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Looking for a Census whistleblower

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posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 03:20 PM
I have received numerous phone calls from a number in Arizona. The company, known as Life Secure specializes in protecting a filtering personal information that is distributed online and through analog channels like junk mail. The sales person syas to me after my annoyed hello "Sir, did you know that all of your information is available for anyone to use"? This was not an unexpected statement as I know what that type of company does being that I am in the IT and design business and am up to date on online privacy. I explained that I understood the problem and that I have taken all precautions to protect myself. The person then said something that I did not expect

"Well, it's great that you are aware of the problems with giving your information out online, but they can also get your information from your mail and also Census Records".

The person stuttered a little when I stated "aren't those records supposed to be private?" The response was to fly into the normal sales rhetoric, I declined and hung up. Feeling curious about the call I started to do a little research and came across the infamous prison planet. This article caught my eye "Refusing to be counted" an article about the Census and it's tactics. From reading this it did not take a huge leap to think that maybe my information was leaked when I begrudgingly sent in my census form. (I know, I know should have burned it...)

So, to the heart of the Post...

Any Census workers want to confess? Anyone know any inside information? Do your duty and reveal the true reason for the census!

I am looking for hard facts, and if you want to make a case for your ideas, go ahead. Has anyone else felt that their census information has leaked? Have you received a phone call like mine? Lots of questions, need some answers. Thanks ATS.

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posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 03:51 PM
reply to post by axiomuser

Good question. We can always hope that a few people will have a conscience.

I am wondering if anyone knows when the census "closes out"? When is it officially over?

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