that the majority of them were around way before that religion was made......

Gremory's seal

Anyway, I hope this helps

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posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 10:13 AM
reply to post by woodwytch

Hey woodwytch, I was reading the update on the red eyes thread and just now read the original red eyes thread and couldn't help but notice DOADOAs comment on it. It sounds as if hes stating that hes a demon himself, and after reading through both threads the last part of his first comment actually makes sense.
Excerpt of DOADOAs comment:
when he does merge with the girl, you must find out who his commander is, that's all you need to do. their not hard to track in this realm, their spiritual energy stand out and can be tracked down easily by their commander.
Then the in the previous comment theres the key to what DOADOA actually meant:

In demonology, Gremory (aka Gamory, Gemory, or Gomory) is a strong Duke of Hell that governs twenty-six legions of demons. He tells all things past, present and future, about hidden treasures, and procures the love of women, young and old, but especially maidens.

He is depicted as appearing in the form of a beautiful woman with the crown of a duchess tied around his waist, and riding a camel .

This is just what came to me after reading everything through. I hope it helps and if its in line with the way the situation is developing now then maybe we're in the right track!

posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 11:03 AM
Hello everyone,

I'm so sorry for the long delay in updating this thread ... I really do not know where the time goes !

Now, for those of you who have been following this lengthy saga ... you will likely recall that when I was last presenting an update I was about to contact the two sets of people and suggest bringing in an exorcist from the York Minster diocese ... that had been recommended to me by DrJay (thanks again for taking the time ... you have no idea how much I value the help and advise that you have given me throughout).

Well, we all got together and I put forward the suggestion which was greeted from all concerned with a somewhat 'luke-warm' reception ... which I have to say surprised me a little ... considering the panicked phonecalls and emails that I'd had from them on numerous occasions since the onset (which seems like forever ago now) !

The upshot of the meeting was that both households would keep a log for the next week and depending on the amount and type of activity that was being experienced ... a final decision would be made as to whether or not a church exorcist should be brought in.

I can't say that I was surprised to discover at the end of the week everything (in both houses), had been unusually quiet.

If I'm totally honest ... at that point I felt like walking away from the whole damn thing ... because I was beginning to think that these people had been taking me for an idiot ... it seemed to me that once the chips were down and the suggestion made to bring in a very different kind of 'expert' they suddenly had a case of cold-feet ... and were back-peddling at an incredible rate ... at least that's how it seemed ... I was so mad (and I don't get mad very easily)
but I remained professional.

After all ... I reminded myself ... I had experienced things in both houses myself ... I even had the 'Red Eyes' picture ... so I knew they hadn't been making it all up ... I calmed myself ... and told them that I personally thought they should bring in the exorcist ... because whilst the efforts of me and my team had held 'it' at bay ... even subdued it ... the thing would eventually return again with a new tactic !

They eventually agreed ... and I made the call before they could change their minds.

Or at least I tried to make the call ... my first two attempts where greeted with a voicemail message ... on both occasions I left a message and my contact number ... several days passed ... I tried again ... this time I spoke to a secretary ... gave her an abridged version of the account and my contact details (again) ... several days passed ... nothing ... I found an email address for the York Minster Diocese ... I sent a message telling them about my previous attempts to contact them and a brief but detailed account of events that had prompted me to contact them ... I waited ... nothing ... I am still waiting !!!

(more to follow shortly)


posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 11:37 AM
Hi Woody,

I have read your thread with great interest since I'm a lightworker. (Have worked with spirits, have cleansed houses, helped stuck spirits to the light, and have received MANY attacks from evil entities. )
Thank goodness I have always been able to get help from my guardian angels, and my mentor who started teaching me 12 years ago taught me the best protection technique I have ever learned since. It's called the 'Green Pyrammid'.
I live a much more quieter life now, since I got married, because I had to limit my spirit work actions somewhat since it freaks my poor hubby out, but occasionally, if needed I still help people online.

When I read your last post, I could clearly hear my spirit guide shouting:
'The poor woman is being blocked!'

These demons are either slowing down the process of th epriest getting your messages, or blocking them completely.

If I were you, I'd simply jump in my car, and drive there myself.

Please do let me know how it works out.

Hope this helped a little.

Seriously try google-ing the visualisation protection called 'The green pyramid'. If you can't find it anywhere I would be glad to write it down for you.


posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 11:52 AM
reply to post by Rainbowresidue

Thank-you very much I shall have a look for that ... and I believe you are absolutely correct about the 'blocking' ... of that I have no doubt ... unfortunately I do not drive (I know I'm a dinosaur freak lady)
otherwise I would have been banging on the door of the exorcist weeks ago. But maybe this is how it has to be ?

