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posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 03:54 AM
Hey guys, Im not new here, and i have had this account for a while but i have decided to finally use it more.
Im into aliens, and space.
I have to say i was quite dissapointed I cant make a new thread in other places.
But im going to make it here -
If you havent already heard, Titan, saturns moon has been under spotlight recently as NASA has discovered hints to life on it. While it is only hints, they cant explain it properly in other ways. Heres the article:

Anyways when i saw this i thought of the drake equation (my favourite equation) and realised we needed to make some alterations, being that on frank drakes proposed numbers, 2 planets are capable of having life per star and and 1 of them will develop life. Assuming there is life on titan, and given that they discovered microbial life on mars a while ago (fossilised on a comet) that makes the number of planets that develops life 3 AND the number which is capable theoritically is 6. Obviously this changes the numbers dramatically so lets try that out
N = 10 × 0.5 × 6 × 3 × 0.01 × 0.01 × 10,000 = 90
Compared to the original answer of 10 that is a massive amout.
And Given that this is only for the milkyway galaxy, The number in our universe is unimaginable.

I know it is a crazy equation but when you look at the fact that our solar system could have as much or as little as 3 celestial bodies with life, with more possibly left to discover, you never know when we might contact an alien race. I also find it amazing because titan might have life even though it is completely against the odds at our standards (not in favourable zoon, not the right elements) Which proves that we really dont know what is needed for life

Thanks for reading

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