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Plastic bags to be put over Birmingham 'terror cameras'

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posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 05:41 AM
Oh, there are plenty of other ways to track people, for example, their mobile phone, even when it's switched off!

Trust me, I know!

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 05:51 AM

Originally posted by minkey53
Oh, there are plenty of other ways to track people, for example, their mobile phone, even when it's switched off!

Trust me, I know!

We do live in fear though don't we? (sorry, that was a pathetic attempt at sarcasm wasn't it?)

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 06:16 AM

Originally posted by minkey53
I have CCTV inside and outside my home and I feel safe, I have nothing to hide!

My Wife has CCTV watching them at her Work and it stopped all sorts of things including Theft!

As a member of her Majesties Finest, I know the Law and the only way you can deter people from getting up to mischief is to watch them or make them think they're being watched.

CCTV in town centres has helped me and others on a daily basis and we wouldn't be without it now.

It's sad that society has gone this way but most people I talk to are glad the cameras are there, they feel safer too.

Not a lot else to say really!

The CCTV cameras are there to record crime and provide possible video evidence - IF the offenders are caught.
The idea that they prevent or deter crime is just plain false and yet the public are hoodwinked into thinking that having all the CCTV around makes them safer.

I can tell you from bitter experience that having our corporate buildings bristling with CCTV cameras DOES NOT prevent or deter crime. The offenders just make sure they make it difficult for them to be identified after the event. Just look at all the cop shows on TV these days, with ample footage from town centre CCTV systems. are they preventing the crimes from happening? Of course not, they are merely recording criminal activity. That should provide little comfort to the victims of any crime carried out in areas that have expensive CCTV systems in operation.

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 06:47 AM

Originally posted by kiwifoot
The UK is an absolute joke. So let me get this right, because the "mostly Muslim" population of these areas of Birmingham wasn't consulted, they don't have to be subjected to extra CCTV coverage?

No, no-one was consulted. These camera's photograph and track every car moving in/out of an area housing nearly 100,000 people. I live within that area, and nobody asked me if I minded having every car journey I make tracked to 'prevent terrorism.' I don't see how one leads to the other.

Did anyone ask the other %99,5 of the UK? The truth of the matter is, if you want to find radical Muslims, then look no further than Birmingham.

I might be breaking the decorum rules here, but that's utter, utter bulls%!t, you're trolling my friend.

I've lived here for 10 years because of how liberal it is. It's incredibly multi-cultural, with christians, buddhists, muslim, hindhu's, rich kids and hippies all living together quite happily. There's the odd issue between the muslim & black populations but that's about it.

It is laughable, insulting, pathetic, divisive and quite frankly a SICK indictment of the Political Correctness gone mad in this country..

Again, bulls!@t. The issue is simple - criminalising and covertly monitoring a very large population to find a minority group that may or may not exist isn't on. There's nothing PC about the complaints, it's a privacy and mass monitoring issue.

If they don't want to be covered by CCTV, simple, do more to prevent radical Islamic beliefs among your youth, promote peace, preach harmony not segregation.

Then you may find the cameras disappearing.

I wish I felt comfortable enough to go into what I do in real life, but there is real integration between communities here, as good as can be expected anyway.

I'm the last one to support a Big Brother State, I'm also a staunch 911 Truther, but the fact of the matter is that radical Muslim Extremists do exist, whether by manipulation by TPTB or not.

Yet here you are, supporting ANPR, the best example of automated monitoring that there is.

Terrorists exist? Prove it. Have you met one? There's no real tangible evidence that muslim extremists were involved in any of the big terrorist attack of recent years, only that they were blamed for them.

This being the case, we need to act on them, and we shouldn't pander to their demands or be sensitive to their concerns.

The demands to remove the cameras are coming from the whole community, not just muslims. Applying common sense for a second, I imagine any terrorists in the area aren't going to be very vocal about their opposition and will likely just move, if they exist at all.

Stem the flow of hatred in your communities, and you'll see the cameras disappear.

