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Look at the situation. Look at the predictions. Look at the future.

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posted on Jun, 12 2004 @ 02:42 AM
Most of us know about John Titor, everyone here should have read the whole Aussie Bloke thing, Everyone knows about the Bible Code, People have been trying to use numerology to predict attacks - when that's a bit dumb, would terrorists risk their plans being thwarted just to have some numerical irony? I think not. Anyrate: There are a lot of predictions out there currently, I just got finished one that was an amalgamation of all of them - and while it was interesting, I doubt it is what will happen.

Looking right now at the real facts we've seen, a lot of the world's armed forces are suddenly jumping to life for training exercises, almost in unison.

The G8 passed, with the only protestor story on CNN of the 93 year old woman that cared. Funny how when they finally go to all lengths to stop the massive protests, basically 50 people show up to sing 'Koom-ba-yah'. Either a deterrent finally worked, or we aren't hearing the full story.

A lot of asteroids are passing close to us, none seem to be ready to hit us. Hooray. The thing we must ask though, is 'Have there always been this many? Is it just new technology that is showing us the near constant risk we stand in?' If the answer is yes, then we are indeed blessed by the fact that we aren't all long dead - If the answer is no, then in a way AB was right, we are in a bit of a hotspot for the 'roids, and while none we know of are flying at our faces, things could get really hairy really fast.

Terrorists are always doing stuff. One minute their blowing this up, the next their releasing a tape, the next a letter, then their claiming responsibility for another thing that blows up, it repeats. The thing is though, they really stick to their name. 'Terrorists', not 'Attackists', or 'Warrists', they constantly tell us the ways in which they want us to die, and in which our world will end, and then they go do what they've done the last two and a half years. Blow one of themselves up in a market, kill six, wound 3, and scare many. Either they are just incapable of summoning any real attacks against us, or they have attacked and it has been suppressed/stopped, or they are really planning something frickin' huge.

New Technology. We have a lot of it. Desktop Fusion, a probable Cure for Cancer and another probable Cure for Diabetes within a month of each other? The Flying car has recently gotten investors and is going into production testing. We're building computers literally out of DNA. We have force fields. Invisibility Cloaks. 20 Mile Death Rays, currently chemical but soon to be solid state, Giant Gyro-planes being planned. New horizons being breached in construction of boats (Freedomship) and buildings ('how many highest building in the world' competitions are on?), we have the X-Race going on, we have tons and tons of new stuff daily.

Human rights are at a recent history low! With the prisoner abuse in Iraq, the recent announcement of the violation of the 4th amendment in Boston, with things like the giant 'Military Operations' that took place in WV that were just test exercises.. for some reason..

War is in abundance! Since approximately 2002, over 50% of the world has been fairly consistently in a state of war. Whether in civil wars, small border skirmishes, American Coalition Invasions, Peacekeeping, anything, the world is just full of it. And recently, we've found Iran heavily defending and guarding its nuclear capabilities, as well as buying missile-launch and missile-plans from North Korea! North Korea has also been constructing Missiles. Russia has announced an initiative to create nuclear missiles that could with ease bypass the American defense system. Israel is starting to sound nervous about its own nuclear capabilities, which the world may soon see fit to strip bare.

Something is most definitely transpiring, whether it is human-motivated, god-motivated, alien-motivated or other, we've got a hell of a lot going on.

Personally, while it may seem bias, I think that John Titor is the man to peg money on. Whether or not he was a future boy, and whether or not he had faulty physics and some crazy weirdness, he certainly saw all of this coming.