I have a pretty good measure of 'Dirken Ridge' now ... and there is no doubt in my mind that he enjoys playing with us ... we amuse him !

However, that said he gets very annoyed by the fact that we are aware of this because it weakens his 'shock and awe' tactic. He has even tried to enter my house but was unable to cross the threshold ... he did manage to leave a 'calling card' though (I shall explain this in the next part of the update). It would seem that water is his element.


posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 12:01 PM
reply to post by ringht_n_wrong

Interesting that you bring that up ... we have in fact been told that someone /something (his commander ?) is coming for him ... it would appear that Mr Ridge has overstepped his boundaries.

What we have to remember is that in the realm of spirit 'time' as we understand it, has no meaning ... so it cannot be determined how long it is likely to be before he is 'collected'.

And as I type this I have to smile to myself ... because I still cannot believe I am having a serious conversation about such things ... no more than a year ago I would have thought it was all down to vivid imagination ... how times change !

Now I know different ... and a little part of me wishes I didn't !


posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 12:19 PM
Hey Woody,

I hear you sister, I only got my driver's licence when I was 25, because I simply didn't need it, the bus was better.

Well excellent job on protecting your home. I have met trickster demons before and in this case you are absolutely right too.
When they know you know, they lose their interest somewhat, but still watch out, just speaking from experience here, this demon might try another tactic. (breaking things , influencing close friends to give you weird or strange advice, sending you or friends nightmares, etc.)
Keep protecting yourself, because the minute you forget, the demon won't hesitate to try his best to scare the cow out of you.

I read this demon has something to do with water.... I wonder what.

(I always thought water was more known in the spiritual circles for its healing powers)

posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 12:43 PM
reply to post by woodwytch

Woody, I'll make a call and see if I can expedite the situation.

posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 01:24 PM
reply to post by DrJay1975

That would be great.


posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 01:33 PM
I have just spent hours reading through both threads, this one & the 'Demon Identification'. First let me say, Woody you are a very brave and strong soul! And thank you for starting these threads. They have really helped me understand a dark time in my life. I was beginning to think I was a little crazy!

I'll try and make my story as short as possible. A few years ago while working for a company a new woman was hired as my manager. She never seemed 'right' to me. It was something about her eyes, even though they were a greenish/gray, they always seemed glassy, not on drugs glassy, but mirror glassy. Every time I had to make and hold eye contact the word soulless came to mind and I felt dread. With her being my manager I had to hold eye contact alot. Soon after when I would wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, I found myself cringing when I walked back into my bedroom. I always felt like something was standing to my right near the foot of the bed. As the months went on I would occasionally see a dark figure standing there out of the corner of my eye.

During my time spent with her I was so emotional, I had constant feeling of dread and yes I even thought about suicide. We had to take a trip together which involved air travel. I would cry at the thought of the flight, scared beyond reason. The flight to the destination was fine. The trip home was another story. When we arrived at the airport we were told the flight was delayed due to 'maintenance', she quipped "well if it's your time to die, it's your time!", she said that laughing. I became so upset I had to walk away and again the dread kicked in. Within 30 mins they had us on the plane and in the air. 30 mins later they announce we needed to turn back, one of the engines was not cooling. We had to follow crash instructions, the flight attendants ask those of us at the rear of the plane to let them know if we saw flames coming from the engine. It was all very scary. All the while my manager is laughing and say "we're going down". (one person compared her behavior to Slim Pickens in Dr. Strangelove) When we made the final turn to land, I was hit in the face with light from the sunset & calm washed over me. I knew we would land safely.

The reason I bring this up is because of member C's new love. Some of the people who worked with my manager LOVED her, thought she was fun & exciting, absorbed everything thing she said as if gospel, even though she contradicted herself quite a bit. A few others were like me, dread when ever she came around. It's like some bought into her glamor and others could see right through it. I've often wondered if she was hijacked by a dark entity. I consulted a friend that does energy work (I think that's what I call it) and she said that this woman's higher self had checked out. Don't know if that true, but it has always made since to me.

If you could give an update on member c that would be great. I feel concern for all of you.

As for trying to piece all of this together, have you tried drawing it out on a white board or chalkboard? Kind of like a mind map. When I've lost a "piece of the puzzle" mapping all the info out visually tends to help.

