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My statement to the International Mafia (or: It's funny how the zionist smears actually help)

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posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 08:11 AM
It's funny how the zionist smears actually help us to understand.

"You're a conspiracy theorist, you distrust the government."

No I don't, I think the government just lied about this particular incident. But then again, the JFK incident was a little odd too, so maybe I should distrust the government."

"You're a holocaust denier."

No I'm not, I simply question the holocaust. At best I am a revisionist, since I have to revise...quite a fact, maybe I should deny the holocaust.

"You want Israel to be wiped off the face of the earth."

Where did you even get that from? All I think is that Israel is mistreating the palestinians...because Israel is maybe they shouldn't be a state.

"You hate Jews."

No I certainly do not, I hate zionist mafia personalities, but then again, Jews do support this regime, and these money-changing crimes have been going on far longer than simply the zionists or rothschilds, so maybe I do...

"You want to kill Jews."

No, I do not, in fact I know from research that Hitler wanted to deport Jews, not kill them, which just so happens to benefit zionism graciously by giving Jews a reason to migrate to israel. But now, I don't need to kill anyone, I'll let the craziness defeat itself. It is good for the Jews to have their own country, since history shows they had a problem assimilating in other countries. And if they can't work together, or if they mistreat each other, they will be defeated, not by a foreign enemy, but by themselves.

Never again will I believe the lies of the corporate media

Never again. Never again. Never again. Never again.

You like that phrase?

Never again. Never forget. (however I will forgive, which is my proof that I don't actually hate jews or anyone).

I forgive you for corrupting the governments
I forgive you for staging false flag attacks
I forgive you for killing in the name of democracy
I forgive you for smuggling drugs into the country while arresting small time users
I forgive you for war crimes against the innocent while simultaneously branding yourself as the victim
I forgive you for constantly trying to force population control and tax schemes onto the public.
I forgive you for your endless wars, vaccines, and famine.

But I will never forget.

Whether you are Jewish or Christian, if you support the eugenics movement and seek to live a life of lies, telling the public to trust their prison guards, telling the public the economy is doing fine while it is heading towards a cliff, telling the public that nothing bad ever happens in the back rooms of government, telling the public that black operations are for the good of the country and "national security." Creating endless straw man arguments for why such and such leader is the new Hitler, all to wage more wars for the military industrial complex.

No matter what religion or race you call yourself, if you support these crimes you have lost your soul and thus are no longer human. May your fellow man have mercy on you because you no longer have a soul to be punished.

[edit on 17-6-2010 by filosophia]

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