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Truth , how easy do you believe ?

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posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 01:25 AM
Many people interested in " ATS topics " are often looking for the " truth ". The word truth has even inspired a so called movement which incidentally enough is called , " the truth movement " .

Many of us will often seek out alternative information , secret teachings and talking heads , that we can look to for information . More often then not these sources speak of conspiracies , propagated deception and mind control , just to mention a few of the numerous topics related to the " truth movement " .

The unfortunate part of this and the most damming to the " cause " is when people start claiming that they know something to be true buy simply being told , or hearing something that they some how wanted to believe .

It seems to me that many will simply repeat rather then investigate when they are told of a truth . We seem to consider something as " gospel " because it has been repeated to us .

I must admit , I to on some level am guilty of this , but I do try and make a point to write certain claims down then doing some research of my own to see if I can find collaborating evidence from multiple sources .

The " truth movement " is full of many different facets and people . Like in anything it is made up of good and bad info and people . Lets not get wrapped up in something simply because it sounds good or told to us by a loud mouth or witty charming person . Let us find our own truth based on our own research and forcing ourselves to have a open mind , no matter where that might lead .

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posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 02:37 AM
my problem with ATS is that almost everyone believes they are being lied to about everything. Food, History, ET's, Foreign Affairs, etc.

They then create this reality where only they and the friends they have on ATS and whatever fringe websites they visit are the only ones who know the truth. And thats without even bringing religion into the mix.

Meanwhile the world continues exactly as it was the day I joined ATS. Sure things change, but I have yet to see anything of any life-changing significance come to fruition.

And before you ask why I come here then, I like the ancient/lost civilizations stuff and the space exploration stuff.

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