He claimed that it would be violations of the rights in the cities that many would accept - there's your WV military ops and your Boston searches. He claimed that Faltering American Foreign Policy would lead to America's leaving the Middle East prematurely and the world would turn its back on Israel, at which point all of the nasty bullies will beat up the goodie-two-shoes, Israel, who now has no nuclear capabilities for deterrent, limited armies, and nil international support. Israel's terrible state is then blamed on bush, civil unrest temporarily erupts, Bush calls for a stabilization, and the need for protection more than ever, terror alert raises to red, searches are conducted country wide, and there is a very short exodus to the countryside of many families not wishing to have these rights removed. The terror level sinks in time for the elections, it's an unsteady call now, you can go for Kerry or Bush, Bush seemed to handle himself well with that eruption, or at least he seemed to to the city-dwellers, so they go en-masse his way, the rurals decide they want Kerry. They know that they'll outnumber the others - but Bush makes it back in. The election was fixed, and this mixes up the blood of the people in the rural areas. Bush raises the level and along with a small host of new acts allows the capture and arrest of the rurals by the military, the rurals resist, and form into an organised group, and they declare a civil war. The governmental side won't accept this, they are just rebels, and will be branded terrorists. Many of the rurals will flee to places like Canada and Mexico over the border, others will gather in compounds and strengthen militias, begin training. Very little actually happens and the world expects it to fizzle out, the situation will be grossly understated to the rest of us, and we'll just really find out how large it is when the next election rolls around, and militia attacks multiply, a major city falls, suddenly, the world has the story brought to its doorstep. This brings a fall from the shaky stability to a time of uncertainty, mass stockpiles begin and attacks are planned, from 2008 on the world is in a bit of a major war, China is trying to expand, the EU is attempting to fend off China, Russia, and the Middle East, Africa is slowly condensing itself and North America is destroying itself. The EU is split hastily between Russia, China and the ME, the ME is fighting itself though, so it is quickly invaded by the far stronger Russians, while the Chinese attempt Australia. It doesn't work, and China falls back, loses a lot of land to its large powerful ally, Russia, and then in 2015 when Russia owns most of the world, the nukes will be launched from Russian-owned African points and small atlantic islands. The world holds its breath as the American government is destroyed. The Rurals Rush in and Russia quiets china, South America and Africa - I haven't placed them, not knowing their politics well. By 2017, Russian Emissaries have contacted the American rurals, they become trading partners, an uneasy peace is established, and from there history progresses.

Such is the way I see it, with perhaps a bit of a shuffling of events near the start, I managed to have a lot happen before the election, which isn't as likely.

Still though, this prediction, while seeming positively insane, could work in many ways, after all, the first half that JT predicted has gone perfectly on course, now the turning point, we'll all know soon.

And if he is correct? What then?

posted on Jun, 12 2004 @ 02:53 AM
I just don't understand how Israel will set off civil unrest. Do you mean within the rest of the world, mideast, or within America? WOuldn't the terrorists be occupied with Israel and not pay attention to the US, or do you think the terrorists would see this as the big start for the holy war? Because that seems like the turn-around for current things right now...

posted on Jun, 12 2004 @ 05:27 PM
It could be that people will blame the US support of Israel for terrorists attacking the US or it's interest's. If an attack is bad enough, people might protest and riot to stop our protection/support of Israel.

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posted on Jun, 12 2004 @ 05:40 PM

when that's a bit dumb, would terrorists risk their plans being thwarted just to have some numerical irony? I think not.

You know, the same goes with those video and audio tapes. Are they that dumb to annouce what they're about to do knowing full well security would be stepped up?

They didn't annouce 9/11, so why would they announce the next attack.

What are those tapes they release really for?

posted on Jun, 12 2004 @ 06:20 PM
Really Now,
JT was a fancifull story thrown out there by someone who knows most of humanity is waiting for something better. Trust me, an alleged time traveler whose pseudo name was John Titor is not the answer. All this does is create fear and a false expectation that people look to. When it doesn't happen, there is a let down and loss of hope for the future. Whose work is this? I believe it's the work of the devil, slowly, but consistently wearing us down. Disappointment is his breeding ground. Don't look to predictions by mortals. Look to God and seek His kingship over you. That's where the answers lie!

posted on Jun, 12 2004 @ 07:07 PM
The thing you are missing here is that Russia lacks the capitol it needs to take over the world. China and the EU have signed an alliance and the Middle East cannot act offensively, they are built for internal struggle and defense alone.

I agree sort of with your assesment of America, it will crumble, but I doubt that it will totally fall, eventually I believe it will end up much like Britan. Insted of falling like Rome, the US will slowly loose influence and fizzle through many regional wars, and eventually loose global influence but retain domestic life to a great degree.

If you want your global power taker look at China, they are set to launch a fleet to rival the Americans (Russia has one carrier and it is just shy of being a floating hulk) they have nuclear weapons and delivery systems (Russia's nukes are for the most part rusting in silos that are older than the men running them, no one knows if they could even launch) China has the world's largest land army (Russia still owes at least a year of back wages to many of their troops, leading to high turnover, and the only fully operational units are a handfull of grond units and the troops fighting the breakaway republic)

But China has probably the most powerful two weapons of all: money and people. China holds almost all of the owed debt of the Bush admin, and their economy is progressing so fast that the government needed to limit economic growth to 25% a year. They also have over a sixth of the global population, while the population of Russia will half within the next 15 years due to AIDS and low birth rates.

Bottom line, look to the Dragon, not the Bear, to shape the future.

One area I will agree with you on is Africa, they do seem to be finally comming together and digging themselves out of the past. I think though that this will only amount to a handful of truly meaningful countries comming forward though. Look to Kenya, South Africa, and maybe Morocco to come forward in the next twenty years.

