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Left Winged Extremist School System!?!?

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posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 06:06 PM
I for one love the university system, but I do understand that a majority of professors are liberal. Though is that I for one have not seen a liberal bias in teaching.

I went to what is widely considered to be one of the most liberal universities in the United States for my undergrad, the University Of Wisconsin-Madison. Personally I'm a soft-socialist, although a fairly nuanced one, and I had professors there that in their personal lives were far to the left of where I ever wanted to be. However when they are lecturing on things like photographic technique and even philosophy, they were very able to keep their personal views separate from their teaching.

For graduate school I went to the relatively conservative Marquette University, here it was about the same, and it was here that I did meet the one professor I've ever had that was an outspoken Communist in his ideology. Again though, he didn't put it into his class.

When it comes to higher education though, and especially the absolute loathing that some on the right have of it, I believe it boils down to us not understanding each other. Philosophy is generally not a required course in most American high schools, but it gives a completely different framework for debate and thought to those who have studied it.

The same is true of the hard sciences too. I've only encountered people whom had not taken college sciences make the claim that evolution is "just a theory" usually college-educated Creationists (while I still do believe them to be wrong) make a much more complex theological argument for their belief.

The argument that universities make us collectivist and destroy individuality falls flat after one business class. Capitalism was always hailed as a glorious thing in any business or economics course I've ever had personally, and the business ethics course I took at Madison was almost a primer in how to get out of jail free when exploiting the masses.

I believe that in the United States currently ignorance has become a virtue among certain segments of the population. Some people seem to fear the college educated or hold them in extreme contempt specifically because the educated know more than those whom are not. This is not an issue of equality, according to your Declaration Of Independence, people are born equal, it says nothing about what people make of themselves after that.

This is a fundamentally destructive attitude to have, I believe, and love of idiocy because it makes everyone feel good about themselves will only lead you to a nation of absolute morons that will fail a lot faster than any other way.

posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 07:10 PM

Originally posted by Y2Zgt
I know many of you don't agree with my views but why do you keep saying things like

"It doesn't surprise me that you are a college student" ,"Schools are excessively leftist", "you have been indoctrinated in"

...maybe they're that way because they didnt go to college - or - maybe they went to college but majored in shaggin', tokin' and swillin' and, then, when mommy and daddy's money ran out, discovered that jobs which require their expertise are, uh, uh, rather limited - or - maybe people made them feel like crap when they were your age and, instead of rising above the crapslingers, they became a crapslinger because all that shaggin' broke their mojo and all that tokin' fried their taters and all that swillin' scorched their brain...

Originally posted by Y2Zgt
Do you think liberals become teachers in order to spread lies to students?

...i dont get the labeling system - seen it change too many times...

...sidebar... many, many moons ago, ahahahaaa, my s/o was a guy that just wanted to live and let live (i think thats called being a liberal nowadays) and he was so tight with his money that he could pinch a quarter with his butt cheeks but his tightness NEVER EVER applied to the amount of MY money that he spent (i think thats called a conservative nowadays)... i have a label for him but i cant tell ya without risk of moderator intervention, lmao... answer your question - people become teachers for all kinds of reasons and, so, its reasonable to say that some might have a political agenda, some are just naively perpetuating the programming they received and, then, there are REAL teachers...

Originally posted by Y2Zgt
Why are so many of you against schools like Harvard?

...maybe because its produced less scummy politicians than yale?...

Originally posted by Y2Zgt
So the main question is: Are colleges breeding students who are learning from extremely biased left winged or are people involved in academia just forming the most logical and positive points of view?

...there are free-thinking colleges (mit) - and - there are biased colleges (religious ones) - and - then, theres fruity ones like berkley (jk, sorta, lol)... i suspect that in every college you'll find some free thinkers who encourage their students to question everything, especially preconceived notions - and - you also find the boot lickers - and - you'll find those who never make waves because they're afraid to live... afterall, teachers are a part of our very diverse society, so its unreasonable to think that they too wouldnt come in all kinds of flavors...

posted on Jun, 22 2010 @ 12:05 AM
As I looked into becoming a teacher, the majority of people I met who were teachers or wanted to be teachers were stupid...flat out stupid...even at my current job at a office supply store teachers come in everyday to buy school supplies and do not understand the simplest one get 2nd half off or which HP ink goes into the printer they just bought, whatevs...

