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New NRA product assumes permitting law

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posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 08:05 AM

NRA Permit Slide Holster

Description Our best selling holster just got better. The versatility of the NRA Permit Slide Holster is unmatched, and with the addition of an integrated permit pocket, it has become indispensable. When carrying, the law requires your permit to be on your person. It makes sense to keep your carry permit right on your holster.

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"The law?" This right here is why I can't stand the NRA.
They wholly support the "permission slip."

Don't leave home without your papers.

Another thing, say you are in fact in a "permission slip" state and for whatever reason a cop wants to see it. Well, to show it you now have to sweep your jacket back and make like you're set to draw on that cop. Can't say that's the best idea.

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