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Would you sell out your race?

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posted on Jun, 20 2010 @ 02:42 AM
IMO blacks don't want to admit or rat on other blacks doing bad or ignorant things for many reasons, but some of them are because they were held down collectively for so long , that they share a common bond of enjoying a once foribidden freedom.

They are united in that sense, but where they and all of humanity fails is when looking at your own kind, can you admit they do wrong.

Like I can look at whites and admit there are a bunch of racist whites...a bunch of white trash stupid dumb annoying white people..

There are a ton of arrogant elitist type of whites ( this is becomming more commin ).

There are the creepy stalkerish white guys and the nerdy WOW white guys and ect....

I noticed that blacks dont' like to rip on themselves or even acknoledge bad.

2 examples kind of.

1.) was watching chris rock stand up...He is one of few who will just RIP and I mean RIP black for the things they do.

AND IT"S ALL TRUE !! and the laugh because they see it and know it.

It's not all bad, but the bad stuff, they still let slip by...

We whites do it too......We pretend like our idols and movie stars and politicians are all squeaky clean.....and have a difficult time accepting their failures..

2.) I live in Michigan....We have/da to deal with Kwame Kilpatrick...

Literally stole $ 7million from the people of detroit ( mostly black ) = black stealing from black....

He got caught on a ton of things.......and when he finally got caught this is what happened on the news the next day while interveiwing the people of Deroit.

They interviewed his dad and his dad just said " they are trying to bring a black man in power down." = playing the race card .....( but he is elitist so whites make similar excuses too )

When interviewing citizens of Detroit....when told point blank exactly what Kwame was CONVICTED of.........about 60-70 % of them still said they would vote him back in office........

I mean what !!!!!!!!!!! He still acts like he didn't do anything wrong....

It's not that blacks are dumb or ignorant to the fact of these things, it's that they are not really in control of their culture anymore and via many outlets are kept at a certain level in society...

Once you , as a black man , reach a certain status , it seems as thought they all start playing ball with the shady white elites....

So while blacks may stare a truth in the face and ignore it, thus continuing their problems, we whites do the same too....except whites who could care less about the rest of us whites are so freakin corrupt that they see no difference in any of us citizens......

There are so many levels as to why things are as they are...

They probably knew they could shape black culture a little bit...

they tried to by takin away drums from slaves ( their form of communication and expression ) but they still hung in there and kept their rythmic roots and we can thank them for giving us rock and roll and hiphop instrumental beats because of it...

You can see on the other side where the slaves brought to south america were allowed to keep their drums, Hence why rhythm and drumming and dancing are a bigger part in the cultures of the Latin countries........

It's really hard to judge a culture who has only bareley sniffed freedom..

The problem is TPTB don't really want them catching up to us and are preventing it by lack of schooling in inner cities.....they are trying to keep them dumb ( no offense but graduation rates and test scores at least in detroit compared to suburbs are night and day )

Don't worry though, they are dumbing the white kids down too.

posted on Jun, 20 2010 @ 09:54 PM

Originally posted by LucidDreamer85

Once you , as a black man , reach a certain status , it seems as thought they all start playing ball with the shady white elites....

First off... Stay "LUCID" dreamer... It is a gift that I've recently been given that shows an alt. reality... second , what you have to understand is that when it comes to "Elite" It has more to do with Power , influence , and, socio-economic status rather than "race" solely. (wealthy people hang with other wealthy people) ... just like dumb people hang with other dumb people and smart people hang with other smart people.... It's the old "Show me who your friends are and I'll show you who you are"

@ the end of the day...Once you have a certain amount of Zeros in your portfolio , you start playing the game differently , because you have different options.

#3 Since you are "Lucid" , I hope you've figured the whole "divide and conquer" game out by now =) Americans Vs Mexicans , Blacks Vs Whites , Rich Vs Poor , Right Vs Left , Conservative Vs Liberal... Keep in mind that the game is Chess , not Checkers.

posted on Jun, 20 2010 @ 10:52 PM
I am a New Yorker through and through, and have been living in the mid west for some years now, and Ive come to realize rap, country or any other kind of music can actually make someone stupid, yes, stupid. I would like to say that rap is something that makes black people come together, but when you think about it, money, cars, women, who are they really identifying with?

Though the majority of people know that racism still exist, the words to these rap songs are nothing about the true plight of african americans today, as a matter of fact it gives them more of a reason to strive for these things when in fact its almost impossible, and not just for black people, but for almost everyone who listens to this music.

Don't forget about all the other things that rap brings into play, gang mentality, degrading women, and striving for the "American Dream"? More money more problems... When has that came up in conversation with you or anyone you know ? Ive lived on the streets of the South Bronx, and hung out with pretty much the roughest of that area, but never, and I mean never, would someone from my block think that this mentality was real.

Go to Huntspoint in the Bronx, and ask them a little something about rap music, the Bronx is where rap originated, and the words then, were about real problems and issues, yeah the sound is good, but the reality is what they portray is false, gangsters don't drive around in Bentley's, splashing champagne on girls walking by, with an entourage of 12 buff guys.

So when you think that your cool, because you speak slang, and your pants don't fit, don't blame rap, blame the ignorance that seems to plague your life, and g-d forbid you run into a real gangster on my old block... maybe you can battle rap... for your life.

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