As far as liberal professors...I've sat through a class where the professor would go on rants on how much he hated republicans and how they should be shot...'nuff said....

posted on Jun, 22 2010 @ 12:16 AM
reply to post by ZombieOctopus

Most American's idea of what a left wing extremist school is one that teaches Marxist ideology, particularly as a business model. Most American's who recognize that left wing extremism has taken over the public education system, do so because their children are coming home and insisting that rights are "civil" and that there is no such thing as inalienable rights. They listen to their children lecture them on how the Founders were just "white male landowners" who really didn't care about the "working class". Most parents grew up learning of Hercules exploits, which included the 12 labors, but now listen to their children insist Hercules only had 12 labors, and that exploits are for the "ruling class". Most parents are aghast that their children know more about Eugen Debbs than they know about the Founders.

Most American's idea of what a left wing extremist school system is one where the teachers are demanding they medicate their own children and if they don't that teacher will turn them in to Child Protective Services. Most American's idea of what a left wing extremist school system is one where their children don't want any lecture on the birds and the bees from their parents because they already know how to use a condom, and that sexuality is just a biological function, and spirituality is not allowed in a school setting, so it really has nothing at all to do with sex anyway.

posted on Jun, 22 2010 @ 12:35 AM
reply to post by ProjectJimmy

I'd say it's all perception though. I see universities being left leaning because I have conservative ideologies (not religious conservative, like Republicans, but true conservative) .. And thus I am more sensitive to picking up hints and drops of left-leaning political comments or beliefs..

One instance would be I had a Archaeology teacher who used exclusively progressive wording in her sermons (I say sermons because it was hardly teaching) .. she spoke almost solely about protecting Native American rights, and any history of any individual was more about the destruction of such and such culture and stealing such and such item. The class of course was about archaeological practices and terminology, and had nothing to do with Indians or even interpretation of items and culture. She would also inject at every possible opportunity a notion how the historical archaeologist were obviously racist and sexist and go on and on about how her former employer was sexist, and all men were sexist, and cavemen were sexist (a whole day about sexist cavemen I recall). I for one was upset over the class and considered it a waste of time, but the vast majority were in staunch agreement and thought it was the best class ever.

If I were left leaning like most my peers are I probably would idolize her the same, and even if I agree with some of her points (destruction of native cultures for instance) I consider it out of place and inappropriate. I've sadly had many professors like her, especially since I study humanities.

If I attended a conservative school I probably wouldn't notice this at all, if my professors were conservative. In fact I find myself in more agreement with my economics and investing classes ive taken, were most of my professors were right-leaning.

Of course it should be pointed out that college should be a time when you are forced to question your beliefs.. listening to professors, the intelligent ones (believe me intelligence is not a requirement to be a professor) have altered the way I view things in a more objective perspective.. If you can't take hard questions about your own beliefs and have the ability to defend them with reasonable argument, your beliefs are unfounded. What happens to most college kids, as it happens to most adults throughout their lives, is that they either do not take enough interest in affairs before being educated, or make no effort to discern what they are told and what they see.. People in general are sheep like in their mentality, they are easily herded and easily told what to think. We say kids come out of college "liberalized" because more often than not the most outspoken professors are liberal and it's from them they absorb their beliefs (having none prior)

Think of it like this. Not many high-school students care about politics, economics or the World in general.. it's more about who's dating who and how such and such is ruining your life and you view of the World barely extends beyond the high school walls. Enter college and every ones talking about politics and economics and worldly affairs.. this is where people get their first footing into what they believe.. but the vast majority will only accept what they are told, and more often than not they are told something "liberal".

I am reminded of many arguments I had on campus with students with Obama stickers .. having no clue about his stances, beliefs.. just that they were told Democrat good, Republican bad, and when I mention I only support 3rd parties, absolute cluelessness as to what that meant.

posted on Jun, 22 2010 @ 01:11 AM

Originally posted by ZombieOctopus
Most American's idea of a left winged extremist school: They teach that Darwin was a real person and that the south lost the civil war lol


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