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Could/Should/Would Evidence collected by ATS members be used in any criminal charges against BP?

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posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 06:33 AM
With the vast amount of evidence and data being scoured over, read, posted and discussed here on ATS and with the outcry that millions of people are creating, is it possible that the evidence we collect here be used as part of any, or all, investigations to bring criminal charges to BP?

Many ATS members ask, "What can we do?" in many topics. As much as the deep water disaster is being likened to 9/11, then surely it would be appropriate that what we have collected be part of an investigation.

Unlike 9/11, we had drips and drabs of info coming in from all over the place and it was all fitted togather bit by bit, where as, here on ATS, we have been constantly watching the developments as they unfold.. day in, day out.

We know from the investigation into 9/11 that it took a long time for the report to become available and then nobody trusted it.

Just how long would it take any other team of investigators to get all of the data that we have collected and written about? How long do we want to wait before BP are held accountable?

Obviously there are some things that we may never get our hands on, but it would seem that we have already obtained a vast amount of data that truly shows the shocking destruction that has occured, will occur and possibly may never stop.

ATS has always been in the forefront of many a 'news' topic and perhaps this event is what will enable ATS to really rock the boat. We, the members, can have our say, provide as much as we can about this oil spill and all unfolding events and make a change that has not been seen or considered before.

We are a global community sharing this disaster, both directly and indirectly and we are always wanting to do more.

The latest pictures from the Chinese web site gives us an insight into what the rest of the world is looking at and can only add towards the evidence. If it was just a small collection of people brought together to work as a team to discover the full events and issues, then we will surely have to wait a long time and we are all aware that we may not like the results due to possible corruption among the corporate 'big boys'. These investigations also cost millions. This money could be used for more beneficial purposes, like stopping the leak.

The evidence ATS has could save a lot of time, money, effort and possibly even the lives of many living things.

We could break the mold. Do we not have the freedom of speech? are we not able to stand up and have our say and present our evidence? Are we supposed to be living in a democratic society? These are our seas, our lands, our lives and we will not have them polluted or fought over for profit. We and the creatures of Earth are in desperate need of all that we have.

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