Thoughts your way!

posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 02:13 PM
Ok to continue the update;

I'm going to divide this in to two seperate updates in an effort to prevent confusion ... we'll start with 'HOUSE 1' (mother 1 - girl 1) ...

When we met-up 2wks ago (after a period of relative calm in the house) I asked both mother and daughter to give me a 'discomfort rating' of all the different areas in the house ...

0 = no discomfort / no unease / no fear ... 10 = total discomfort / panic / fear

(here are the results);


KITCHEN - (MOTHER) = 6 ... (DAUGHTER) = 5-6

STAIRS - (MOTHER) = 10 ... (DAUGHTER) = 8

LANDING - (MOTHER) = 10 ... (DAUGHTER) = 10

BEDROOM 1(D) - (MOTHER) = 6 ... (DAUGHTER) = 5

BEDROOM 2(M) - (MOTHER) = 0 ... (DAUGHTER) = 0

BEDROOM 3 - (MOTHER) = 7 ... (DAUGHTER) = 6-7


(MOTHER 1) - sometimes excitable and slight over reactions;

Often feels like she is being watched (even when she's alone in the house. When she was standing at the backdoor one evening having a cigarette ... she saw what looked like the 'Red Eyes' in the photograph amongst the plants. Her bedroom feels totally clear but when she is in the sitting room she occasionally feels someone blowing on her face.

(GIRL 1) - well balanced and very level headed;

Sometimes feels like she is being watched when she's in the kitchen ... on the landing ... and in the bathroom. She has felt a pressure like someone pushing down on her shoulders when she was in the kitchen ... and has had something blowing in her face when she's in her bedroom. On a couple of occasions when she has been in her bedroom at night she has heard a loud thud coming from the kitchen (which is directly below her room).

(PET CAT) - 12yrs old ... healthy appetite and quiet nature;

Until quite recently the cat has always had her food and water bowls on the landing and her litter tray in the bathroom ... she also used to sleep on the bed in the spare room (BEDROOM 3). Now she refuses to go upstairs unless carried up there ... she will not go into the spare room and refused to go upstairs to eat or use her litter tray (they have had to be brought downstairs along with her bedding). The cat wants to be with GIRL 1 constantly and seems on edge until she is picked upo and cuddled. She constantly sits at the backdoor making blood-curdling meows (I have witnessed this firsthand and it is very uncharacteristic) until she is let out ... then she just sits in the garden looking into the house. She sits halfway up the stairs all night refusing to go to the top and starts meowing 'every' night between 3am - 5am ... she seems to be very anxious all the time.

(update to be continued tomorrow)


posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 02:26 PM
reply to post by OneisOne

Thanks for sharing that ... I can understand where you were coming from. As for 'MEMBER C' I shall be adding that update tomorrow ... and that will make for some strange reading (I look forward to the feedback on that) ... I shall also cover the 'water' connection.

The reason for me not adding it until tomorrow is not my way of making it seem more dramatic (like some posters do)
I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis over a decade ago now ... usually my meds keep it all under control ... but occasionally I experience some breakthrough pain ... today is one of those day and typing is hurting my finger joints

But tomorrow I shall complete the update ... promise.


posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 05:25 PM
I've been following this thread and the previous one since the beginning. I rarely post on here, but I have felt compelled to post on these threads for quite some time. This entity reminds me of something I dealt with for quite a few years in my teenage days when I first began experimenting in the occult. I first stumbled upon it at a local cemetery that was known for extreme spirit activity (in fact the discovery channel show "A Haunting" aired an episode dealing with that cemetery and a possession as a result of going there). I was followed back by something that took a real shine to me, never seemed to bother any other family member in the house but me. It would communicate with me in a similar fashion to what this Dirken Ridge has done with you and your clients and like person c I met someone shortly after that I became infatuated with. Needless to say that person was no good and dragged me down a very dark and lonely road. To this day I'm still working my way off that road. The person and the entity seemed to work hand in hand to slowly make me question my own sanity. To this day I'm still not right, I've battled severe depression, anxiety/panic disorder, and severe headaches ever since. I've had countless tests done for the head aches and seen several specialists and none can determine the cause or find any medication to prevent them or control the level of pain. They even went as far as prescribing oxycontin to treat the pain and as much as they doped me up it still didnt control the pain much.

