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Conspiracy theory for the end times: the illuminati controlling religion

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posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 11:12 PM
So, let's say the Illuminati use Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, manipulate them to create wars, using religion as a controlling mechanism BUT-->people start to become awakened,

they start to see the conspiracy. As a result, the illuminati have to fast forward their doomsday plan, because 1. they can't abandon it, they risked too much and they could all go to jail or worse if they admit their crimes, and 2. they have to milk as many people as they can, as fast as they can, and they are racing against the clock, because as each day goes by, more and more people wake up to the truth.

In the end, their plans collapse because even the most unintelligent people realize it is all a manipulation, the coincidence factor breaks down and people can no longer explain it away as a coincidence.


So what do you think? If nothing else it would make for a great story.

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posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 11:31 PM
I think it's possible and who's to say it isn't already happening. Personal i think there is some truth to these religions, but I also think alot of it is fabricated.

posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 07:52 AM
The illuminati is Satanic. A study of the Bible proves it's own authenticity - which sounds odd - but is true, when you consider that it was written over thousands of years but numerous people.

The illuminati are stirring antiBiblical groups for the endtime battle. It is Satan planning through the illuminati for the final battle. This explains the reason and long term agenda of the illuminati which would have ended or collapsed if it had been left to the frailties of man.

Jesus will return. Study the Bible and the iSatanic illuminati makes sense

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