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BP Oil spill. In photos

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posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 12:03 PM
Since pictures speak often times better than words, here is a perspective of the BP Oil spill documented in photos I have personally obtained and from sources I have obtained permission to use/post at will.

Below, is the oil spill track showing the Atlantic Path experts believe it will take.

Below is the Oil Platform (Deepwater Horizon) as it burned beyond control.

Below, a sunbather expresses her concerns at an affected beach in Alabama.

Below, the beaches of Gulf Shores Alabama.

This one needs no pre-text as the spill affects thousands of marine life in it's path.

A worker's glove says what many think...

Sources: KOMO. AP

One thing that bothers me about this spill is that unlike others such as the Exxon Valdez in Alaska, this is one that is being taken more seriously because it has impacted the mainland US. Many took a non nonchalant attitude to the Valdez spill because it was "out of sight" and under reported to those in CONUS. This one has impacted people in a way they see, feel & smell along with being reported in the MSM even though attempts are being made by BP & the Mercenary's they hired along with the oil industry to block photos and reporting efforts on site from the spill. But the result can be and is, being observed by all who live along the spill zones that are impacted.

Being a Skywarn certified spotter and amateur radio operator I work closely with NOAA in Wilmington NC and have seen their spill path graph they have in their Ocean Tropic Weather room. It depicts a grim outlook for the eastern coastline due to currents this time of year and the possibility of either tropical storms, hurricanes stirring up the ocean that could allow this spill to affect the fishermen who make their living along the east coast. The normal ocean drift (current) coming from the Gulf into the Atlantic, is depicted below:

Should the oil drift into the Atlantic (which it is expected to) the fishermen are not the only ones who will be impacted. Tourists will for sure change their destination as we have seen here to a small degree already and most of that is due to mis-information in some media markets that the oil is already in the Atlantic. The misnomer some people have is that a storm will "break up" the oil. The problem with this myth is that most of it will not break up due to it's being raw (not processed) along with most of it would just ride the currents well below the ocean's surface should a storm occur.

I spoke with a couple of Ocean Biologists and they told me that there are several streamers in the Gulf heading towards the Atlantic. (Streamers are plumes of uncontrolled oil that are leaking in several locations) These streamers are not visible on the surface and travel below the water's surface with the Gulf to Atlantic drift currents.

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posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 03:43 AM
Many Carolina coast fishermen are planning to meet sometime soon over their plans for the fishing seasons. Should mean an increase in Tuna, Sardines, seafood in general, green & organic based products and a rise in unemployment along those regions.


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