I was never a religious person at that point in my life, but I figured it was worth a shot as my family was deeply religious and my grandfather was a baptist minister with a doctorate in theology. I turned to a former student of my grandfather, who was now a minister at a local baptist church, for guidance and help. It may have been my lack of any real belief in the Christian mythology, but I gave it my best shot, and it failed to help. I got no real relief from the entity or the person, who after a while I realized was as a previous poster said seemed "soulless", until I worked with elders from a tribe of the Iriquois Nation. Now in no way am I saying you shouldn't turn to the church for help, just relating a personal experience of mine with the events you're dealing with. It took months of work with them to rid me of these two parasites attached to me. Needless to say events like I experienced usually would make someone run from the paranormal, but for me it has made me seek it out to help others plagued with negative entities.

The events you put before us here, really struck a cord with me and reminded me of what I experienced. Just never lose hope and hold onto what ever faith you have, whether it be in a higher power or yourself. Faith in the words you speak holding dominion over the entity goes a long ways. Just don't give up as there will be better days for the families involved, it just takes time as this entity has already worked it's roots into them.

posted on Sep, 1 2010 @ 02:11 AM

Originally posted by Rainbowresidue
I read this demon has something to do with water.... I wonder what.

(I always thought water was more known in the spiritual circles for its healing powers)

Its funny that you mentioned that it has something to do with water, because I been thinking about this thread for a couple days now wondering what is really going on here, and something tells me that this demon is somehow a water entity, but I also get a feeling that theres more than one under this demons command, or it is under something elses command. Also it could be, thats the way it came into her house, through water, somehow, somewhere!

posted on Sep, 1 2010 @ 09:03 AM
Continuing the update - 'HOUSE 2' (mother 2 - girl 2);

The dynamics in 'HOUSE 2' have changed quite dramatically ... in a relatively short time.

Initially, 'GIRL 2' moved away from the house and went to live in the city (York) because she was too freaked-out by the activity and she is a girl of quite frail substance. Since moving to York she has become very depressed and developed a serious eating disorder ... she is a very sick young lady at the moment.

Shortly after 'GIRL 2' moved away from home ... a new bar manager started working at the same hotel where 'MOTHER 2' is a chef.

(you will recall from my earlier posts that 'MOTHER 2' has also been referred to as 'MEMBER C' - of my W.I.S.P.S group - they are the same person ... but to avoid further confusion she will only be referred to as 'MOTHER 2' from now on).

'MOTHER 2' is by nature an extremely quiet, shy person ... so it was very out of character for her and the new bar-manager to become an item within 2 weeks of him starting work there. Especially as he had come from a different area and she (nor anyone else for that matter), knew absolutely nothing about him.

Things moved so fast that in less than a month (4weeks) he had moved in with her. Almost immediately her personality seemed to change and she withdrew ... I saw nothing of her ... nor had any contact with her at all for weeks ... it was almost like she was avoiding me. And she only spoke sparsley to 'MEMBER B' ('W.I.S.P.S member / personal friend / fellow 'solitary' witch), when she had to because they worked in the same hotel.

The bar-manager who had initially seemed like a very mild-mannered kind of guy (I've met him briefly on 3 occasions), became quite vocally aggressive in general ... always moaning about what an awful job it was and how he hated the people (remember he'd only worked there for a very short time) adding that he couldn't wait to leave !

He was particularly off-hand with 'MEMBER B' who worked in the restaurant and occasionally behind the bar ... constantly demanding and dashing out orders etc. She described him as a very angry man.

Concerned that 'MOTHER 2' may be getting into a destructive relationship we decided the 3 of us needed to meet up and we would not take no for an answer ... obviously we were aware of how delicate the situation was and we certainly had no right or desire to interfere with her relationship ... but as her friends we wanted to be sure that she was aware of the situation ... and not blinded by the idea of 'being in love'. So we finally managed to get together and have a chat ... she was pleased that we were being true friends who were worried about the suddeness of it all ... but swooned about what a lovely man he was when he wasn't at work ... and (she added) he was really interested in our dealings with Dirken Ridge ... so interested in fact that he asked her to tell him all about it ... and of course she did (every detail from beginning to present).

It was a matter of days after she'd shared this information that 'MOTHER 2' discovered her daughter was ill ... so they both went to visit her (he didn't want her to go alone).

Apparently he was so concerned about 'GIRL 2' he suggested that they should both give up their jobs at the hotel and move to York to look after her (at this point they had been together about 8weeks).

'MOTHER 2' agreed and last week they handed their notice in and he has miraculously found a house for them to rent in York !

