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The Physics of 2012 – Christ as Novelty Conserving Constant

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posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 09:49 AM
The Physics of 2012 – Christ as Novelty Conserving Constant

With roughly 20 different 2012 books out there, why are there still people speculating and perpetuating misnomers like “End?” Shouldn’t this whole 2012 thing be cut-n-dry by now? Are those 20 books each offering some piece of the puzzle or are they all rehashings?

Are there any people on the fence about this? No, not really; you either think 2012 is just another Y2K or you acknowledge it is a big universe. You either eat your bread and attend your circus, or you see prophecy being fulfilled daily. You either watch CNN religiously or you are thinking maybe you should move inland.

It is my goal to steer 2012 away from the Maya/McKenna end of the infosphere and rephrase it for what it is. Yes the Maya and McKenna aspects are integral to our understanding and the metaphysical cross-validation – I don’t want to suggest I’m offering some alternative… What I’m offering is a scientific-metaphysical integration of the event and a distillation/reconciliation of contradictory physics theories; it turns out the heretical theories can explain 2012 totally.

What I’m bringing to 2012:

1 – “Judgement Day” is a totally predictable astro-quantum physics event.
2 – “The Omega Christ” is a novelty conserving constant that memetically coincides w/ 1


Scientists don’t know why there are sunspot cycles, or why the sun and earth reverse magnetic polarity quasi-periodically, or why stars go supernova. Some say earth’s geodynamo reverses polarity over a thousand years, others show that it can happen in a matter of days or hours. The sun interacting with a blackhole in the center of our galaxy is a bit of a stretch. If there was an interaction it would be negligible…unless of course our solar system happened to reach the node of the blackhole’s fundamental frequency. There is another feature of our galaxy that plays an even more important role in JD.

Even within the physics angle there is controversy. We are appealing to physics in the hopes that it will validate the metaphysical but to do that we have to frame 2012 within a certain model. Forget Vacuum/Big Bang/Heat Death. Think about the reality of the Aether aka Dark Energy – the physics establishment will admit that “vacuum” is a misnomer but they will not admit that it has greater energy density than matter. If it did then REDUCTIONISM and MATERIALISM would no longer work. They would have to be replaced with INTEGRATIONISM and EMANATIONISM. The implications are numerous, but for this point I’m making what it means is that Plasma Cosmology would replace Big Bang and in Plasma Cosmology EM (electro-magnetic) fields are a Big Deal. The galaxy, like our planet and its star, has a magnetic dipole field. That field has a Bloch Wall – the midpoint where there is no North and South Pole. There has been reference to the galactic plane but no emphasis on it or acknowledgement that it is more than an imposed equator. The galactic plane, or rather our passing through it, is precisely what causes Supernovae: Polarity Reversals and sudden dis/appearance of species and civilizations.

The other implication of the Vacuum-is-really-a-plenum-with-higher-energy-density-than-matter paradigm is related to Nassim Haramein’s and George Chapline’s heresy regarding the Singularity/Ergosphere/Event Horizon structure of the blackhole, which also has to do with VSL – Variable Speed of Light Theory.

OKAY. What we are talking about now is quantum phase shifting. This is the excitement of the “empty” space between particles. Just as water has three phase states (vapor, liquid, solid) so does space, except we call them Superfluid, Dark Matter, and Dark Energy respectively.

The “speed of light” is variable only because Dark Energy has the highest energy density and is capable of BraneFall (what the big bang actually is – not was), but now it becomes a measure of inertial mass, which is a measure of spin.

What Chapline and Haramein are together saying is that the blackhole is scale-invariant, the interior is a sphere of space that contains a higher energy state than the exterior, and because of this, space is fundamentally holographic – every part of space is connected to every other part via relative superluminosity.

Rather than “spaghettify” the observer passing through the event horizon, the new “aetherised” blackhole will quantum phase shift the observer. This is giving the observer an asynchronous bubble of reality outside of Linear Time, Local Space, and Inertial Mass, a complete CPT Conservation Violation, but it’s OK because all matter is non-volatile to the aether; it returns to its former state in a very negentropic way.

Passing through the Bloch Wall has the effect of conjugating spin. On a galactic scale, in which a solar system can sit within a single field line, this has the power to quantum phase shift.

