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TA-THREATS: New Audiotape from al Qaeda

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posted on Jun, 12 2004 @ 03:28 AM
A new audiotape snippet has recently surfaced on a radical Islamic Web site of a man claiming to be al Qaeda's second-in-command, Ayman al-Zawahiri. The tape first broadcasted Friday in the full 10-minutes on the Arab network, Al-Arabiya. Al-Zawahiri is considered the "operational brains" within the al Qaeda network and a "close adviser" to Osama bin-Laden. The tape has yet to be reviewed for authenticity, but in it al-Zawahiri claims that America does not want the freedom and democracy that they advocate in Arab countries. Al-Zawahiri also responds to a recent Arab summit on May 22-23 on human rights, womens' rights, and democracy stating that such reforms are denounced by al Qaeda.

From Original Source CNN:

"Americans do not want the reforms in the Arab world," the speaker [Ayman al-Zawahiri]said. "The Americans will not give us democracy and freedom. Democracy and freedom should come from within us, from our own souls, and our children and young generation will benefit from it."

The recent al Qaeda tape is the first known to appear since May 6, in which Osama called on the overthrow of the Pakistani leader. As tensions rise even further with the recent assasination on the Iraqi deputy Prime Minister, there may be more attacks by al Qaeda within the Middle East as al Qaeda condemns the reforms praised in a recent Arab summit.

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