There is no hatred. Did you somehow walk out of a page of the Daily Mail? I'd bet good money that baring a major major public outcry (and the people of Moseley/Kings Heath are very, very good at that), the cameras will stay and multiply in the coming years.

There aren't initiatives like this in the large Muslim communities of London or Manchester, so get the hint Birmingham, sort it out!!

You need to get the hint. This is the beginning of rolling out these programmes all over the UK, it's sod all to do with terrorism, that's just an easy way for councils to get the cash to do it. If you look into the consultation arrangements you'll see that nobody was consulted, and those that were were mislead as to the scale and reasoning behind the system.

That aside, there are already ANPR cameras on every major road in the UK, tracking and logging your movements, and this is the beginning of them moving onto smaller and smaller roads.

You genuinely believe it's got something to do with terrorists?! As has been the case for 10 years, they're just the excuse

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posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 06:55 AM
Should be spraying the lenses with black paint or breaking them altogether with sticks and rocks.

Since when has "being watched" prevented a crime? Nobody has noticed tha massive uptick in juvenile delinquents intentionally filming themselves comitting crimes so they can broadcast their behavior over the world? They want to be watched, recorded and shown to the rest of us.

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posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 07:16 AM
I worked in Sparkbrook for several years. The more cameras the better, I say!

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 07:22 AM

Originally posted by Curio
I worked in Sparkbrook for several years. The more cameras the better, I say!

Ha ha, the last time I was in Sparkbrook, some 3 years ago, the following happened.

I was waiting at a set of traffic lights, 3 from the front. About 4 or 5 teenagers approached the car at the front and successfully rolled it over into the other oncoming lane. It was only a Ford Fiesta but the woman inside didn't look very impressed. The driver was white and the kids black.

It's like going through downtown Harlem in Sparkbrook so yes, the more cameras the better!

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 07:25 AM

Originally posted by Rockpuck

Practically every square inch of Britain is covered by a camera..

Anyone who thinks the above has been duped by propaganda because it's simply not true. The myth stems from us having more cameras than anywhere else but people conveniently forget these cameras are only on motorways, traffic junctions, city centres (rightly so when you consider the violent drunks you get in ALL cities), shops (shoplifting?)and NOT in our normal streets/schools/parks/gyms/baths/countryside/offices E.C.T E.C.T E.C.T so 'most' people live their daily lives without being scrutinised. Just remember, there's more to the UK than London (and Birmingham) you know, a lot more.

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 07:50 AM
Woodwardjnr objects to surveillance cameras with the following ironic comment

“I tell you what if you have nothing to hide, why don’t we put a camera in your home, in your bedroom. If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear.”

My comment-

This is false comparison – you have a reasonable expectation of privacy in your bedroom that you don’t have on the public highway. That’s why you would be reassured to see policeman on his beat walking past your house but you wouldn’t want him walking through your bedroom.

In principle a camera recording car numbers is no more of an infringement of “privacy”, “freedom” or “your rights” than a policemen writing numbers in his notebook.

Besides they have these cameras all over the country, they even have them down my road were we don’t have a single Asian let alone Muslim.

To consider the cameras acceptable when they were thought to be intended to monitor ordinary crime but object to them once it is known they might have an anti terrorists function is strange logic.

Why do Muslims object to anti terrorist measures that could save innocent lives.

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 11:01 AM

Originally posted by pharmajones
Why do Muslims object to anti terrorist measures that could save innocent lives.

Thats a good one!

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 11:35 AM
WE should all be against an increase in surveilance no matter where it crops up, but for some as long as the surveilance is on Muslim communities it's ok. Next thing we'll be demanding ID cards for muslims only. Which im sure many on here would support.

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 01:21 PM
reply to post by stumason

Fact: Britain has more cameras per person than any other country.

Sorry if that hurts your national pride. Personally, I'd think the story in the OP would be enough to hurt your national pride, or the sheer number of cameras in Britain, it's an utter disgrace.

reply to post by eightfold

Was anyone in Britain actually "consulted" before cameras are put up? I find it hard to believe that anyone would ever permit such an obtrusive government gesture.

