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posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 09:03 PM
I have yet to hear what I really want to hear from our politicians about this offshore drilling idea.

I have been expecting to hear that statement which says: There will be no further off shore development without a 100% failsafe and well tested device in operation at the well head.

As I understand it, the already planned offshore drilling for the east coast is not off the table, though it may be pushed back a bit. But I am not hearing the type of reassurances that need to be made.

Further, if our government is so cozy with "space people", then why do they not solicit their help in such a devastating issue with possible world wide ugly consequences? Hmmm? Could not "flying saucers" sneak down there and do their magic with no one knowing the difference?

Oh hey! Were you listening to the congressional talk with that US BP pres? Did you hear the congressman use the phrase "metaphysical certainty"? Did I hear it right? Does he know what he said? Was he being sarcastic? I hope so because that means that I didn't hear it right.

I forget the rest of his sentence, because I got stuck on that part. He seems to have meant that we have absolute certainty about some thing that he was speaking of. But I think he has no idea how mutually exclusive those two words are. He said we have an intangible certainty. He said that we have certainty about objects of the imagination. But he was talking about a physical object or action.

If I didn't get it right, straighten me out please!


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