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The Conference on Cyber Dissidents: Global Successes and Challenges

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posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 07:43 AM
Conference’s work focused on two challenges:

* How best to make use of the new tools that Internet and wireless technology have placed in the hands of contemporary dissidents and citizen freedom movements on four continents

* How to overcome the use of the same tools in the hands of the enemies of freedom, in the specific countries where our speakers work and elsewhere.

Quotes from Bush during conference:

“One of the problems of leaving the White House is that you miss your friends,” Bush said. “In spite of the fact that there is Internet, we can blog for sure and perhaps we can learn to do so here. But I was surrounded by incredibly competent people.”

“The reason I was worried about a think tank is because all people would do is think,” he added.

Same old, George.

Anyway, I find this a bit ironic, if not downright weird for him to be touting internet freedom with all he supported during his terms in office. I sort of hate to quote Alex Jones, but he was right when he said of this, "These are the same people who put together the Patriot Act, warrant-less wiretapping, torture. Bush started the cyber security initiative that allowed the president to shut off the Internet and bring in draconian controls in the US So this is a sick joke, them out promoting themselves as the great defenders of liberty and freedom worldwide."

Link to George W. Bush Institute

[This is about a month or two old, and if it's been posted before, please let me know...I couldn't find it when I searched. Thanks.]

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