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Your All Addicted-Just Like Me

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posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 07:37 AM
Look, first of all, I'm ranting, not just the usual slander though, that we all seemingly read.
there's moral to the story i wish to portray.

After reading numerous threads upon threads, its clear we "ats" have lost something.

wait let me begin, once more,
i used to come to this site, to be updated, to be enlightened, to know there were others like me, who through pure will of their own came together to find answers.
what answers? i believe none of us know. honestly we conjugate, we debate, we harass each other, as if we think the above post will give answers to our own denial.

So what do we truly come here for?
what is it that we seek day after day?
why do we link ourselves to this one website, thinking what!
Finding answers for our questions, of conspiracies! yes thats got to be it.
But no, honestly, we are here for understanding of our world.
why is the Government this way??
Where did we come from?
Where are we going?

I'm sure you can see i can list millions of questions that lay within us all.
I'm sure you all, who come here, all who read from here, understand, that feeling, the feeling of a need, some understanding, but it isn't here. i have to throw at you, you will not find anything of the kind here, the answers aren't hidden on some page on the internet.
Before you laugh and think i shall say its within you!
it isn't there either.

I just want each and all of you, to understand, questions, questions, and questions, can only be find when all work together.
Stop flaming each other, stop getting angry over text on a screen, work together. please work together.


posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 07:58 AM
Your message is very clear. We do all come here to seek answers because we all know 'something is up'.

The problem is not just that we bicker amongst ourselves, the real problem is that there aren't enough of us! We are a minority, a very, very small minority of individuals that want to find something big so we can finally convince our friends in the real world that they need to be concerned.

Unfortunately, when we do stumble across something 'big', it is only a tiny piece of the puzzle.

To compact the big picture is nigh on impossible. People need to have a thirst for true knowledge but the majority lack the thirst that we ATSers have.

I have tried mentioning everything that is wrong with this world to my friends but they just sneer and poke fun. Maybe they accept that it is a pointless cause and prefer to be apathetic because it is easier and right now they are having an OK life.

The moral of this story is: We need more people on our side...

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