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The Latest BS From BP

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posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 03:11 AM
From a BP engineer;

There is a leak coming through the sea floor a few miles from the original well, apparently when the methane bubble ignited and blew up the rig it also blew back down the well damaging the casing and the resulting concussion weakened an already existing shallow fault line allowing oil to work its way through the fissure to the sea floor.

Why this is B.S.

There is a part of that story that does not add up.

In the sixty minutes piece below the survivor clearly states that they were deep on the original bore when they hung their steel from pushing to hard and subsequently abandoned that bore.

Additionally from pushing to hard while drilling they were fracturing the surrounding strata causing the conditions for pressure related failure.

The pertinent information is between the 4;14 and 4:25 minute mark in the video below,

According to him they were six weeks into a projected twenty one day bore, meaning two things they were deep and relatively close to the high pressure pocket below, and their geologic projections were based on speculation because they were so far behind schedule.

Six weeks as opposed to three they had to be close to the oil!

Further a deep flashback at the reported pressures coming out of that well is highly improbable and most likely a story to cover up their negligence in abandoning the original bore after coming so close to the high pressure pocket below and causing the conditions of the failure.

The leak that is several miles away is most likely the original abandoned bore hole, after being so close with so much pressure below a leak that began as a drip would soon erode to the size of the entire bore which would then begin to erode.

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posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 03:41 AM
We are so screwed. What this is then is a runaway well, with no way to stop it, so the oil is going global because it is already in the conveyor current and in the Atlantic!

To all parties involved. Thanks for killing our planet! What will all that money buy when everything is dead?

You Disgusting Greedy Bastards May You Reside In A Lake Of Fire Forever!

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posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 04:06 AM
I think you should rename your thread to something like, " CBS 60 Minutes interviews last rig survivor"

I was very impressed with all 4 videos because I had not seen them. Everyone Must see this show.

The 4th video tells of something that really requires it's own thread.

Experts say PB's rig Atlantis may make Deepwater Horizon disaster look like a 'bubble' compared to what can happen with Atlantis. 95 % of critical operating documents for the rig and its BOP was not approved by officials.

More videos and info on Atlantis is here:

Too shocking to be believed.

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posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 05:27 AM
deepwater horizon had experience already with deep/high pressure wells before:

BP announced Tiber in September 2009, is even bigger than Kaskida,
(Tiber was) Drilled, ironically, by the Deepwater Horizon to a
total depth of 35,055 feet, Tiber was the deepest well in the world at the time.

Ah Ha.. a 21 day project that was in its 6th week (21 days of payroll vs 42 days of payroll)
...along with a doublely compromised BOP & 'Annular', along with 15 ft
of well pipe which was also accidently weakened by human error of squeezing the well pipe with the now faulty Annular device.
Then BP overriding the SOP used by the drilling crews of deepwater horizon... of leaving the 'mud' in the well casing & normally installing 3 concrete plugs...

the BP honcho said drain the well pipe & use only 2 concrete plugs...
(to make up time?)

the deepwater horizon drill boss, should not have followed the BP honcho's demands, as Transocean had unique knowledge that the BOP and the
emergency shut-off device were faulty/ if not compromised beyond being usable... i see both parties doing a cover-your-butt (CYA) action.

thanks for the links... the time flow & the sequence of events starting 4 weeks before the blowout (which is 2 weeks into the 21 day project)
which helps me make a documentary in my mind, of the whole SNAFU

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