Since the arrival of the bar-manager (at the hotel) there has been a substantial amount of paranormal activity occurring there. For example;

The kitchen (where 'MOTHER 2' WORKS), is upstairs on the first floor ... one morning back in July 'MOTHER 2' walked into the kitchen to find it flooded ... there were no taps left on and when the plumber was called he could find no source for the cause of the flood ... but 'MOTHER 2' and 'MEMBER B' mopped up a total of 8 buckets of water from the kitchen floor.

Since that initial flood there have been 3 more repeat incidents (4 floods in total) ... a plumber was called on each occasion and no cause could be found.

On another occasion a large puddle of water was discovered at the bottom of the staircase that leads to the kitchen ... again no cause was found ... just like the puddle that I discovered outside my sitting room door (that leads to the outer hall) a few weeks ago.

2 weeks ago 'MEMBER B' was finishing up in the restaurant with one of the young waiters (after midnight) ... they were the only two members of staff in the building ... as they stood discussing how many residents there would be for breakfast the following morning (standing face to face) they both felt a cold breeze rush between them (as if someone had just run down the stairs and past them.

Before they had time to comment ... the outside security light came on and they both looked out the window just in time to see a dark shadow move by ... when 'Member B' asked the young waiter what he just saw he said that he'd seen something quite low to the ground ... but bigger than a dog, slink passed ... he added that he'd initially thought 'dog' because of it's red eyes ... but he knew that logically it was too big to be an animal.

I have to add that this young guy was completely unaware of what we have been dealing with ... but 'MEMBER B' said she was so pleased that he'd seen it too because otherwise she'd have convinced herself that it hadn't happened.

Now, I personally find it very interesting that the same entity that has been present in both houses (for some time now) seems to have extended his pitch ... but it's also very frustrating because we cannot extend our investigation to the hotel because the owners are devout Christians and would not allow it ... plus they would be concerned about the effect of something like this on their business.

I still have a footnote to add to all of this with reference to posts made by 'right_n_wrong' and 'SatansGift' ... their comments just gave me a metaphorical slap in the face as a new realization struck me ... just need a minute to rest my aching finger

Back soon. Woody

posted on Sep, 1 2010 @ 12:52 PM
reply to post by woodwytch

Hey Woody, I don't know if you have heard about it or not, but I'll say it anyway. From personal experiences in the past I've found out that demons mainly, can and will hitchhike on anything to be able to go places with either the person they are oppressing or any other person that that is not protected against it. Now every time I come from the outdoors I pray a quick cleansing prayer to get rid of any hitchhiking spirits. Thats one way that spirits will move around unless of course they are confined to a certain place or individual. In this case it seems like it has gone to many places including your own house. I don't know if it was able to enter your house but it for sure has tried. Now this red eye entity seems to be attached the woman in question and in my opinion the guy thats has moved in with her is not only being influenced by the red eye entity but I think he has brought even more with him. And I believe that unless you try to get ahold of this lady and tell her whats really going on, the entity will try to get her to move away from you or anyone that might be able to help her get rid of it. Now I have a very bad feeling about this. This guy that moved in with her is not only being influenced by the entity but hes influencing her in a huge life changing way and I think that there might be a very bad ending to this story, possibly even death somewhere down the road. I'm not trying to instill fear into you but theres a very big chance this spirit is playing for keeps and hes not only interested in oppressing her. Its the feeling that I'm getting and also from my knowledge of other situations that I know of that started very similar to this one and ended up in a very bad note. Looking forward to any new updates you might have.

posted on Sep, 1 2010 @ 01:17 PM
reply to post by woodwytch

Hi Woody,

While you're resting your fingers, may I add my two cents?

I am not getting the vibes of Mother 2' s 'boy toy' being possesed but rather just influenced instead. I find it strange how only after a few weeks a person could hate a job, and the people who work there.

His personality has made a 180 degree turn, amazing! It clearly shows that he is being influenced not by his spirit guides but by you know who.

My first feeling when reading about her daughter was: " He is going to check on her, see where she is at."

Clearly she has already started suffering from the entities negative energy, and Dirken wants too see how far he can go more.

Just a question: Has Mother 2 listened to you and Member B at all when you to tried to have an intervention with her about her current partner?

Hope all goe well,
I'll keep checking in

posted on Sep, 1 2010 @ 01:20 PM
BTW Woody,

You have been flagged!!

I had to, this thread is one of the most interesting ones I have read in a long time .

Excellent thread

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