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 01:55 PM
reply to post by kiwifoot

If England would arm their populace with concealed carry laws, they could get rid of the cameras.

You know what protects me from terrorists acting in my area? All the "bubba's" i have that are just looking to shoot "Al Qaeda".

Our 2nd amendment represents a forward movement of liberty. Putting up cameras represents a backward movement in liberty.

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 02:00 PM
whoa this is wrong great britain is known to have large areas with cctv. now they are covering ones in a promienent muslim area wtf. its not fair or right to video the non muslim citizens but to let mulim ones tell you they don't want to be videoed and so u don't.

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 02:49 PM

Originally posted by bigfatfurrytexan

If England would arm their populace with concealed carry laws, they could get rid of the cameras.

You know what protects me from terrorists acting in my area? All the "bubba's" i have that are just looking to shoot "Al Qaeda".

We don't need to arm ourselves with guns and neither do we want to and we definitely don't want any slack jawed yokels named friggin ''Bubba'' fumbling around shooting anything that looks a bit different, aye, none of that thanks.

And Rockpuck, judging by your above response to Stumason it seems you didn't read my above post, care to tell me if you feel what I said is true or untrue? If you look at my post you should accept that it does not matter that in the UK there's is more cameras per person than anywhere else because of the context in which they are used.

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 02:51 PM

Originally posted by minkey53

Listen, if you have got nothing to hide and you're not up to something you shouldn't be, then [remain silent]!

you think this is how everyone ended up with a telescreen in their house in "1984"?

this is the sort of thinking that advances the govt power grab. do you ever stop to think about who really controls the world? your house, do you own it or pay rent/mortgage? the land the house is on, same question. if you answered no to either of those then you are like 99% of the world. we own nothing, we are only renting. who are you paying? ultimately? the 1% of the world with all the money. if you stop and think about it for a second, they own everything in the world except us individual people. and ill be damned if they arent working 24/7 to own us too. and all the while im struggling to remain free as should all of you too. here comes some idiot echoing similar sentiments to the quote. who isnt an extremist? everyone can instantly at any moment become too fed up of ________ and decide to go on a rampage and cause "terror" on the streets. should we all have our thoughts monitored then?

you say theyre extremists because they are muslims and you use that as justification to keep them monitored. well if they are all muslims and extremists and terrorists with bombs, why havent they taken over yet? they have the numbers, they could all disperse themselves throughout the country at any time and then proceed to kill everyone in sight. that would be a lot of terror right? we should keep them monitored right? better yet lets round them up and put them into camps and start executing them and gassing them in huge ovens. lol we can tell them its just a shower room. hey thats a good idea someone should do that.

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 05:33 PM
reply to post by Hawkwind.

Listen, if you are just going to insult people this is not the forum for you.
I know a few "bubba's" around here. Most of them are hispanic, and it was a nickname they got from their siblings.

With such a narrow minded view, i am unsure that your suppositions have even had any though applied to them, let alone ensuring that you have reflected on them appropriately.

The US has its own problems....but we have very few of the ones you guys have in England.

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 05:54 PM

Originally posted by N1ghtCr4wl3r

Originally posted by catwhoknows
Take the bags off and put up more cameras if necessary - wherever they are needed.

The point is keep terrorists from operating, whatever their race.

I agree, if the CCTV cameras reduce acts of terror, then why not put more up? It isn't about race, it is about saving lives.

We should then surely put them up in every room of everyones houses and toilets too. That would save lives, lots of them...

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posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 05:57 PM

There were allegations they were for monitoring extremists

I'm confused, this is regarded as a bad thing, as if we aren't supposed to keep an eye on extremists

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 07:18 PM
I am getting to really Hate Muslim. dony upset the Muslim, dont hurt the feelings of the Muslim. but f*** ever one else. are they trying to get ever one to hate the Muslim?!?! they should keep the CCTV’s up in Muslim area. as the terrorists are Muslim. they even kill Muslim. now that's terrorism.

what is really stupid is the council in UK use the cameras and terror laws to get people who put there bins out to early and fly tip.

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