May Peace Travel With All Of Us

posted on Jun, 13 2004 @ 05:42 PM
Very comprehensive - you've swayed me.

I still think that Russia will launch a nuclear assault - within the last two months we've heard peeps and squeaks about their missile initiative to surpass America's next generation of defense that will go into production now - and come into operation at approximately 2015.

The fact that the news story actually mentioned 2015 as being the time when their system capable of attacking the US would be fully operational, that being exactly what JT said would happen, just, it seems too accurate.

But I do agree with you - China seems to be the one to fear. Think of it, give the Japanese a harsher culture, the largest army on earth, tons of governmental funds, people completely devoted to their cause and passionate, as well as one of the largest territories on earth, only room to improve economically, and, well, you have China. They .. they're the threat.

EDIT: And some stuff on my Israel bit.

Israel is the home of judhaism, the jewish people generally feel great love and respect for their roots, namely Israel. If the US has been allied with a country for decades, and suddenly becomes the reason that hundreds of thousands there are dying, people won't be happy. The jewish community of the US will be in tears, their friends will be wondering why - this accounts for at least 30% of the country, and when put into addition to all the other crap the US is doing at the time, it could be the thing to send the public over the edge.

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posted on Jun, 13 2004 @ 05:56 PM
You'd think Russia would have the natural resources to bulk up their economy. I also thought that Russia's gov had a lot of money, but just that the people are poor. If Russia was bulking up its military technology they wouldn't care to much about the troops at this point in time.

posted on Jun, 13 2004 @ 09:44 PM

Originally posted by Jamuhn
You'd think Russia would have the natural resources to bulk up their economy. I also thought that Russia's gov had a lot of money, but just that the people are poor. If Russia was bulking up its military technology they wouldn't care to much about the troops at this point in time.

Yeah, they've got money, but not that much. Too much industry was bought up by gangsters after the collapse of communism. The government is trying to take them to court to try and get the money back. That's why the current owner of Chelsea (an ex-pat Russian oligarch) bought Chelsea. He needed an excuse to get out of the country and keep his money away from Putin's sticky fingers.

posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 10:47 PM
The whole Israel scenario is coming into play.

Apparently the Intifada is over and Israel has won, which is going to make the Palestinians pretty PO'ed, and I think the insurgents in Saudi Arabia, and the Iranians, won't be too glad that the Palestinians are losing and that Israel is now 'done'. I don't know quite why, maybe its the fact that Israel is the US's friend. Maybe something else - anyrate, I just don't think they'll be happy that Israel has been declared the 'winner' - and as compensation for it, the situation will escalate, ie- the patrol boats being taken by Iran, and some 'help' for the Iraqis along the borders - not to mention some strengthening of the Palestinian's numbers - just to keep it alive. The US will find this out, or it will just be obvious, and they'll make a few too-heavily-handed threats. This will leave our nuclear friend, Iran, in a bit of a situation. They'll be pissed at the US and Britain as they already are, they'll have the capabilities to make a few threats, and they'll be backed into a corner - chances are, they'll attack, or make some freaky threats. Here's where the US and Britain get shakey - now there's a real enemy, with real weapons of mass destruction, backed into a corner and ready to nuke us, back off, back off. The Coalition will be pulling out of Iraq and will pull out all around, lax up on Israeli support, and, as has been shown, turn their back on Israel. This will only please the others too much. Israel will go down in flames, at the hands of its neighbours, and the US will do just more than crap about it. In the ideal of peace we let Hitler make his first attacks, in the ideal of anti-nuclear war, we'll let them strike out a bit on Israel, and if there's a nuke used, then that will be the HellFire that starts the chaos. If they use any nuclear warheads, mininukes, or anything, WMD's of any sort, then the world will get a tad unhappy. Much like a soccer team, when one of the players yells 'I've got it!' and chases the ball, then stops because it is tired and they don't think they'll make the shot, the rest of the team gets a bit pissed. The world gets a bit angry at the US, the US gets a bit angry at itself, the president, in an attempt to keep it under wraps and be cool attempts to pass it off as something temporary, or tries to justify it, and people will just be thinking 'you're out bitch.' - Shortly thereafter, Bush will be re-elected, somehow, (*whistles* Cheating*whistles*) and the country will release an uproar. They fear he did it the first time, and know he did it this time - a lot of people just say screw it and decide not to pay taxes, they attempt to do this by leaving the cities, and some people take matters into their own hands, terror-style. This brings about amendments to the Patriot Act, and random house searches will be enstated, along with other breaches of fundamental rights and freedoms. Along with the draft - people won't be happy, so much so that many who decided to stick it out when their friends left will join up with their buddies - then the scenario resumes as previously mentioned, with them being declared enemies by the gov't, and the war slowly beginning.

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