Before this, however, there is still classical physics to deal with, both philosophically and chronologically. What we are calling tribulation is what you’d expect to happen if we are entering a slice of the galaxy with a higher energy density (or perhaps what we should call the Local Working Energy Density LWED)…Earth Changes, Indigo Kids, Adults snapping out of it, institutions becoming irrelevant, exponential increase of _____ etc…

I have pieced this scenario together from multiple sources, from David Wilcock, to Hoagland, to NASA, to myths, the bible, and my own dreams/visions/intuition/eidetic imagery…

Our Solar system approaches The Cross: Galactic Plane/Fundamental Frequency Node/Sun Magnetic Field/Earth Magnetic Field all lining up.

1987 – 2010

Earth erupts into geological catastrophic chain reaction – earthquakes, volcanoes tsunamis, tornados, hurricanes

Paranormal activity/ability increases, UFO’s, angels, ghosts – Hyperspace beings (E.D.s) bleed through, people have crazy dreams and synchronicities.

2011 – JD

T Minus 3 days - Sun erupts in spots, its light dims, Spots converge to poles.

Geodynamo traces galactic field line then collapses totally in Bloch Wall.

- Solar wind cuts up DNA,
- Sky turns red
- People sense their merkabas “singing new song”
- Crust begins to catch up with geodynamo, 3 days of Red sky in one hemisphere, 3 nights in the other

Blackhole harmonic warps gravity field creating gravity wave near heliopause.

- Gravitational lensing magnifies heavenly bodies (stars falling)
- LWED increases
- DNA begins reprogramming according to morphogenic fields
- Earth core fuses new matter from blackhole node

Judgment Day/Night

- Quantum Phase Shift
- Blackhole visible in Red half of sky
- Dharmic Auditing of Human Soul Matrix
- Light Bodies given to The Elect

The entire Earth is “Raptured.” This is dimensional bifurcation or cosmic vetting.

Sun = Father Singularity
Heliosphere = Superelectron/ergosphere
Heliopause = Solar Event Horizon

Our Sun has gone Supernova because of The Cross – on the outside of the heliopause – The gravity wave propagated, GRB’s blew out…BUT THE INTERIOR HAS QUANTUM PHASE SHIFTED. Things get VERY quiet and still…just like when aliens freeze time when they abduct you; that’s what the propulsion system of UFO’s do.



Christ as a novelty conserving constant – that in itself is pretty novelty conserving. What else does an Inventor or Creator do?

The three Holy Grails of science/technology/physics:

2 Artificial Intelligence via Embodied Cognition/Soul-Catching – PROOF OF SOUL

Miraculous only in the context of a flawed physics model.
Teleological in the proper physics model
What “Infinite Technology” looks like
Externalized Self-Similarity – Bio-Geo-Astro Mimicry

To go into detail here would make your brain explode after two bites of that “word salad.” Check out the book for more on this.

posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 11:04 AM
What? What?? What?!

What in the name of Smuckers are you going on about?!

Why stars go supernova

a kiddie page for you- sunspots

Lemme give ya the low down: I know for an absolute fact the roundabout, gibbery slop you 'wrote' here is absolute, complete and utter nonsense. There's about as much scientific fact in it as there is in a drunken monkey's screechings. Such ignorant, unsubstantiated, complete and total AND utter metaphysical garble is a not even funny enough to be a joke. It's a sad statement on the way someone who has been locked in a room with a copy of 'Fantastic Tales" and a thesaurus for 10 years tries to reel in the rubes.

Lemme guess- book deal and website soon to follow? "Buy my book (or her book, their book, it's book)" at ?

*stomps off cursing and tired of drivel*

BTW- call me what you want. I'll personally U2U Phage and let HIM rip your post into coleslaw.

posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 11:06 AM
You have succeeded in pulling me out of lurker status and getting me to make a post! Not often does this happen, you understand, so congratulations!


