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Help with the clean up efforts ... or donate a few dollars ... links here

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posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 07:07 PM
I know we've had our differences ... we'll put that aside in this thread.

Many of you feel angry about the lack of response, urgency by the US federal government, BP or half a hundred other agencies. And I know many of you want to help with the clean up efforts on your Gulf Coast ... and if you can't help in person, you want to help financially (especially if you're a distance away).

There's a weekend coming up. And plenty of opportunities to help out. Here's some links copied over from MNN ... they're looking for volunteers to help clean animals, clean beaches.

I've donated 20 Euros tonight to one of these charities, that's about $25 by my calculation. My donation is nothing compared to that of a friend, another ATS contributor, an American ... he's unemployed right now ... he's donated two dollars ... and if you've ever been unemployed or down on your luck, you know exactly the value of two dollars, or two pounds or two euros and you know exactly what it means to give it away.

So if I can do it, from so far away ... and he can do it in his own hard times ... ask yourself this ...

What can I do ... this weekend ?

Here's your links.

Audubon Action Center
“Everyone’s help is needed but it is essential that our efforts are coordinated and everyone is given the best opportunity to help. Some activities are dangerous and require special training; oil and chemical can be toxic. Please avoid going to affected areas or handling wildlife until you are part of coordinated responses.”

Sierra Club: Volunteer to Help with Gulf Coast Oil Spill Disaster Relief Efforts! Do not attempt oil cleanup work without training and the required safety equipment.

Global Green sign up

Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research –

Alabama’s Mobile Bay National Estuary Program –

Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana –

The Pascagoula River Audubon Center

Anyone in the Mississippi area can contact the city of Biloxi and leave contact information through an online form. Volunteers will be notified as soon as opportunities to help have been organized.

Updates on Louisiana shores on Facebook:

Much of this information was compiled from links on the Mother Nature Network and updates are also available at:

City of Biloxi volunteer sign up

Volunteer Louisiana

Information and additional resources will continue to be added to the blog and to the Volunteer Before You Die Network’s Facebook group as it comes in. Please add your own links to our Facebook wall as well.!/group.php?gid=43925064212&ref=ts

posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 07:42 PM
DO NOT DONATE a few dollars!

BP has to pay every dime! beware of scammers! not saying this is one but it makes you wonder when they ask for money at a time when BP is writing blank checks to companies involved in the effort.

Donate at your own risk!

posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 07:47 PM
reply to post by IcarusDeepSea

I just give up.

Au revoir, auf wiederseh'n, arrivederci.

posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 07:48 PM
reply to post by Ulala

I know that people all over the world wants to help, but please do not donate money unless the source of the fund is reliable and been approved by US regulations.

BP right now is the sole entity to take the responsibility of taking care of the cost, some local governments and local counties are taking donations from local people.

Be careful to whom you are sending money right now, I have not heard of any agency at least formal agency taking donations for the oil leak unless is the wild life foundation.

posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 07:54 PM

Originally posted by IcarusDeepSea
DO NOT DONATE a few dollars!

Why should anyone - worldwide - pay one red dime!?

As congressman Markey said, BP should stand for Bills Paid.

Any attempt to get citizens to donate money, IMHO is just another form of income redistribution, and/or disaster cannibalism.

If people want to donate their time to clean up the beaches or birds and wildlife or donate resources to help out people in their own communities or families, that's one thing...but money!?

Hell to the NO!

That's BP's responsibility.

[edit on 18/6/2010 by kosmicjack]

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