Very interesting ideas here, indeed!
But as with most fun theories, the premises required here can leave people running in circles with one another.
For a while now, I've delved into holographic/fractal/bubble reality and have found it endlessly fascinating. I take with makes a lot of sense. And like I said, this is a couple of interesting theories that is going to give me some fun thinking-about to do, but the premises are........well, lacking.
I doubt Indigo children, paranormal activities, etc. are on the rise due to getting closer to a cosmic threshold of higher energies or whathaveyou...I think those things have been around just as much then as now, it's just now they're getting more attention (and rightfully so - they're becoming more important).
However, taking all premises here as correct (and, no, I'm not saying that they are correct...just saying 'what if') then your JD theory is by far the most coherent theory of all this 2012 stuff that I've yet to find.

Thanks much for the read and take care!

Oh, and that second deal is a bit vague...but is it about a technological singularity or did I totally miss it?

PS - lol'd to wylekat's post. This is becoming quite an entertaining morning!

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posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 03:05 PM
New age claptrap.
For details on Christ, checkout a Bible.

I guarantee that 2012 is not the end of the world, a new consciousness or anything else.

The only thing that will be new in 2012 is a later doomsday when 21/12/2012 passes without the End of the World. I don't rule out an event like bluebeam, but anything that does happen is the work of the Satanic PTB

posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 06:11 PM
I love the title Physics of 2012. Sounds like a tv show where the protagonist finds out that the teacher is wrong - always and that they should be the next Doogie Howser.

There are some other fake physics laws. Here is one: The law of conservation of adipose tissue"

Basically this law says that if you lose it someone gains it. This is an inverse square law. It explains why fatness runs iin families. The person most likely to gain is the person closest. It turns out that the particle that mediates this energy is the glutton particle. Gluttons should not be confused with gluons.

posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 09:29 AM
This is what the integration of ideas looks like - sorry.

posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 10:06 AM
If this is the plot for a bad sitcom shouldn't the title of this thread be:
Physics of 92012

posted on Jun, 22 2010 @ 07:50 AM
LOL at the sharp replies to this thread...! I found it all very intriguing, but as others have pointed out, there's a lot of 'vaguery' (whoop..! I invented a word..)

Anyway, OP - at the very least you've reminded me that Physics is a fascinating place to visit, so I thank you for that. Not sure about the validity of your claim to integration of all those hellishly complex-sounding concepts (emphasis on '-sounding' I'm afraid), but I like your novel approach to the problem.

Defend your thoughts, as I for one would like to see some equations...!

STAR & FLAG for the boldness.


PS - Stereologist; I more or less gave up on Sitchin after a month on board at ATS...!

posted on Jun, 22 2010 @ 08:21 AM
reply to post by NoahTheSumerian

Nice to see you again. I can see giving up on Sitchin. The world and universe is an amazing place without going off the deep end like Sitchin does. New things are discovered and made all of the time that amaze me.

posted on Jun, 22 2010 @ 09:48 AM
reply to post by NoahTheSumerian

People who oppose integrationism are usually atheists, quantifiers and such. Physicists are searching for the TOE or GUT which unifies all forces and explains EVERYTHING. Well, that's nice and noble and synonymous with the new agey concept of ALL IS ONE.

OK, if that is true where is it written that an equation can cover EVERYTHING?

The TOE/GUT/TAO that can be reduced to an equation is not the true TOE/GUT/TAO. Meaning and Context are in WORDS, and although math is shorthand for relationships it is far less accesible than my "word salad". I rarely make up words so don't act like I'm pulling this all out of me arse.

Physicists and new agers generally avoid the implications of integrationism, primarily that it's all metaphor, and those metaphors must be mixed and associated.

I have no scientific rigor, no math (well, some)...but I do have The Big Picture.

As far as Judgement Day and 2012 are concerned, there are subjective/metaphysical/spiritual aspects and objective/physical/cosmic aspects.

Only an integrationist, starting from a place where ALL IS ONE is capable of true UNIFICATION.

Let's say a physicist did come up with an equation he claimed is a TOE, can his equation account for my psychometry ability or a heroic dose of '___'?

Can a New Age nutjob who has SEEN GOD explain how UFO's teleport or how to bring fire down from heaven (free energy)?

I'm telling you, the "slow explosion" that people see flying saucers do as they phase shift, the dripping metal, that is experimental proof for the physics of 2012 - Terence McKenna was on to this, don't see what the big deal is.

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